Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Camping Trip

We had a fun weekend camping! John's older brother Scotty was able to join us! Kitty had a blast swimming the river for her toys and chasing little critters out of our campsite in the night. Drew just loved sleeping in a tent and having his own sleeping bag! We enjoyed a quiet, relaxed weekend with our friends the Tyson's. Gabe and Ethan were able to experience their first camping trips!

Gabe is so incredible fun these days! He laughs and smiles and talks all the time. He loves to be tickled and for you to breath in his ear. He just giggles and giggles! He also loves watching his brother play, eating, and sleeping. When he is ready to go to sleep, he pops in his thumb, looks at you, and gives a little whine! So cute. Gabe is now rolling all over and has started to grab things intentionally on the first try. He also started lifting his hands when he wants you to pick him up.

Drew is back to his normal sweet self... finally! He had a few weeks of adjusting once mommy returned home from Oregon. Drew and I spent yesterday gardening and planting.... we both ended up with nice sunburns... oops! Drew's speech is developing nicely and the evaluation showed he wasn't in need to therapy. We've been working on various words and sounds at home which is also helping.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Change on the Horizon!

Our little man is 5 months old, covered in cute, chubby fat rolls! He just hit 16 pounds and rolled over from his back to tummy today. He is also cutting his first tooth, his front bottom right - it's poking through at I type! How did he grow to be so big? It must happen while we sleep! He loves to sleep - still 18 hours a day. He goes to bed around 7:30 and wakes around 8:00 am. Overall he is a very laid back, easy little guy who loves his sleep! He also loves to eat! He is still only on breast milk and the occasional formula bottle when I am running low and don't want to thaw anything. I'm hoping to wait on introducing solids until he is 7 months old, he doesn't need the calories! I will say breastfeeding was really easy when you only had one kid, it has been a struggle breastfeeding Gabe. I am always running around and can't find time to sit and relax. Gabe is getting ready to sit up, he loves to play in his exersaucer and johnny jump up. Too fun!

Drew is loving his brother and anxious for him to play. We have been struggling with Drew's heart attitude this week. I pray that we are nearing the end of his defiant streek? God has been so good to provide me with tons of wisdom as I frustratingly watch my son poop his pants right in front of me - Drew didn't like being washed off with cold water! The past day and a half have been much better.His little attitude, normally so sweet and gentle, has been wild and hot tempered. I have a guess he is angry that mommy left him home for a week with Daddy and took baby Gabe with her. I'm not sure, but that's my guess. His Uncle Scotty is here too, so he has had tons of fun playing the tough big brother and showing off in unusual ways. Please pray tomorrow goes better. We have really buckled down on the discipline, I think he has had more spankings in the past week that the whole year prior? He has also been spending lots of reflection time in his bed. I saw a genuine heart change this evening so I hope it is still there in the morning! He is normally so sweet and concerned for others, this new attitude is terrible. I've noticed that I let him get away with small things so cracking down on those has helped. We are also starting to give him chores each day so he feels "part" of the family. We will see! Please pray for us!

God is so Awesome!

An amazing love story and God's love for us all wrapped into this heartwarming blog! Watch the video here and read their blog here

Monday, April 21, 2008

Deuteronomy 5: The Ten Commandments

(Here is a piece I wrote for the Interactive Bible Reading.... thought you might enjoy!)

Deuteronomy 5, Psalms 95

Since we have already studied the giving of the Ten Commandments, I wanted to focus today on the 2nd commandment, verse 7, which states, “You shall have no other gods before me.” This commandment addresses the jealousy of God, spoken of in Deut 4:24 “For the Lord Your God is a consuming fire, a jealous God.” I would say that this commandment is the hardest for me to follow. Daily I find my loyalty to God being challenged by the idols of self, consumerism, and instant gratification. What comes to your mind when you read that our Lord is jealous, or a consuming fire? Recently I watched a video clip where Oprah discussed why she created her own persona of god. In her mid-twenties, while attending her Baptist Church, Oprah heard preached, that God was love and merciful and jealous. She didn’t understand how our God could be jealous, so she went on a quest to “open her mind … to that what we call god.” You can watch that video here if you would like.

So, what does the jealousy of God really mean? According to Webster’s Dictionary, the two definitions that best fit God are, “(1) Solicitous (considerate) to defend the honor of; concerned for the character of, (4) intolerant of rivalry or unfaithfulness.” When I try and comprehend God’s jealousy, I’m reminded of my marriage commitment. My husband would rightly be jealous if he saw my loyalty drifting to another man and his emotions would arise out of protection for me. Similarly, God can be righteously jealous when we give our reverence and worship to other false gods. That false god impedes our closeness and intimacy with Him. God alone created us; He has every right to be jealous for our worship. Are there any idols in your life taking the place God rightfully deserves? How will you cast down that idol worship today?

If Oprah were to ask you what the jealousy of God means, what would you say?
What is important about the Ten Commandments?
Which of the Ten Commandments is the hardest for you to obey?
What is the consequence for following other gods? (6:14-15)

Are you struggling with understanding an attribute or characteristic of God? If so, commit to studying the scriptures this week and share what you’ve discovered.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Pictures of the Rogue River

Isn't God's creation beautiful?


We have returned home to Texas, the weather is in the 80's and beautiful! My flowers are in full bloom and planting season has arrived! John and Drew "Batched" it while Gabe and I went to Oregon for my Nana's 80th Birthday (surprise!) I also spent some much needed girl time with my best friend Bethany. We had fun coloring our hair, doing our nails, straightening our hair, and cleaning her shower (a story for another day)! Gabe loved being the center of attention and watching all the action. He behaved well on the plane rides, just fussed a little because he wanted to sleep in his own bed. It was a great time of relaxation. I somehow acquired hives while in Oregon and went into the doctor when my eyes swelled shut. I'm much better now but the medicine keeps me awake and jittery. I go back Monday to my O.B so hopefully she can give me something new.

Drew and Daddy had fun putting in french drains, I arrived home to that sweet surprise! John enjoyed his week alone with Drew and worked on Drew's heart attitude. Of course there has been plenty of testing now that mommy is home again. Drew missed me tons and the first thing he said at the airport was "Mommy, I missed you!" He smiled all the way home chatting about mommy going to Oregon, but now being back.

I added more pictures to the picture page so you can see just how much fun we had!

Now we are preparing for our Spring Camping Trip, I went shopping today, I can't wait for a full weekend of roughing it!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


We went to the doctor last week, here are the boys stats:

Drew (3 Yrs) 29 LBS (25%) 35 3/4 inches (10%)
Gabe (4 Mths) 14LBS 12 OZ (50%) 23 1/4 (5%) Head 16 3/4in (50-75%)

Gabe is all messed up! He is short with a big head, it makes for a cute baby! We took a ton of pictures in the Blue Bonnets yesterday. Take a look at the picture page, there are some funny pictures!

Drew at 4.5 Months (13 Pounds) Just moving to 3-6 month clothes

Gabe at 4.5 Months (15 Pounds) Beginning to wear some 6-9 months clothes

Monday, April 7, 2008

Lessons from a 3 Year Old

On Sunday I was running around trying to get the boys ready for church. Drew decided to spend 15 minutes trying to go to the bathroom and it messed up my schedule. As we were running out the door I noticed that Drew didn't have any shoes on his feet; in haste and with a not so nice comment to Drew, ran upstairs to find his shoes. When I returned to put on his shoes Drew looked at me and said "Mommy, are you happy in your heart?" I wish I could say I repented but it took the drive to church before I calmed down. Sweet Drew, he was so quiet all the way to church, then when I asked him to forgive me for my bad attitude he said "sure mommy!" You could almost see the relief on his face when he saw that I wasn't upset anymore. What would I do without my two little blessings to teach me valuable lessons?

Friday, April 4, 2008

Joy-Filled Moments

(Fun times with Uncle!)

275. One pound lost, many more to go….

276. Sweet kisses and prayers with Drew tonight
277. Drew’s call as I close his door “sleep tight mommy!”
278. Watching Drew and his daddy wrestle and tickle well into the evening

279. Gabe’s 15 pound body covered with fat rolls

280. Pure lungs that support my body, pray for Tricia and her new set of lungs free from Cystic Fibrosis and for their 26 week Miracle Gwyneth

281. A great rub down by my sweetheart
282. God’s unending mercy, especially when I blow it!
283. My prayer warrior of a mentor Mary

284. A great year at Mom2Mom so many testimonies shared about lives changed

285. A new sister in Christ Aimee!

286. Only 24 hours in a day, if there were more I’d fill them up too

287. Cherishing, pondering and enjoying all the blessings in my life
288. A roof over the family’s head that protects us from the 3 am downpour
289. A bright sunshine breaking through the gray and drizzle

290. Eager energetic husband who wakes refreshed, its nice to see his smile return

291. First substitute job for my sweet husband (high school math… yuck!) and his great day with the kids was an extra blessing

292. A quiet time of prayer after days spent in lacking
293. Mary’s humble teaching on praying through ACTS (Adoration, Confession, Thankfulness, Supplication), it provided a great foundation on the discipline of prayer

294. A perfect God who loves an imperfect me, who adopted me, and slowly purifies my life
295. A wonderful report back from my mother in law who is teaching in China.
296. Drew’s sweet pure voice singing praises to You
297. The teachable heart of my 3 year old, thank you Lord that he responds positively to our discipline
298. – a bargain for the bookworm like myself.. (is it sacrilege to buy a book called Excel Bible?”
299. My imperfect life with lots of bumps and trials, I’d hate to be the same Christian in 20 years that I am today, that you Lord for the hard time that purify my heart
300. That sweet voice interrupting my thoughts, “mommy, I have to go potty.” I was beginning to think that my little one would stay in diapers forever!

"Gratitude is born in hearts that take time to count up past mercies."

(Charles E. Jefferson)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Thought Provoking Conversation from a 3 year Old

I had no idea that potty training would bring out the inquisitive side of our son. He is just fascinated with discovering new things and talking about them. Here is today's conversation which took place when Drew walked into the bathroom while I was going.

D: "Mommy, no, you doing wrong, hold down your penis."
M: "Drew, mommy doesn't have a penis, she is a girl."
D: With a questioning look "why not, your doing it wrong."
M: "Mommy wasn't made like you, God made me to be a girl, so I don't have a penis."
D: Still not getting it "Mommy, we go to doctor and he make it all better, you get fixed?"
M: "Sorry, this how God made me, your made different you look like Daddy."
D: Exasperated that I don't appear to understand, he shifts his focus to washing his hands"

My smart 3 year old boy is really challenging my on the spot thinking ability. Daddy does so much better with these discussions! On a praise note, Drew has stayed dry for 3 days!