Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Our First Bow!

Do you know how hard it is to find girly preemie clothes?

Just Because...

your not a newborn and it wasn't your birthday, and because your sick, I thought I'd post about my special boy Gabe. Gabe, God is using you in my life to teach me patience and to slow down and smell the roses - or read a book. Your the sweetest and warmest child, always wanting to just sit on my lap and give me hugs or read books or play with puzzles. Your smile warms my heart and reminds me what a very special man you are going to grow into. Your wife will love how much you love life, how you are methodical like your daddy and very creative in the way you think. You love to help others and when Drew is sad your the first to offer a toy or hug to help him feel better. Your the peanut butter smashed between the bread of an eldest brother and a new baby sister. You are handling the change so well, I'm so proud of how helpful and kind you are to your sister. You are the one who always want to hold her and sit quietly, where Drew only lasts about 10 seconds before getting bored. You and Abby will be great friends, she is a lucky girl to have wonderful brothers to protect her. I'm so proud of the little man you are becoming, God has great and mighty plans for your life!


Monday, January 25, 2010

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Inscriptions For Drew

Happy Birthday to my Big Helper! I can't believe you are 5 today! It seems like Daddy and I were just bringing you home from the hospital - all 6 pounds 6 ounces of you. We thought you were so tiny! You were in preemie clothes for 2 months, you loved to eat and smile at us all the time. You loved your passy and cuddling next to Daddy. You also loved to sit in the stroller in Daddy's garage while he told you stories. I remember how much you loved to laugh and as you got older you loved to sit on my lap and read books together. Your favorite color was yellow when you were two, at 4 it was pink, now that your 5 your favorite color changes every day. Today it was green!

Drew you are a delight to our family, God has such wonderful plans for your life. I thank the Lord daily that your heart is so sensative and you are normally quick to obey. You love to please the Lord and obey your mommy and daddy, what a wonderful gift we've been blessed to be stewards over. Your smile lights up my mornings and your energy keeps me on my toes all day. Your imagination keeps me thinking and your kindness and sensitive spirit reminds me each day that my priority is to raise you to be a Man of God - a man of compassion,  integrity, love, and self discipline.

Drew I'm so blessed to be your mommy, Happy 5th Birthday my son! I hope you had a wonderful time at your very first event Birthday Party!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Abby is 9 Days Old!

Abby's Birth Story ... One for The Memory Books!

It was the morning of January 14th, the day was warm and there was a light breeze outside. I had a doctors appointment, my mind was foggy since I had been experiencing high blood pressures for almost 3 months.I was so tired, exhausted, cranky, and very uncomfortable. I'd been praying for the past few days that Doctor Walters would have wisdom on when to deliver me. As it was on 1/14, Abby was only 35 weeks and 3 days, two days younger in gestation than when Drew was born and a few weeks younger than when Gabe was delivered. It really was early, but we had high hopes that my blood pressure problems hadn't effected Abby too much. The morning of her arrival my sister Julie was in town, she picked me up for my appointment and then we ran by Hobby Lobby to pick up a few last minute items for the nursery. Then we were off to the doctor, Drew was in school and Gabe was being watched by Julie and Great Nana. Julie was going to pick up Aunt Sherri at the airport and then spend the day visiting  with everyone.

I was dropped off at the doctor, then John was suppose to arrive shortly to be present for my appointment - he had left work early to be there. Once I arrived at the doctor John called and had a flat tire on the freeway and wasn't going to make it in time. Of all the days! The tire incident is a story in itself- lets just say God sent a wonderful man who was had the missing parts John needed to get the spare tire pumped up and on our Jetta - it just took a few hours!

So, I went in to see Dr. Walters, my BP was still 150/105 sitting or laying down. There wasn't protein in my urine, but she said that I just didn't look right to her. She then checked me and said I was 4 CM dilated and I wasn't measuring any larger than the week earlier, which made the decision to deliver early really simple. She said it was time to deliver! We weren't gaining anything by waiting a few more days, so off I went to try and hitch a ride to the hospital across the street. No, actually I called my sister and she picked me up after picking up my aunt from the airport. That was a very weird feeling, being dropped off at the hospital to deliver our baby... alone. The plan was for my sister to come up later in the evening and help with the delivery. John was suppose to arrive after picking Drew up from school and meeting up with Julie to leave Drew with her.

When I arrived at the hospital I was informed that most likely they were going to try and stop the labor and get the BP under control, my nurse, though very sweet, wasn't going for the whole induction thing since I was so early. I started to freak out because that wasn't the plan we had discussed earlier. The whole time the nurse was prepping me with questions and information she kept trying to re-enforce that I wasn't going to deliver today. I tried to stay calm, I called John about 20 times but he wasn't answering his cell. Of all the days! This day was turning into a disaster! My BP continued to rise as the hour progressed and I was checked about an hour into my hospital stay and I had already dilated to a 5 without any medication. Not sure what that was all about, except that my body was done with this whole pregnancy, it wanted this baby out!

After two hours of reading, praying for peace, and trying to stay calm, John finally called and said there were cell towers in the area which were down and he couldn't get through. He ended up calling Apple and they showed him how to switch to a different network, he then met my sister, dropped Drew off and made it to the hospital around 4:30 pm. By this time the nurse informed me that my doctor was coming to break my water and I needed to get on pitocin and some antibiotics. I guess that was her way of saying that she was finally on board with us having a baby today? John and the pitocin arrived around the same time and by 6:00 pm the NICU had been put on notice, the birthing equipment was delivered, and my sister made it to the hospital with an hour to spare! I waffled back and forth in my fogginess (due to the high blood pressure & crazy nerves) about getting an epidural, even though I knew I didn't want one. I started to freak out a little. Julie and John calmed me down and we waited for the doctor to come break my water. Around 7:00 pm she arrived, my water was broken and I was sitting at 6 CM, 0 station, 100% effaced. Dr. Walters said she would wait at the counter (15 feet away) and to let the nurse know when I thought things were progressing. At about 7:20, after a few random contractions I had the "real" thing. It was the contraction that told me she was moving down the birth canal. About that time then nurse said she would come back and check on me in 10 minutes. The last thing I said before delivery was, "Um, I'm not going to wait 10 minutes. I think its time to have this baby now." The nurse just stared at me and then left to get the doctor Then another hard contraction hit and I went into a breathing, hazy a coma, just like I remembered with the boys.

After that contraction, there was about a 30 second break and the final contraction began, it pushed her down my spine (back labor) and I remember thinking it should have stopped by now? That is when Julie  said, "She is crowning!" and ran into the hall to get the doctor. I think the nurse was already out there, or was in the room putting on gloves, but in the fog haven't a clue how John and I ended up alone in the delivery room. That final contraction not only pushed her down the birth canal, but also pushed her right out onto the bed. No doctor, no sister, no nurse. Not sure how that happened, about 10 seconds later the doctor and nurse and Julie ran into the room. Dr. Walters said something rather funny and got to work cleaning and stimulating Abby. I just remember thinking that it all happened too fast, I laid there in a state of shock. The whole day was so crazy, I think between the PIH, delivering on the bed, and that fun magnesium after I delivered, I stayed in that state of shock for at least 24 hours. John was quite the trooper, he stayed by my head until he realized that Abby was coming, then he moved into position to assist, but realized that she was fine being delivered on the nice soft bed.

The NICU arrived 3 minutes after delivery, assessed Abby with APGAR scores of 9 & 9, then weighed her. The weight was a shock to all of us, she was only 4 pounds 8 oz, the same size she was in my womb two weeks earlier. She hadn't grown at all, but the two weeks did mature her lungs, which was critical for her health. I also noticed, as well as the doctor that the placenta wasn't very nice looking and the umbilical cord was so long and skinny. The cord was probably 3 feet long, the doctor kept pulling more and more of it out. The cord was very thin and weak looking, unlike the boys which was thick and blue. John even said the cord cut different than the boys; we're singing praises that she came out healthy and we didn't prolong the pregnancy. God was so good to give the doctor wisdom! Abby was then briefly put in my arms and then whisked away to the NICU to be evaluated.

I didn't see Abby again until 5:00 am the next morning. I was really out of it, couldn't sleep, my vision was all blurred, and I had the most terrible headache known to man - thanks to all that Magnesium. I stayed on the Mag for 24 hours, after that I was sent to the Mom and Baby unit and was able to take a wonderful shower. After the shower I went to see our little peanut again, she was so cute even with the IV in her head and feeding tube up her nose. She peacefully slept in my arms for an hour and then I left to get some rest. The next few days I stayed in the hospital, then came home with hopes of her joining us soon. My BP wasn't under control yet so it was a blessing having her in the NICU. I could visit anytime I wanted, but could also rest at home until the BP medication began to work. We brought out little Abby home exactly 1 week after her birth. She is currently eating 60 CC of breast milk every 3 hours, the rest of the time she sleeps. we do have to monitor her temperature and make sure she stays away from germs, but other than that she is a typical newborn! We're so blessed to have such a cute and healthy baby girl home with her family!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday = Abby is 8 Days Old

Our little peanut is 8 days old. We survived our first 24 hours at home with three little kids. It was very crazy, but I did manage to get dinner on the table and the kiddo's in bed by 7:15 pm! Now I have a whole ten minutes before I have to pump and feed Abby her 8:00 pm feeding. John took off for a much needed massage, most of the day he spent helping me with laundry, dishes, feeding the kiddo's, and John even took the boys to IHOP & Cabella's this morning so I could sleep after Abby's 8:00 am feeding. What a man, I just love and appreciate him so much! Here are a few pictures of our little Abby, she is consistently eating more and more, I'm anxious to see how much she weighs on Monday morning at her Doctor appointment, Please pray we all stay well, Gabe has a cough and we're doing our best to protect Abby from getting anything, but germs are inevitable with two boys!

Isn't she just the  cutest thing?