Sunday, April 24, 2005

April 24, 2005

Drew is three months old! I can not believe how quickly the time has passed. This week was rough, Drew's reflux has been gradually been getting worse since I stopped consuming dairy products. The burning of his throat from the acid reflux has been keeping Drew up all day long. His longest nap was only an hour, normally he has a 3 hour nap in the morning and another one in the late afternoon. I called a lactation specialist who helped me understand "GERD" as they call it. I also did some research online. I went back on dairy and started a food journal. So far Drew is doing much better, but I have discovered that he reflux is irritated by orange juice, Mexican food, and dairy in large quantities. I also started pumping some of my breast milk and then mixed it with rice cereal. Then, near the end of his feeding I will get out the bottle of breast milk and cereal. This thicker mixture has really helped keep the food in his stomach instead of on my couch! Drew is much happier and is back on his nap schedule. We are still going in on Thursday to have an Upper GI performed. Please pray that it goes well. This weekend we had beautiful weather so I did some much needed gardening! I transplanted three of my rose bushes and planted all my annuals out front. John also dug me a hole for his Gala apple tree! It is only 4 feet tall, but in another 4 years we should have apples! I will have to take a picture and show you. There will be a lot of color in front of our house in a few weeks! John was so sweet to watch the baby a lot this weekend. I needed to get my hands dirty with dirt and father and son needed some bonding time. I was walking past the garage during one of those times and John was showing and telling Drew all the different types of wrenches - it was so cute!
John filled out his forms this week to finish his Bachelors degree. He decided that it would be much easier to finish up now while Drew is still little. I am so proud of him for taking the initiative to complete his degree. He starts this summer and should be done within 2 years, so please pray for us. There will be many sacrifices, but it will be well worth it!
I can hardy wait; my mom is coming for a short visit this week! She fly's in on Wednesday and leaves on Saturday. We are going to have so much fun! I am anxious to see her face when sees how big Drew has gotten.
My Nana was telling me about this new Country Song by Billy Dean called "Let Them Be Little." I hope it will inspire her to visit the web more and look at her great grandson, and also to listen to her favorite song. I reflected to the words of this song last night and couldn't resist posting them. The words just seem to reflect our family values so well. Many evenings I find myself praying that I will make the most of the precious time God has given us with our son. Soon he will be older and our influence in his life will become less and less. I pray that we will consciously instill our core family values within his heart and that his family will someday look a lot like ours. Maybe next week I will post our core family values. John and I have been working on them ever since we found out we were going to have a baby. It was such a fun project to work on as parents, it was also very convicting. We are still working on instilling these values in ourselves and our marriage, it will be even more of a challenge to instill them in our children. Thank goodness for prayer!
Here are the words to my Nana's favorite song:

I can remember when you fit in the palm of my hand.You felt so good in it; no bigger than a minute.How it amazes me you're changin' with every blink.Faster than a flower blooms, they grow up all too soon. So let them be little,'Cause they're only that way for a while.Give 'em hope, give them praise,Give them love every day.Let 'em cry, let 'em giggle,Let 'em sleep in the middle,Oh, but let them be little. I never felt so much in one little tender touch.I live for those kisses, your prayers an' your wishes.An' now you're teachin' me how only a child can see.Tonight, while we're on our knees, all I ask is: Please, let them be little,'Cause they're only that way for a while.Give them hope, give them praise,Give them love every day.Let 'em cry, let 'em giggle,Let 'em sleep in the middle,Oh, but let them be little. The so innocent, precious soul:You turn around, an' it's time to let them go. So let them be little,'Cause they're only that way for a while.Give them hope, give 'em praise,Give them love every day.Let 'em cry, let 'em giggle,Let them sleep in the middle,Oh, but let them be little. Let them be little.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

April 19, 2005
This week was quite busy for the Williams - Drew had a doctor appointment on April 15 th and then we left for Cedar Hill State Park for a weekend of camping.
Drew's doctor appointment was with a gastrointestinal specialist, his reflux and stomach aches have gradually been getting worse the past few weeks. The doctor believes, due to all of Drew's symptoms, that he has a milk allergy. So, that means that I can no longer consume milk and soy products. I have a huge list of things I can't eat. The hardest for me to resist will be my morning Oregon Chai Latte's and custard ice cream. We have a custard ice cream stand near our house that we visit a few times a month, it has the best home made custard and shakes! Oh well, it will make Drew a much happier baby so it is well worth it. I could change him over to a special formula, but it wouldn't be as healthy for Drew or our pocketbook. The formula is twice as expensive as regular formula. Drew is also scheduled for an MRI on April 28 th - just as a precaution. Please pray for Drew's health, the doctor's office called this morning and said his blood work came back and it didn't look right. So, we have to go back and give more blood the beginning of May. It was terrible watching the nurse draw blood the first time; she tried to take it out of both arms but couldn't get enough blood. The nurse ended up taking it from his heal. It was not a pleasant experience for Drew or I.
Our camping trip was so much fun! Texas Spring weather was perfect for camping! It was 80 degrees during the day with a light breeze and around 50 degrees at night. I sat by the fire and read my books and visited with our friends. John played with the fire, and spent a lot of time cooking for all of us! John made everyone steaks on the fire and a peach cobbler for dessert ... yummy! John and the boys encountered a fire ant hill that occupied much of their morning. In perfect boy fassion, they enjoyed playing around with this huge ant hill near the lake. Drew really enjoyed himself too. He was a little fussy the first evening, but settled in by the second day. He had a huge smile on his face most of the time we were there. On Saturday I couldn't stand to see him so dirty so we emptied everything out of the cooler and gave Drew a bath! John thought I was crazy but went along with it anyway. Our friends Zac and Nicole, and Mat and Natalie enjoyed playing with the baby too! There were always arms willing to snuggle with him. It was a fun break for all of us! We already have plans to go camping again the first weekend in May with our group from church. This next time there will be 8 other couples and at least three babies. John is already planning Survivor games for everyone to do. He was unanimously elected to be the camp chef for a second year in a row.
Please take a look at the camping pictures, we took some cute ones of baby Drew!

Monday, April 11, 2005

April 11, 2005
Drew is 11 weeks old tonight; he weighs over 11 pounds! As I type, Drew is in his bed crying because he doesn't want to go to sleep. He has been having some difficulties learning how to sleep in his own bed. He only wants to sleep in mommy and daddy's bed or in his swing. We are going to Oregon in a month and I want to get him use to sleeping in new places, so far I haven't had much luck.
We had a fun week around the William's house. We watched daddy work on the shed and mow the lawn. We also went for some fun walks around the neighborhood. The weather has been excellent for outdoor activities. Drew just wishes that the sun were not so bright, he has difficulty adjusting to the sun's brightness. I need to buy him a pair of baby shades! On Sunday, April 10 th Drew rolled over for the first time. I showed him how to roll from his tummy to his back one time, and then he did it himself. It was as if he was telling me he already knew how and did it twice to prove it! However, I got out the camera to videotape this momentous event and he wouldn't perform for the camera. I guess you will have to take my word on it. We also had some friends over this weekend who taught me a thing or two about web page design - hence the scrolling pictures and tunes! We are going camping this coming weekend so I have been trying to get everything put together. Please pray for us and the fellow campers, there are reasons normal people don't take 11 week old baby's camping! What a mess it will be taking Drew camping. Drew is always spitting up his milk all over, last night he even rubbed his hair in it right after I had given him a bath. I will tell you next week how everything goes!
I was studying God's word this week and God planted this verse on my heart.
"But the goal of our instruction is love from a pure heart, and a good conscience, and a sincere faith."
1 Timothy 1:5
God showed me this verse as a guide in how John and I should raise our son - in purity of heart, humbly kneeling before our Creator asking for God's wisdom and discernment. I am so glad God allowed us to raise a child, in so many ways it resembles our relationship with our Father. My 11 weeks of being a mom has brought me so much closer to God because I can now see like never before how deeply he loves me. There are no words to express how much God loves us, just as there are no words to describe how much I love my "little man."
Well, off to bed with me. I will tell you all how are camping trip went next week!

Monday, April 4, 2005

April 4, 2005
Drew turned 10 weeks old tonight, another week has come and gone. This week Drew smiled a lot more and started to be more vocal. When he is happy he tries to make noises by opening his mouth and slowly making sounds. He tries so hard, but rarely does anything come out. I had my first all day outing on Saturday - Drew and I went to Canton Texas in search of treasure! We went with 6 other girlfriends from church - we all looked crazy dragging 3 breast fed infants under 4 months, one toddler, two regular strollers, one double stroller, and numerous changes of cloths all over the flea market. We had such a great time! A group of older ladies even commented that it was nice to see such happy moms out with their kids! All of us moms were thankful to get out of the house and eager to socialize! It was so much fun wandering around looking at the hundreds of booths decorated with things to buy. For those of you who are not familiar with Canton Texas ; this little town houses a very famous Flea Market for 5 days each month - rain or shine. The Flea Market is so large that people actually bring RV's and rent camping spaces in order to stay the whole time. I doubt that you could visit every booth in five days the place is so large. I bought a beautiful set of decorative plates for the bathroom. Also, I saw some furniture that I would like John to build for our house. If any of you come and visit us I promise to take you to Canton - it is quite an experience.
While Drew and I were there we met my dad, Drew's Grandpa, for dinner on our way out of town. We had a lot of fun chatting and catching up. Drew was cranky because he had missed his afternoon nap, but fell asleep halfway through dinner. My dad is doing very well and is enjoying his new job. He likes Texas and the small town of Canton . He is meeting new people, and even went fishing with a friend from work. It is really nice having him close so we can visit. He had a fun time watching Drew and was amazed at how big he was getting. I had to leave my dad some cute pictures of the baby since he doesn't have a computer.
Drew's tummy aches have been a lot less intense since we visited the Pediatrician last week. She suggested giving Drew 2 oz of Pedialite each day to help regulate his bowel movements. She also referred us to a specialist at Cooks Children's Hospital, but thankfully the Pedialite worked like a charm. He is no longer waking up every hour at night with stomach pains and he seems much happier after each feeding. I am so glad this was an easy fix!