Sunday, March 30, 2008


This week Drew and I spent some time learning about what lives in the Arctic We read a book about Polar Bears, Sea Lions, Beluga Whales, Orcas, Walrus', and Narwhals. I really enjoyed learning about Norwals since I hadn't studied them before, I linked you to an interesting ABC news except and some footage of Norwhals that Drew enjoyed watching. Drew especially loved singing the song: Baby Beluga by Raffi. We sang the song and watched a Baby Beluga's birth at the Chicago Shedd Aquarium; the wonders of the Internet! Drew also spent some time painting, gluing and cutting. He even made me tons of paper kites! Ever since I boxed up all the toys, he has spent more time looking at books, being artistic, and using his imagination. This week he hardly touched the Lego's and Duplo's that were in his room. I've been enjoying not having to trip over his toys or battle with him to pick them up. Gabe also enjoyed the pictures in the books and laughed a lot when mommy and Drew made Seal sounds.

Drew's evaluation for Speech help went well. The Speech therapist wasn't too concerned, she said he was borderline for needing speech, but also said he was really smart. She believes that he thinks very intelligently and just doesn't have all the words to articulate his advanced thoughts. Drew has always loved to describe pictures so when she read him a book he hadn't seen he was all about talking! We are getting a second opinion from another Speech therapist sometime in the next few weeks. I will say his speech really has improved the last three weeks. Words he was especially lazy with he now says very clearly. So, he is improving.

Uncle David visited this past week which was fun for the whole family. Drew was especially glad to have a playmate and human jungle gym! John and I managed a date out too thanks to David! Can you guess where we went? After dinner we hit Target and walked all the isles for about 1.5 hours. I've had gift cards to Target for months and never have time to just browse! We did buy Drew his first sleeping bag for our camping trip next month.

Gabe spent most of the week sleeping, on the rare occasions he was awake he discovered his toes! He loves to "talk" to us and smiles a lot!

I worked this week and spent some time in my garden. I also organized the pantry, thanks to my mom's group and their inspiring organization/de-cluttering topic! I enjoyed laundry, dishes, and cooking this week. I am just loving that I don't have to do any deep cleaning! It gives me time for those projects I never get to like outside window washing!

Friday, March 28, 2008


"Wherever you cast your eyes,

there is no spot in the universe wherein you cannot

discern at least some sparks of glory."

~John Calvin

262. A quiet and relaxed week, shifting focus back on the important

263. Drew’s improved speech

264. Reading books with Drew, listening to all his new sounds

265. Spending an evening organizing the pantry, I love it when all is in its place

266. Free pillows from sister that match our living room perfectly

267. Visit from brother, loud gleeful squeal of excitement from Drew when he found David sleeping on the couch!

268. Gabe back to sleeping through the nights

269. A night out with my Honey

270. Sitting in a quiet corner of the restraint just chatting

271. Brotherly love, Drew sharing his toys with Gabe even though he is too little to play back

272. An accident (potty training) free day

273. Painting Dinosaurs with Drew

274. Kite Flying on a windy day

“No blend of zeal, passion, self-denial, discipline,

orthodoxy, and effort adds up to holiness where praise is lacking.”

~J.I. Packer

Drew Has Two Daddies?

John and his brother David took Drew to school on Wednesday. When they arrived to the classroom, Drew's friend Cole announced to the whole hallway, "Look, Drew's got two daddies!"

Everyone looked right at John, who was quick to announce, "No, this is Drew's uncle... my brother!"

Monday, March 24, 2008

Awesome Day

Today was a great day, I picked Drew up at Preschool and his teacher said he was dry all day! Well, almost, I think distraction with play dough may have overcome his focused potty brain because as I picked him up and gave him a hug I noticed the wetness! It wasn't a lot though! Then we went home and played outside, just the two of us for over an hour. Drew loved getting swung in the air and making roads together in his sandbox. Drew even said, "mommy, your fun to play with!" Awe! Kitty and I played a little soccer which wore us both out! Later, Drew told me he had to go potty and I was nursing Gabe so I told him to go in by himself. A few minutes later, his naked body came running in the room and proudly yelled " I Did It Mommy!." Yes, he went both on the potty all by himself. We are all so proud!

Kitty and I went to the pond yesterday, just the two of us. The kids were in bed and John was studying. I walked all the way around the pond throwing her toy in every few feet, by the time we got home she was tired and cold, it was in the 50's yesterday. So, she had a much needed bath in our shower. Such a spoiled puppy! We have the best dog, she is so easy to please, just a run around the block or a trip to the pond makes her day.

Gabe is learning how to grab things. He loves to grab his play keys or spit rag. He loves to coo at anyone who will listen. Last week was his sleeping week, this week he is all about eating. Tonight I fed him three times in a 1 hour span. He even woke from sleep to eat ... again! His next appointment is on April 3rd so we'll see how much he weighs.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter 2008

Easter 2005 (Drew) Easter 2008 (Gabe)

Easter 2005 (Drew) Easter 2008 (Gabe)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Photo Shoot

Drew went to visit his TiTi and Tio on Friday so Mommy and Gabe were able to get in some quality bonding time and a lot of sleep! Part of our bonding time was having a mid afternoon photo shoot. The weather has been beautiful and once the Spring flowers were planted we were bored. Gabe loves to smile, especially at his mommy! Enjoy the pictures our our growing little 4 month old.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Just a little note.....

(Wearing Big Boy Underwear!)

Drew stayed dry all day! He even managed to stay dry through his 3 hour nap and asked to go potty twice yesterday, normall I have to remind him. We are so excited to see progress, I was worried he would be 5 and still in diapers! He has found a fascination with his penis, John assures me it is normal. He likes to sing to it, play with in, and talk all about it. Today, Drew said, "mommy, my p**** is really big!" Oh my! My response, " why yes Drew, I think your right," spoken as I ran out of the bathroom. Where is John when you need him?

We all went to Southlake this afternoon to enjoy the warm 70 degree weather! Drew loved playing in the fountain and eating. We went to Central Market after that to eat dinner. Drew loved playing in the castle and Gabe ate and slept the whole time.

The boys and I went to the Plant Shed today and bought petunias for the from flower beds. This weekend I will be planting! Here comes Spring!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Potty Training

Oops forgot to mention Drew's big news! He is officially potty training! Yes, the diapers ran out and mommy didn't buy anymore. Drew was very content to stay in diapers, but with the bribe of a Little Einstein episode he couldn't resist. Now, when he goes on the potty he gets to watch a 20 minute episode (soon it will be staying dry all day). Drew is learning about asking to go potty and not holding it until the last minute! He can stay dry all day... assuming we stay home. He hasn't mastered holding it in public yet. Today we all went to McDonald's for a fun breakfast and while Drew was playing he forgot he wasn't wearing a diaper and, well you guessed it! Pee ran all down his leg at the McDonald's play area!

Lets just say with potty training also came the awareness of what was between his legs. So, today while excited about going potty, he said to Nana "Nana I'm happy, my p**** is happy too!"

The joys of raising a little boy!

4 Months Old

Well our little man has turned 4 months old today. Gabe has turned into a very easy and relaxed baby - he sleeps when he can and is content to look around at the world when awake. Often he wakes from naps and I hear him giggling to himself. For the past week Gabe has been sleeping through the night without any 11:00 feedings. I put him to bed around 8:00 and he wakes around 8:00 the next morning! What a blessing!

Here are the boys 4 month comparisons: is it the picture or does Gabe look huge next to Drew?
Anyhow, Gabe is as spitty as Drew! At least Gabe doesn't have the acid part of the reflux. Gabe loves to smile and coo at us. he is content to watch his big brother play. Gabe still loves to eat but is at the fun age where distractions (like a brother or daddy) often catch his attention when eating. Tonight, Gabe was nursing, then stopped, looked me in the eyes and gave me a huge grin, then went back to eating. So sweet! Gabe loves to be sung to, but won't let me rock him to sleep. He insists on being put right into his bed, where his thumb is eagerly awaiting him. When I check 5 minutes later, he is already sound asleep, snoring away. Currently, he sleeps on his boppy with his elevated so he doesn't get too congested.

Monday, March 17, 2008


"Gratitude bestows reverence,

allowing us to encounter everyday epiphanies,

those transcendent moments of awe that change

forever how we experience life and the world."

John Milton

"Ingratitude is an eye disease every bit as much as a heart disease.

It sees only flaws, scars, scarcity.”

Mark Buchanan

241. My servant of a husband who did the laundry today
242. The joy of serving others with kind words
243. My husbands heart to help those in need
244. True worship of our King with hundreds of voices lifted in song praising “Hosanna, you are the God who Saves us, worthy of all our praises… Broken lives are made new…. When we see you we find strength to face the day… Come have your way among us… we welcome you here Lord Jesus!”

245. The best gift: a housecleaner for a Saturday!
246. The joy of having the entire house clean at the same time!
247. Gabe’s sweet pretentious giggles and smiles when I lay him down to sleep
248. Awesome teaching at Bible Study…. The old testament coming to life!
249. Gabe sleeping 12 hours straight without waking!
250. The body’s amazing ability to adapt to stress
251. A relaxing Monday, time spent with husband
252. The empty tomb that brought me abundant LIFE and a heart to serve the poor, the alien, and the orphan.
253. Our home that we are blessed to raise our family in
254. Drew’s excitement as he tells me about his day all alone with Nana, he so treasures those times
255. Spring bulbs springing up allover the backyard
256. Dirty fingernails from spring gardening
257. Drew helping mommy pull weeds, he even insisted on wearing my gloves
258. Sweet, generous husband who is never cross or angry with me.. I wish he could say the same about me…..
259. Alas, the spreadsheet I’ve been working on for days balances.. thank you Lord, why didn’t I stop to pray sooner?
260. The blessings of friends
261. A quiet, uninterrupted time alone with the Lord and a latte,,,,

"Men cannot open their eyes without being compelled to see him.Indeed his essence is incomprehensible ....But upon his individual works he has engraved unmistakable marks of his glory, so clear and so prominent that even unlettered... folk cannot plead the excuse of ignorance....Wherever you cast your eyes, there is no spot in the universe wherein you cannot discern at least some sparks of glory."

John Calvin

Sunday, March 16, 2008


I am refreshed! Last week was so stressful. John wasn't home a lot and I was super busy with work. A few nights I was up until 1:00 am working and didn't have much downtime. So, for a special 10th anniversary (celebrating the day we met 3/12/98) John gave me money to hire a house cleaner. What tops that is John has been working odd jobs during his lunch hours for the past few months, he saved a decent amount of money and gave it to me in hopes that it would be enough to pay for a cleaner all year - every 3rd Saturday! Isn't John amazing and perfect!

The cleaners came on Saturday, two of them, and for 3.5 hours cleaned every square inch of the house. John and I had fun trying to find spots they missed, we only found a few. They also cleaned out my fridge, oven and microwave, changed the sheets on all my beds - talk about above and beyond!

Saturday I had a day off since I didn't have to clean my messy house so we took the kids to Watagua's 50th anniversary party where Drew rode a train and ate cake!

I am so blessed! I also caught up on my sleep which helped my unpleasant mood change into joy!

Another awesome

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Big Boy Drew

Yes, Drew is becoming a big boy. On Monday I started potty training with him. Through much trial and error I think we may have found a nice working plan! Each time Drew goes on the potty, he is rewarded with a little Einstein episode! On Monday he had two BM's on the toilet and 1 pee pee. Tuesday he chose to go back to diapers. Today he wore underwear again and went pee pee twice this afternoon.

Drew tries so hard to go on the potty that he can't relax enough to go. It takes about 4 hours of him in underwear before he has to go bad enough that it just comes out. I think he may have crossed a hurdle today, he stayed dry from 2:00-bedtime with no accidents and the last time he asked to go!

Gabe was constipated all day and was a little fussy. He was doing so well and on a great schedule, but the past two days he has really been off... so has mommy!

Oh, one last little tidbit. I was so tired of tripping over toys so Drew and I boxed all the toys up! Before you think I've gone mad, we had fun with it. I have 4 large Rubbermaid boxes which are titled:

1. Tools
2. Things on Wheels
3. Duplo's and Lego's
4. GeoTrex

Now, each Sunday we put away the current box and get out a new one. Drew is now playing with his toys instead of dragging them all out and leaving them laying around. Also, I dived up all his educational leap frog toys and put one in each box, I added some shapes and bead threading and a few games too. Now Drew will play intently with items instead of being overwhelmed with all the choices. It was a big rough the first day but he seems to not remember all his other toys!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I find when Depression hits; gratitude is the best medicine....

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life.
It turns what we have into enough, and more.
It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity.
It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home,
a stranger into a friend.
~Melody Beattie
225. The “Jesus Storybook Bible” which makes learning about God so simple and fun
226. Songs of joy and love about our Savior, big truths for little hearts!
227. A sweet & practical gift from my husband – office 2007!
228. Grocery shopping for a family in need, what a pleasure to server “the least of these…”
229. Husband, stable and generous, always serving, never giving up
230. Rocking sleepy newborn to slumber
231. Tiny thumb to suckle and pacify
232. Drew’s little legs peddling away to the pond with Kitty running behind
233. Obedient little boy who stops at every crossing to wait for lagging mommy
234. Gentle hugs and kisses and prayers before bed
235. Running feet to get away from fire ants
236. Silence: to bring back the peace and begin again
237. Photo’s that capture a glimpse of precious memories
238. Bath time giggles from 3 month old who is learning how to grab, kick and squeal
239. Praises of health and prayers of sustainment as friend undergoes removal of cancerous growths in lung (second time in 3 months)… Lord, give her rest tonight….
240. Life today and the promise of eternity with My Sustainer!

Gratitude bestows reverence,
allowing us to encounter everyday epiphanies,
those transcendent moments of awe that change forever
how we experience life and the world.
John Milton


Expelled, The Movie

Do you believe in Darwinism? Are you going to watch this hightly controversal movie by Ben Stein? I challenge you to watch the trailer, it was very interesting. I hadn't heard of it until today and now I am eager to watch the movie. I wonder if Francis Collins, lead scientist on the human Genome project, is in the movie? We have heard quite a bit about Francis Collins from our pastor Bob Roberts, I also heard Francis Collins speak on NPR not long ago. Wow! In light of science shifting more and more towards our DNA being created by a higher being, I am eager to watch Expelled. I am eager to teach my children all about creation and science, I 100% believe that as Christians we must seek out answers to our questions. They normally make us more in awe of our Creator!

Wouldn’t Everyone Want to Be Healed?

Incase you want a good read, our pastor Bob Roberts wrote the following regarding Francis Collins:

Tuesday, I spoke at a conference called Faith Forward at the Crystal Cathedral
in Orange County, California. Hands down, the most fascinating speaker was
Francis Collins author of The Language of God. He headed up the Human Genome
Project to map our genetic map. He took on–head on–Dawkins, Dennet, and Harris
on why, as a scientist, he believes in God. You can put this guy in the history
books with some of the greatest scientists who ever lived. More on that in a
later blog. Later in the evening, a small group of us had supper with Dr.
Schuller. Ken Medema, the famous pianist was with us. The conversation went over
to Ken’s blindness and Dr. Collins asked if he knew the cause of his blindness.
Ken explained it was a genetic issue since birth. Dr. Collins told him there is
a significant breakthrough with his condition and experiments have been done and
it might be possible to fix his condition! Ken was excited, right? Wrong.
Pleased, ok–yet questioning. I would think a man who’s been blind his entire
life and has a chance to see would want to see. Ken told us he had “seen” a
movie about a man who had been blind his entire life and for a brief period he
could see, but he was relieved when the treatment failed and he could go back to
life as he had known it. Healing–he would have to learn an entirely new way of
coping, surviving and living in the world. Maybe if he were in his 20s, but now
in his 50s plus, would he really be ready for that?Healing–he believes that he
plays the piano as he does because his other senses have compensated for what he
lost. Would it impact his passion, his ministry, and who he has become? Would it
be worth risking his music not being what it is now? Healing–he’s never seen
anyone, anything, mountains, oceans, or people he loves. The first person he
would expect to see would be Jesus, now it might be a doctor–would he really
want to trade that? Healing–maybe Ken’s already healed. Maybe what others would
call a loss has become his gain, and perhaps ours as well.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

"In ordinary life we hardly realize that

we receive a great deal more than we give,

and that it is only with gratitude

that life becomes rich."

--Dietrich Bonhoeffer

201. Sweet arms to hold crying newborn
202. Lovely meals from generous friends

203. A mid-afternoon nap

204. Getting both boys asleep at the same time

205. The process of learning this new life God has blessed us with

206. A beautiful thanksgiving that celebrated new life and the faithfulness of our Lord

207. A quiet home with soft music that captures my thoughts and focuses my mind of thankfulness

208. A song of blessing over our home

209. My husband blessing me with clean, folded, and put away laundry

210. Christmas shopping for sandbox toys for our 3 year old

211. A generous gift of blessing from my company

212. A family Christmas with loved ones

213. Friends blessing our table on Christmas

214. The mental healthiness of my father which allowed him to visit his second grandson and celebrate Christmas

215. Our 5th anniversary celebrating commitment and love

216. Life and health

217. Surgical relief for John’s neck and arm

218. Quiet evenings with the Lord, reflecting and praying for these little arrows

219. Family traditions and the joy it brings to Drew’s face

220. Drew’s love for sword fighting with the nerf swords Daddy found for Christmas!

221. Drew’s 3rd Birthday celebrated at home with friends and family and a few sandbox!

222. 4 inches of snow with many snowball fights, hot cocoa and tons of laughs!

223. Kitty eating snowballs and rolling in the white fluff!

224. Financial provision via a tax return adding to increased savings

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Snow Suit and Bubble Wrap

It snowed today - March 6th; isn't that crazy? I have to go out and measure, I think we have about 3 inches already. Earlier, we took Drew and out in the snow thinking the snow would melt really quick this afternoon. I put Gabe in his snow suit and out we went for pictures.

John put Gabe in a box with bubble wrap as a joke.... here he is 3 1/2 hours later, snoozing away. Forget the expensive crib and central heating-- all Gabe needed was a cold garage, bubble wrap and a comfy box!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Jonah and the Spankin'

Over the last year we have worked hard to teach Drew to about obedience, his definition of obedience is obeying: "all the way, right away, and with a joyful heart." If you ask him how to obey he will say "joyful heart mommy!" He also knows that he gets in trouble when he doesn't obey, depending on the situation he gets a spanking if it is direct defiance, or has a "reflection" time in the pantry for everything else. So, that being said, here are a few funny moments from yesterday.

1. Drew was doing something naughty (I can't remember what) and I told him it he did it again he would get a spanking for disobeying mommy. To which he replied " mommy, no spanking, I like time out, can't I have time out?" I am not sure why he called it time out because we just call it going to the pantry?

Last night as I was reading to Drew from his Jesus story Bible, Drew showed me just how much he is comprehending now that he is 3 years old.

2. We were reading the story of Johan and the whale, when I read "... and Jonah disobeyed God by not doing to Nineveh" Drew immediately chipped in and said "Mommy? Did God give Jonah a pankin?"

3. Drew, Kitty, Gabe and I went to the pond today, while walking there Kitty wasn't listening very well and I must have put on my "mommy" voice because Drew looked at me and said "Mommy, if Kitty not obey does she get a pankin?" To which I replied "Yes, Drew Kitty does get spankings when she doesn't obey" He was content with that!

Drew is starting to learn reason and is thinking a lot these days. Today, while talking to Drew during bath time he shockingly said:

"Mommy. whats that called?" as he pointed in between his legs.
Mommy: "Um, well ,how about we play with Rocket Drew"
Drew: "No, mommy what that called?" (pointing down)
Mommy: "Well Drew that is called your penis (I had to tell him)".
Drew: "Look mommy, where did my p... go mommy? (As he closes his legs)"
Mommy: "Your right, I can't see it anymore, How about we get out of the tub now?"
Drew: "No I want to play with my p..."
Mommy: "Drew you don't play with your p...., it is for going potty"
Drew: "OK mommy, where did Drew go" (as he closed his eyes)
Mommy: "I don't know ..." (which led into a 2 minute tickle time! Hopefully the tickles took the word right out of his head. I can just see him sharing that word with all his friends on Monday!"

This whole mother of boys thing is really starting to get tricky!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Chaos for Cash?

I just had to share with you about my Saturday. Every February is shot time in the William's household, it is when I get out all the pet records and update their files. This year I received an e-mail from our HOA stating that all cats and dogs needed a license in order to be legal, they also had to be current on their rabies vaccine. Most years I give my cats their own injections that I buy from the local feed store. I hate taking the animals to the vet because I always leave spending an insane amount of money. This year I bought the animal's their 6 way shots for 8.95 and administered them myself - see all that money on horses paid off somewhere. A vet charges around 100.00 and up for a vaccine visit! I tried to find the rabies vaccine but it is a law that only a vet can administer it. So, in an attempt to save us some money I found that the City of Fort Worth was administering licenses and rabies vaccines for 4.00 at a local Fort Worth park this past Saturday. They also offered micro-chipping for 10.00. What a steal!
My mom graciously watched the boys for me while I headed out with two cat carriers and the dog into Fort Worth. The vaccines were offered from 1-3 pm and I arrived around 1:45. I was wearing a tank top and flip flops,; expecting to walk right up and get the shots and then return home within the hour. WRONG! To my shock 300 other people had the same idea! The only difference was 90% of those people probably hadn't taken their dogs out of the backyard in years, let along socialized them. I arrived and walked about 1/4 of a mile to the park because there wasn't a place close to park. I sought shelter by a group of elderly people who were hovering near a picnic bench. I think they were going to jump on top of it for safety if a dog came up to attack them. The entire park was a zoo! There were police yelling and screaming at owners to get their dogs under control. They were handing out leashes right and left to owners who hadn't brought anything to control their dogs! There were tons of pit bulls with huge chains around their necks and tiny Chiwawa's yapping incessantly. Some of the really difficult dogs were demoted to the Animal Control truck. My number was 228, after about 30 minutes I heard they were only on numbers 20-40! This was going to take forever! I was tempted to head home, but I had already trekked my pack to the park and I didn't want to return home having wasted my afternoon. So, I sat it out..... for 4 hours!
Kitty was a perfect angel, she protected the cats in the carriers. Anytime a dog would get close she would stand up and stare right at them, if they didn't retreat she would bark at them. The elderly group Kitty was "protecting" were very thankful; so were their dogs! Kitty enjoyed being the older and wiser dog, she enjoyed playing with Toby a 4 month old Cattle/Retriever mix. Toby's owner brought treats and Kitty was happy to perform! She also insisted on walking around the park trying to scout our any bombs the Pit Bull owners might have brought along with them. At various times during the 4 hours dogs would get loose and start dog fights, police and animal control workers would run from all crevices of the park - 1 time I saw a handler pick up a vicious dog and throw it through the air! Kitty wasn't too bothered by all the unstable dogs, she was pleased to be working today, protecting her "family!" Most people were shocked how well she got along with our cats. Austin got out on her lease for a little while so she could get some water. She stayed very close to Kitty. Winston preferred to stay in his carrier hiding from all the chaos. Finally after 3 hours of waiting we finally made it to the lineup. That was a joke! There were 40 dogs all crammed into a line - every so often people and dogs would go flying out of line because some temperamental dog has starting another fight. If I had the Dog Whispers phone # I would have called Cesar to tame the chaos. Finally after an hour in line we made it to the station. Was it worth it? I don't know, but for 34.00 I had Kitty and Winston micro chipped, all three received their rabies vaccines which is good for 3 years, and they all received their licenses. Whew! I trekked back to the car grateful for my well mannered pets, a cool Spring day, 4 uninterrupted hours to myself pondering various subjects, a breast pump that awaited me at home, and a husband who brought pizza home for dinner!
What a way to spend a Saturday afternoon!