Monday, October 31, 2011

Abby @ 21 Months

 Sweet Abby is 21 months already! I can't believe how quickly the time has gone. I still think of her as a little baby, but then I look over these pictures and see a little girly blossoming into her own unique person. Over the last few month Abby has earned all but her canine teeth, that really made her look older! Then she started to talk and say things - incessantly. She has also grown to have an opinion and doesn't quite understand that just  because she signs or says "please" she still doesn't always get what she wants.
 Abby can say phrases now - her favorites are "I did it!" and "I get it." She also loves to jump with both feet! She is growing taller! Her pants are now 12-18 months, her weight is 23 pounds and her tops, thanks to a great sized tummy is 24 months. She is moving out of size 4 shoes!

 Her words are: Max, Kitty, Momma, Daddy (Daaa,daaa) usually said incessantly with a scream and a run, Bro (brother), wa wa (water), Mlk (milk), Bye bye, Night night, Sleep, Baby, hair, shoe, mine (I don't like this one!), Wubby (her passy)  no and ya. She also loves to shake her head yes or no to voice her opinion.
 Abby's favorite past time is eating, she loves to eat and eat. She is picky about what she eats so that makes it very interesting. She is also allergic to eggs which makes her sad at breakfast because her brothers are egg fanatics and eat one hard-boiled egg every morning.
 Abby loves to sleep still! She  takes a 3 hour nap during the day and then sleeps from 7 pm to 8 am. When she is sick or has the slightest cold, she sleeps even more. Her favorite toys are her tea set, baby doll and her brothers lego's.
 Sweet girl or mine, I just love dressing you up and carrying you around. You love to go out in public and enjoy nursery at church each week. You rarely cry because you miss me, only when your sick, You do love to cry and throw tantrums when you don't get your way, but we're working on that. I've seen a lot of progress the last few weeks and I think it is safe to say your not a "strong willed" child which I feared from birth.

 Abby, you love to smile and light up a room. God has blessed you with a beautiful smile and a sweet disposition that welcomes everyone you meet to great you with hugs and kisses.
I love you sweet girl!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Resting in Friendship

My Hippie Child!
This week has been wonderful, my best friend from childhood flew all the way from Oregon to spend 5 days with me. She left her 3 children and husband and drug her pregnant body all the way to see me! I am so very blessed (and a little sad since I just left her at the airport to return home). We relished the time together with matching fall pedicures and lunch at my favorite tea house. We endulged in desert first over tea and pretzel bread.  We went shopping one afternoon and Bethany finally convinced me to make a special memory and get my ears pierced. Sweet John can no longer call me Amish!

Bethany was able to interact with my life - meeting our cell group at church, Bible study family. and the normal day to day routine of chaotic homeschooling. I enjoyed  baking for her and chatting about life. I'm now inspired to read the book "Don't Make Me Count To Three" since she was able to actually start and finish this book on her trip.  Sweet Bethany  -  I miss you already and you've only been gone a few hours.

I pray my children find that special God ordained friend (or two!) to share life with - despite baggage and babies and marriages and miles. I pray they can say Psalms 119:63 about themselves one day, "I am a friend to all who fear you, to all who follow your precepts" May they be blessed  with godly friends who fear the Lord and follow in God's ways -- like my Bethany who challenged, convicted, shared, and inspired me this week.
3 Sweet Friends hanging out on the playground.

For now, I am blessed that my children are best friends with each other. They live life together, they have the same sinful parents who struggle to lead them and discipline them. Yet, the blessing is, they love at all times, even when their parents mess up or they are cruel to one another. The words "Will you forgive me?" is a constant occurrence in our home - daily.  Just tonight as I was putting Abby to bed, after a particularity rough day. the boys ran to Abby and said in their high pitched, sweet acting voices, "Good night Pip Squeak!"  Then they blessed her with hugs and kisses and more hugs! I am truly blessed because my children love one another and are deep friends. Thank you Lord for this unexpected blessing that I believe transpired because of our obedience to homeschool these past two years.

Boys and sticks - Gotta love that!
I am tearfully blessed tonight as I remember my moments with my friend and the States that separate our families.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dress Up

It was dress up as your favorite book character week! Drew got to spend great daddy time making his outfit, so the rest of the kids did not want to be left out. They had a  great week dressing up and making costumes! I had a  great time dressing Abby up in cute girly clothes - especially on Daddy's birthday where she was able to down a whole piece of chocolate cake!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Inscriptions for Gabe

To my compassionate son Gabe,

I just wanted you to know that you made my heart sing today. You were at the dentist and had been so good, it was your first appointment and you sat so still and listed to everything the  dentist and hygienist said to do. How grown up you looked in that big chair! When it was time to pick your prize, you decided to pick up a doll for your Abby to take back to her. It didn't matter that she had little pieces all I saw was a sweet, protective, compassionate brother who was more concerned for his little sister than his own wants. I just want you to know that your growing up into an amazing little boy and I'm so blessed to call you my son.

Gabe you are a delight and a joy -

"May the LORD bless you
   and keep you;
 the LORD make his face shine on you
   and be gracious to you;  

the LORD turn his face toward you
   and give you peace.”’ 

Numbers 6:24-26


For The Record ...

I interviewed the boys today and found their answers just hilarious! You might too!

Favorite's in no special order:

Drew: Pink
Gabe: Green

Gabe: Transformer
Drew: Dragon

G: Mac N Cheese
D: Mac N Cheese

Gabe: Cookies
Drew: Brownies

Drew: Peach Tree
Gabe: Plum Tree

Gabe: 1
Drew: 6

Gabe: A
Drew: D

Least Favorite Food:
Drew: Spaghetti
Gabe: Pickles

Drew:Mrs. Ness
Gabe: Mrs Shurley, Mrs. Mindy, Mrs. Debbie

* I want to mention that they didn't say me - I'm a little put out by that one!

Gabe: Winter
Drew: Fall

Drew: Halloween
Gabe: Birthday

Place to Go:
Drew: Fish Park
Gabe: Library Park

Unanimously Mrs Kelly!

Gabe: China
Drew: Texas

Body Part:
Gabe: Stomach
Drew: Legs for climbing trees

Abby!! AKA Little Pip Squeak!

Bible Character:
Gabe: Jesus
Drew: Peter

Bible Story:
Shadrach Meshack, and Abednego


Gabe: Bible
Drew: God's Word

Children's Book:
Drew: My Fathers Dragon
Gabe: Magic Tree House Books

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Blissful Day

I'm listing to the beauty of old hymns playing in my little girls bedroom as she drifts off to dreamland.

I hear pillow fights downstairs and daddy making  Drew's knight constume for his "Book Character" day at Venture tomorrow.

I see a mess of an office!

I touch dry and weary hands that have been serving all day. I am tired.

I'm praying for a family we know who just met their new daughter in China, her name is Hannah and she is adorable and a perfect fit for this God breathed family. Hannah is grieving the loss of her orphan life while trying to embrace this new gift of being a daughter: grieving is a process that takes time.

I'm upstairs blogging and trying to get rid of my massive headache that has plagued me for three days now. I'm thankful for the rain and wind, but my body is rebelling!

As I sit, pray, listen, I just have this all encompassing joy within my heart. I think of sweet Hannah and how that orphan life she longs to go back to is all she knows. As her mommy wrote recently, her days of being called an orphan are numbered, this is her last night to be called an orphan. Tomorrow will be her first day to be a daughter and sister.  Hannah is now a beloved daughter who has a family and an identity. Yet, grieving is a process that takes time.

I have joy, not because I have a perfect life, the opposite actually. Jesus said that those who follow Him will have trial and be persecuted. I sit and pray with great joy because I have an identity and a family and a purpose for the numbered days I'm on this earth. The past few weeks it has seem like a trial, it has seemed like a shift in the direction God is taking me. I'm grappling with the worn path of what I know verses the new path I'm being guided towards. I am growing up, I'll be 32 in a few days. The trials and lessons from youth have produced their intended result in my life and now I'm called to work out my salvation with fear and trembling. I see Jesus in a new light,  I am the privilaged daughter of the King and with that title comes great trials and responsability. I'm grateful for the growth and life changes that have prepared me for this place. What the future hold - I'm uncertain where it will lead me. But I have confidence that this phase of silent trials in my life will too produce their intended result. I grieve the innocent days of my youth, but embrace today with great joy.

So tomorrow I will again press on, I will not  grow weary of doing good and with continue to invest into the hearts of my children. I will again remind them that they are children of the King and with that comes responsibility. I will continue on this path and not be discouraged, for the Lord is with me!

Psalm 16:11
Thou wilt make known to me the path of life; In Thy presence is fulness of joy; In Thy right hand there are pleasures forever.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sunday Best

You have to love girl things like pig tails, bows, purses, 'bling" , there is something about a little girl that just makes me smile when I see their personality come out in what they wear. Our sweet and ever vivacious Abby just loves to dress up in necklaces and carry her dolly's or purse around. She also loves to take those same items and bury them in the dirt mound near the flower bed.  Abby is all girl with a touch of brothers! She loves to get messy and do just what her energetic brothers are doing. There is no stopping her most days!

While we were in Austin for a few days she taught herself how to jump! Then she discovered how to take on and off water bottle lids. She is a growing girly of energy! Abby comes complete with attitude and drama too. She hates the word "no" and has no problem throwing herself on the floor. I just walk over the top of her and leave the room. She spends a lot of time in our pantry throwing fits and balling her little eyes out - each "no, you can't have a newton," or "no, we're not going to eat now" or "no, I'm not staying outside" brings a fresh bucket of tears with the world's worst mommy guilt face ever.

We're almost 2 and giving mommy a run for her money! I'm blessed to have a girl after two boys, but she sure seems to be a lot more drama!!

September In Review

Life has been so peaceful yet so  very busy the past month. When the heat of summer finally blows away, all our relatives come and visit. We've been delighting in our company this past month, we still have a lot booked through the month of January! My best friend Bethany will be coming for 5 day in October and I'm so excited!!!!

A brief summary of what's been growing in the Williams home - we've been growing brain cells with our school work, roots in our gardens, growing health and spiritual roots too!

The past month I've been trying to focus on schooling the boys, getting a more established routine in place and trying to  bring in as much fun as possible. We finished up Cheetah's and moved onto Johnnie Appleseed this past week. The boys are loving their phonics program and are just a few days away from being done with Kindergarten and 1st grade phonics. Drew wants to move on to 2nd grade work (we'll see) and Gabe will review Kindergarten again since he hasn't quite mastered all the letter sounds yet. Our Math is going well - as long as I  remember to set a timer for 20 minutes which forces  Drew to concentrate - we're 25% of the way done! We've also been working through spelling words, handwriting, and our Bible lessons.

I've been journaling a lot more and spending a lot of time on the Precept class at my church. I'm trying to be more disciplined about working out 3 mornings a week. I messed up my tailbone back in June falling down a flight of stairs and ever since have been having a lot of pain. I gave up my spinning class last month in the hopes of my bottom healing. That forced me to look into other machines at the gym which overall has been a great blessing. I'm now loving the elliptical and have a  great weight and ab routine. In general we're trying to eat more fruits and vegi's and natural foods. I've upped our grocery budget and accepted the fact that paying now for better food will result in less medical expenses down the road. So far the kids aren't complaining. My kids love fruit, yesterday Drew ate 1 apple, 2 nectarines, 1 banana, & 2 plumbs. Then we made homemade applesauce and he had a  bowl before bed. I had to go back to Sprouts today to restock all the fruits and vegi's. I've been learning to cook and enjoy new food like spaghetti squash and hummus!
Daddy's wood-shop time with the boys.

My mother in law just spent 3 days working on the whole outside of our house, all my bushes and trees look so nice! Thank you Patti! I spent the weekend laying mulch and fertilizing the lawn. My flowers are so happy the heat is gone!

The Lord has been speaking to me the last few months on the subjects of contentment, controlling my anger around the beginning of each month when stress mounts, and then saving and preparing for the future. We're praying about adoption and when the timing would be most practical in our family. John loves his job and the students in his class. He is such an outside the box thinking, I just love listening to all the unique ways he challenges his students to excel still more despite their disabilities.

Abby spent much of September sick, she is getting molars and a few other teeth she should have had a long time ago. We took her to the allergist and they confirmed that she is allergic to eggs, so she is on a rather strict diet. We also are trying to move to more organic and raw foods in the hopes that her Asthma will get under control without steroids. We have nebs and used them a lot in September, I just hate feeding her that medication 4-5 times a day. Gabe moved to an inhailer with a spacer, but broke out in hives the first 2 times we used it, so we're in a quandary as far as what to do. He really only needs a little boost in the mornings on cold days  at this point.

My nephew turns 1 in a few days! I can't believe it. That must mean RSV will arrive at our house any day! I took him out for a little photo shoot and captured the most precious images of him! I had a terrible time picking the one I liked, he had the most precious smiles and delights in every picture!

I can't believe we're into October, I so enjoyed September and am delighting in the cooler temperatures and all the play-dates at the park!

Monday, October 3, 2011


Now, don't you want to learn about Johnnie Appleseed too!