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Moses headed to the desert to wander, Paul went away after Christ met him on the Damascus road, Jesus had a mission but it didn't come to fruition until he performed his first miracle and turned water into wine in his 20's.

I've been on a journey, a silent journey into the wilderness of childhood trauma. Please pardon my raw and unfiltered  musings back to the living. The last 4 years have taken a tole on my identity in totality, I've emerged a different person than when I started down this path of binding up the broken bodies of children. My own body has been ravaged with depression and fears and anxiety; its been a journey for God to put pieces back and restore me to the woman He wants me to be.

I've found my calling and passion in that desert. Dare I say my family has found their eternal calling day in and day out that fulfills the great commission - to make disciples.

I've wandered the courthouses, dealt with the death of birth parents, accumulated more th…
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Goodbyes Are Hard

If we do our jobs we'll- the end usually brings tears. I look forward to meeting my sweet boy one day- you are a smart cookie and will go far in this world! Sweet Wesley,You will never remember me, but I was your Mama for a time. Your first day in our home, we took you to our sons adoption at the courthouse and then straight to the hospital. Daddy and I slept at the hospital to be by your side, even though you really didn't know us, we were already wildly protective of you. I brought you home from the hospital after being malnourished and neglected and drove to Children's hospital more times than I can count. I gave you endless breathing treatments and missed Christmas at home with everyone when you contracted RSV. I helped you learn to smile, laugh, sit up, crawl, hold a bottle, play with toys and not be afraid of sweet smiling faces- but I will miss seeing your first steps that should happen soon. I taught you not to be afraid of the world- I taught you to trust. I s…

What is your calling going to cost you?

When I became a Christian in my teens I struggled a lot with cost- if Christ died for my salvation, what was my life going to look like. Acts 14:22 says, " We must go through many hardships to enter the kingdom of God." Why is it we all want to avoid doing what is hard instead of embracing it?
We sing songs like, " All to Jesus I surrender, I surrender all..."  or " Take my life and let it be, consecrated, Lord to Thee..."  as believers, do we actually mean the words we sing? Are we willing to surrender all our comforts and voluntarily choose a life of servanthood and heartbreak? I beg you ( and myself) to say yes because the joy of our salvation is valuable and the obedience produces priceless blessings that can not be bought with silver or gold- but are stored in our hearts and minds of smiling children saved from loneliness and isolation. We get th joy of being the hands and feet of Jesus, that image never gets old and leaves me in awe- Jesus chooses to…

Summer Fun

Foster Journey - 3 months

Our family received our first foster child just 3 months ago, he was a mere 2 days old and 5 pounds. Little A. has grown into a happy and relaxed baby. He is still not sleeping through the night but he is down to only one typical feeding at 4 AM then he goes right back to sleep. A loves to sleep and takes very long naps when we are home, if we're our running errands, he is less cooperative! The long "awake all nights" are done and he is  becoming more and more predictable each day. Littler A loves his milk warmed, hates water, loves chaos and movement and his swing, hates his crib and long car rides. His beautifully created personality is coming out more and more each day.

Our kiddo's have adjusted well to having a little charmer in their midst. The 10 and 5 year old are big helpers, always ready to push the stroller or bring me a bottle. They love to smile and make him laugh. Gabe, my middle 7 year old ignores him most of the time, he doesn't like to feed or pus…

Jesus Brings Hope - Our Foster Journey Placement

March 11, 2015 our little foster baby was born and hope entered the world. He brings to us a message of Christ's love  and purpose for all mankind. His mother chose life and for this very reason I know that in her own way loves him deeply.

I headed to Houston on March 12th -  the 17th "met you" anniversary for my husband and I. My husband sent me off with a kiss - off to deliver a huge part of my past. Little did I know our future dreams were about to begin. I was headed to Houston to deliver 8 years of payroll files to our payroll office and to say good-bye to many friends who have battled along side me through the ups and downs of  company life - my job of 17 years was about to be handed over in boxes to be scanned and destroyed, it was very depressing! The files delivered, we ladies went out for a farewell dinner and then I headed to a co-workers home to spend the night.

I  went to bed frustrated,  we had been licensed for a foster child since the end of January. I wa…

Williams Homeschooling Mission Statement

Why did we choose to homeschool? I receive this question all the time. I received it a lot more 5 years ago, before the homeschool movement had inundated the area in which I live. I thought about this question a lot, there are a ton of reasons so I decided to write down our mission statement back in 2010  when my kids were tiny and I started teaching my first child at home. You see, I knew the days would be long and the journey hard. I am constantly reminded that the divine things in life are hard and produce perseverance, which leads to great gains;  marriage, child raising, college, discipline, spiritual life, etc to name but a few.

Romans 5:1-4 Therefore, since we have been justified through faith, wea have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, 2through whom we have gained access by faith into this grace in which we now stand. And web boast in the hope of the glory of God. 3Not only so, but wec also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perse…