Saturday, April 25, 2015

Jesus Brings Hope - Our Foster Journey Placement

March 11, 2015 our little foster baby was born and hope entered the world. He brings to us a message of Christ's love  and purpose for all mankind. His mother chose life and for this very reason I know that in her own way loves him deeply.

I headed to Houston on March 12th -  the 17th "met you" anniversary for my husband and I. My husband sent me off with a kiss - off to deliver a huge part of my past. Little did I know our future dreams were about to begin. I was headed to Houston to deliver 8 years of payroll files to our payroll office and to say good-bye to many friends who have battled along side me through the ups and downs of  company life - my job of 17 years was about to be handed over in boxes to be scanned and destroyed, it was very depressing! The files delivered, we ladies went out for a farewell dinner and then I headed to a co-workers home to spend the night.

I  went to bed frustrated,  we had been licensed for a foster child since the end of January. I was beginning to loose hope in the plan that I felt the Lord had given to us - looking back now that  seems so silly to my impatient spirit!. I prayed and God reminded me to be patient. I was a bit ashamed of my impatience and confessed this to the Lord. This  was my last full nights rest as of the typing of this post. I wish I had known and enjoyed it more!

March 13 I awoke and  grabbed my Starbucks coffee and headed back to my anxiously awaiting family who were finishing up their last days on Spring Break. I arrived home at 2:00 pm and had just brought my bag into the house and was catching up on the past 24 hours, when my phone rang. I answered and it was our agency, they wanted to know if we wanted to take custody of a 2 day old preemie who was 5 lbs, 4oz. I smiled at John, ran it quickly by him and said yes! We were then suppose to wait for CPS to select a family which we were told could take an hour or so. However, 5 minutes later our agency called and said CPS accepted our placement!

I ran around the house - all 40 weeks of nesting completed in just 2 hours!  We all pitched in and the house was spotless - the wait was short - a mere two 1/2 hours from the phone call and we had a newborn baby dropped off at our home, it was very surreal.

At 4:00 our agency arrived and we signed paperwork and then at 4:30, fresh from the hospital our little man arrived - hospital bracelet and a newborn outfit that he swam in. . He was so tiny and looked so frail - his skin was pale and wrinkly - but we were all in love. I immediately fed him a bottle and  tried to get as much background on him as possible.

The whole process was over by 5:00 and we were left with a newborn baby. It  was a quick delivery! We all sat in the living room -  all 6 of us; trying to process what had just taken place. There was a lot of silence and smiles and kids who were very curious.

It has been quite the whirl wind ever since, just 6 weeks we have had him, yet he fits right into our family.  Our little A. man is up to 8.6 pounds and is growing and gaining and thriving.

We learned later that the lady who wrote our home-study remembered us when making placements and requested us specifically. The timing was amazing, John was home on Spring Break, both of Abby's surgeries were done and I had just completed my last work trip.God's plans are always perfectly  timed.

I'm so excited to see what a family of 6 entails!

This little boy brings hope - my prayers over him these last 6 weeks have been:

Lord - may he bring healing to his home, a light to the darkness.
- May he follow you all the days of his life.
- May he be anointed with joy and resilience
- May he bring hope and peace to the lost people in his life
- May he know the joy of salvation and walk in wisdom and stature and favor with God and man.

Lord watch over this little miracle of a child,  may he bring hope to all who meet him.

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