Saturday, July 30, 2005

July 30, 2005
For the past three weeks our family has been watching some baby cardinals outside the dining room window. It has been awesome, we have solar screens out front so we can see the birds, but they can't see us. Yesterday I went over to check on the birds and the mother cardinal was encouraging her baby's to come out of the nest. All day long they climbed the branches until finally they all fell out. The rest of the evening they were hopping all over the flower bed trying to get to their mommy. She was flying around them trying to get them to fly. I was a little worried when they ventured over to the neighbors yard, but they all seem to have figured out the art of flying. Last night the next was empty, I was a little sad to see them go. It was so awesome to be able to watch these little baby birds grow up. When I would be nursing Drew in his room I could hear the baby birds cry for their mommy and for food. I thought I was a busy mom, but that mommy had 4 babies and only rested at night. The dad was even helping out some of the time. God's creatures are so amazing. The empty nest reminds me of just how quickly time has gone by. Drew will be out of the house in 17 1/2 more years; how short of a time we have to impact his little life. You can see pictures of the birds, and the cats watching the birds on the photo page.


Sunday, July 24, 2005

6 Months Old

July 24, 2005
6 Months Old Already!
Today I am 6 months old! Mommy & Daddy can not believe that I am half a year old. Where has the time gone? I spent the day at church with my friends. Mommy and Daddy had a meeting so I played in the nursery. Everyone always things I am so adorable. I like to smile at people, laugh, and play with toys. I am getting use to going to the nursery and I don't cry anymore when mommy leaves.
I have moved up to the size 3 diapers and weigh almost 15 pounds. I can sit up for up to 20 minutes and grab my passy and put it back in my mouth. I am still in the 10 th percentile for weight and height. I have been eating rice cereal and oatmeal for part of my breakfast and dinner. My reflux is still acting up, but the doctors say I should outgrow it between 6 and 12 months. Mommy will be very glad when I outgrow this, she is really tired of cleaning the carpet, changing me 5-6 times per day, and warning everyone who picks me up that I may puke all over their nice clothes. I am taking two hour naps in the morning and afternoon and I go to sleep around 7:00 pm. I have been sleeping through the night now for over 2 months. I am rolling over both directions all the time and playing with toys is really fun now that I can grab them and put them in my mouth.. I am still in the 3-6 month size cloths, but should move up in a month or two. Lately I have been a little crabby because I am getting some new teeth. Mommy bought me my first toothbrush in anticipation of my first pearly white.
I played at my friend Thomas' house yesterday and really like all his cool toys. He had so many fun electronic toys! Mommy & Daddy bought me a new car seat this week. It is bigger so I can see more when I am in the car and will fit me until I am 40 pounds.
Daddy finished up his Ecology class this past week so he has been able to spend more time with me and mommy. Daddy's new class is English - yuck! He will be graduating this coming September with his AA degree just in time to start his final year and a half at the 4 year university. Daddy is really enjoying his classes and is learning a lot. I can't wait for Daddy to teach me all about rocks when I get bigger.
Mommy has been busy working from home and taking care of me! She really likes playing with me. She likes to read me books and sing to me. I even love to be tossed in the air! I am so attached to mom that I have to know where she is at all times. Mommy things it will be really fun once I can crawl after her! I have learned the word "No" already and have been grabbing everything I can get my hands on, especially plates on the table. I don't like it when mom or dad tells me "no" but have gotten better at obeying. Mom bought me two new bedtime CD's this week and has been having fun singing me new songs. One is a special worship CD that was made just for baby's. The songs are short and repeat the same lines over and over again. Maybe I will start singing along soon. We also have a nest of baby cardinals outside my window. I get to hear them chirp all day long. They don't like it when mommy goes out to water her flowers.
Oh, praise! Mommy's best'est friend Bethany and her husband John are expecting their first baby! They are due in mid February just like when I was suppose to be born last year. I can't wait to have a new friend to play with. When mommy was little, she and Bethany use to dream of living close and raising kids together. It is really sad that we live in Texas and Bethany and John live in Oregon . I hope their first baby is a boy, then we will share the same first name - John! Isn't it funny that both mommy and Bethany married John's and their first born son's are/will be called John?

Well I better go take my nap.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

July 13, 2005
I had such a great time visiting with my Grandpa Mike and Grandma Carol! They stayed for a week and I got to show them how I can sit up! Mommy can't believe how much I have accomplished this past week. I am sitting up all by myself and jabbering a lot. I have been cranky this past week though, Mommy says I am getting a tooth. I can't wait for my mouth to stop hurting.
Grandma & Grandpa worked all week on special projects around the house. Mommy had her grape arbor put together and lights put up over the garage. The neighbors though Grandpa Mike was doing such a great job that they asked him to put lights outside their house too! I had a lot of fun playing with everyone. Aunt Julie is also here - she is taking a college class in TCC so she will be able to watch me for the next 6 weeks.
Daddy was busy working on school and playing with Grandpa. Daddy's science class is almost finished. He just has a final left to study for. He is so smart, he has an A in one class and an 88% in another. He is hoping to get a good grade on the final and make straight A's.
Mommy has been busy taking pictures of me and working upstairs. She has been hanging out with friends and trying to keep the house clean.
Well, that?s about it for the week. I hope you all are having a fun and exciting summer.

Thursday, July 7, 2005

I am 5 1/2 months old!
July 7, 2005
Guess what! I had my first bo-bo this week; Mommy was scrapbooking with a friend and sat me in my boppy on the bench. Just as mommy was walking back to the table I slid off the bench and landed on the floor. My fall was cushioned by the table leg. I now have a bruised right eye. Daddy was so glad that my first accident wasn't because of him. Mommy is not going to be much more careful where she puts me from now on. She felt terrible!
Mommy & Daddy went out on a date this past Wednesday to a restraint called Joe T. Garcia's. They said the food was excellent. Mommy and Daddy had a very romantic evening of dining and music out on the restaurant's veranda. They came back in great moods! I stayed with a couple from church - Mike and Jill. I had such a great time playing! I didn?t even miss mommy and daddy when they were gone. I was having too much fun!
July 4 th mommy and daddy played around the house getting ready for all the company. Can you believe they are all coming to see me! Mommy also spent the 4th with her friend Nicole. They scrapbooked, went out of custard, and watched daddy blow up fireworks. Mommy also did some gardening over the three day weekend. Poor daddy had to study!
Grandpa Mike and Grandma Carol arrived on Wednesday to play with me! I have been a little fussy but am slowly getting use to having more people around. They think I am adorable but can't figure out where all my hair has gone. I have been smiling and cooing to them the past few days. Grandpa Mike is helping build mommy?s arbor and Grandma Carol has been knitting and making yummy food. Aunt Julie & Uncle Ruben also arrived on Saturday. We had a great time visiting! Julie and Ruben went to the Botanical Gardens in Fort Worth to look over the grounds for their wedding next year. I am having such a great time visiting with everyone! I even get to sleep in mommy and daddy's closet (in my port-a-crib)! I love how cozy it is and go right to sleep without even crying! Mommy thinks it is because it is so dark in there.
Well, mommy isn't feeling well. She had a Tetanus shot when she went in for her physical yesterday. Now she feels like she has the flue.She also might be a little light on her feet because this evening she was taking pictures of me taking a bath in the sink when she fell backwards into the tub and hit her head on the back wall. Ouch! Her digital camera was busted, but thank goodness Grandpa Mike and daddy came to the rescue and got the camera up and running again. I don't know what mommy would do if she couldn't take tons of pictures every day?
Well it is time for me to go sleep in the closet! I love you all!