Monday, September 26, 2005

September 26, 2005
Daddy is ecstatic! Drew said his first real word today. Guess what it was? Yes, it was Daddy! It is no wonder. John has been indoctrinating him to say Daddy since the day he was born. John probably says "Drew, Daddy, Dewalt, Drill, Drimel (sp)" at least 5 times per day. It is very cute!
Drew also said "Uh Oh" yesterday. My mom and I were painting my bedroom and Drew crawled around under our feet saying "Uh Oh." I think his first word was "Uh Oh" because every time he spits up we normally wind up saying ?Uh Oh?. He has probably heard it over a thousand times by now. Speaking of Drew's reflux, we are hoping that he is beginning to grow out of it. The past three days he has not been spitting up quite so much. Tonight I even forgot to give him his medicine and he never fussed. Normally I would know right away when I laid him down. It was so bad that if h e didn?t have his medicine every 12 hours he would start screaming because his throat hurt. The Doctors said he would outgrow it between 6 and 12 months. It would be really nice if we were done with the spitting up. I know I would appreciate not having so much laundry, and I could finally give my carpets a much needed cleaning.
Well off to bed with me, I just wanted to update you on all of Drew's latest developments. It seems like he learns something new every day. This weekend he started navigating the house! He discovered he could crawl anywhere he wanted so off he went to explore. He is especially enjoying chasing the kitties down! He is also enjoying crawling over to the dish washer and playing with the silverware, climbing up mommy's leg, and getting in the standing position all by himself. Now that he is mobile it is a lot harder to get anything done around the house.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

September 22, 2005

8 Months Old
This past Saturday Mommy took me to the Jazz festival down town. Daddy had to study so he couldn't go. So, mommy and I went with some friends that have a little girl my age. I had such a great time listening to the music, playing with musical instruments, and of course eating! It was so fun. I imitated everything my little friend Payton was doing. I also had to know where she was all the time. In the middle of the afternoon we were really hot so Mommy came up with the most brilliant idea. She noticed that there was a team penning competition in the Roy Rogers Arena - right next to the place we were at. So we went to the air conditioned arena and watched the horses! Mommy was in heaven, so was her friend Melody. We watched horses chase cows around the arena, it was really fun. Afterwards we went to the museum and played in the water. That is where I fell in. Mom was trying to take a picture of me sitting by the water and well I was so hot that I crawled really close to the water. I sat up so mommy thought I wasn't going to get any closer, but she was wrong. As she clicked the button on the camera I did a face first dive into the little stream. Mom scooped me up with the same hand that still held her camera. When I came up I just smiled at her - so happy to be cooled off. Mommy was so embarrassed! We went back to my stroller where it was determined that the camera still worked. After that mom took me home for a nice long nap.

On Tuesday, Mrs. Stringer and Peyton came over to our house to go swimming. We went to the big kid pool with a fun slide. I played in the water and crawled all around. I have been a little crabby though because I am getting my new teeth in - hopefully! We swam and then when home and daddy barbequed hamburgers. I had a lot of fun showing Peyton my toys and how I can crawl all around.
Mommy had her first MOPS (Mothers of Pre-schoolers) meeting this past week. She had so much fun. They had a "Favorite Things" party. Mommy learned all kinds of fun and practical things like: the fun & practical uses for teaching me baby sign language, the wonderful aroma of the new Downy fabric softner, how to make real "southern" tea, where the best flea markets are, and a new form of crunchie that will make your lower abs go back to its pre-pregnant state! There are now 8 pregnant women in MOPS and the group has about 40 women attending. I am excited to have more friends to play with. This coming week they are having a play date at the park. Mommy and I are looking forward to having a picnic lunch and socializing. It should be really fun!
This coming Saturday I will officially be 8 months old. I am growing up fast!


Thursday, September 15, 2005

September 15, 2005
7 3/4 Months
Hi! I am getting to be such a big boy - this week I moved up to my 6-9 month cloths. Mommy thought that she didn't have many outfits in that size, but then she pulled out the box and looked in a few drawers and discovered she had a lot of cloths! The only problem is that they are all winter cloths and it is still in the 90's here during the day. Today we had a huge storm - it rained and thundered and there was lightening. Daddy took me into the garage and I got to watch. It was so exciting!
I am still working on crawling. I can get across the floor in no time. Mommy and Daddy have to keep an eye on me. Mommy says that I "creep" across the floor more than actually crawl. I need a little more upper body strength.
Intellectually I am learning word meanings like "No" " Yes" "Stay" "Drew" "Mommy" Daddy" and "Happy." Though I can't say any of these words, I now know the meaning of them. When mommy asks me stay I know that I am not supposed to move. I know that when I hear the word "No" I need to stop what I am doing and look at Mommy or Daddy. I also know my name and when I am called I turn in response. I also love to play peek-a-bo! I get so excited. I have also started to hum to music and now I hum when I am getting sleepy. I still love to nap in Mommy and Daddy's closet because it is so dark during the day. I take 2 or 3 naps a day for about 2 hours each. Eventually Daddy is going to put up darkening shades in my room, but he has been very busy in school so they aren't up yet.
I still love to eat anything, and when I say anything I mean anything. I have never refused to eat! Mommy started to give me "biter" biscuits this week. I LOVE THEM! I make such a mess too! I have also started eating little puffs and cheerios. I still don't have any teeth, but I do chew my food with my gums. Mommy doesn't give me bottles anymore because I am a big boy - I can drink from my own sippy cup. I now only nurse about 4 times per day, 2X in the morning, once in the afternoon, and again at night right before bed. I actually don't like to nurse too much because I can eat my cereal much faster and see what is going on around me. Here are a few more things that I have mastered:
I can manipulate objects in my hands and hold my sippy cup properly, sometimes with only one hand
I can lift my cup up at the same time I left my head
I turn and twist my body in all directions
I love to look at objects upside down and create changes in perspective
I can concentrate attention to one thing without getting distracted (especially when it involves food)
I now understand that objects don't always disappear when I can't see them
I can mimic sounds
I have started to think through my actions
I pat at myself in the mirror

I can't believe how much I grow and learn each week!

Loves and Kisses,

Wednesday, September 7, 2005

September 7, 2005
7 ½ Months
Hi you' all! I discovered how to get around this week! I am now getting in the crawling position and then leaning back to sit up. Mommy and Daddy are very impressed because normally you learn to crawl before you learn to sit up! Now that I can sit up Daddy had to move my crib down a notch. Mommy was so sad because it represented one more step towards maturity and independence! Mommy and Daddy have been having a really fun time encouraging me to crawl. I can get about three feet before I fall on my tummy. If I get frustrated I start to roll to where I am going, Mommy is really worried that I will be walking soon.. I always want to stand up and walk while holding moms hands. Once I can crawl and pull myself up I will teach myself how to walk. Look out!
This week I went and visited my friend Payton, Payton is a month and a half older than me. Mommy and Daddy had dinner with her parents and I got to play with my friend. I watched her crawl all over. I learned to share toys and not to poke others in the eye! This past Sunday, I went to the nursery and stayed for both services. I am not quite so anxious to see mommy and daddy leave me anymore.
My Great Nana had an accident this week and fractured a vertebra in her neck. She now must wear a brace on her neck and upper body. That doesn't sound like much fun! My Great Nana will be coming to visit me in Texas soon; I can't wait to spend time with her! She will be staying with my Nana down the road from my house. I have been playing at Nana's new house down the road. She has a playroom for me! Daddy is building her some book shelves for all her children's books. I love to play with a giant cow rocker that she was given! I ride it in the living room and feel like a big boy. Please pray for my Great Nana, that she would not be in pain and that God would give her " His peace that surpasses all understanding, will guard her heart, and soul, and mind."
On less than joyful note, Mommy and Daddy have been trying to teach themselves, and me, about God's compassion and generosity by modeling this in their own lives. As many of you know, Hurricane Katrina has devastated lives all over our country. Please pray for those who were displaced from their homes. Over 75,000 people have been brought to our state, 25,000 of those are located in our area. Mommy and Daddy have signed up to house a family who lost their home in the hurricane. Please begin to pray for the family that God may send to live with us, Please pray that our family would treat this family with love and compassion, placing all their needs above our own,.