Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Inscription for Drew: On His10th Birthday

Happy 10th Birthday my son. I can not believe you are double digits already. I have loved you from the very minute I saw the double line on the pregnancy stick. You ushered me into Motherhood! I remember the day of your birth, you were born sunny side up and my back labor was more than I could bare. I begged for an epidural but it was too late - you were on the way!

And today you are 10!!  I don’t feel a decade older and yet somehow we made it here  – all 3 ft 12 inches and 50 pounds of muscle and wit and boundless energy! You have grown up so much this last year, you are helpful and kind and have started to look for opportunities to help others. You have a soft and sensitive spirit, never loose that!  This was your year to soar in reading - we've waited so long to overcome your reading struggles and this year I've seen so much progress it makes me want to cry! You made new friends in our neighborhood and have gracefully pointed them to the Lord even though they think you are weird. I'm so proud of you!

Here are a few things to remember as you brave the next few years of maturity before growing wings and leaving the nest:

1. Love the Lord above all else - friends will come and go but the Lord will never leave you. Always put Him a t the front of your day, let him direct your thoughts and decisions and pray like crazy!

2. Be your own person – You are ninja warrior, animal loving, inventor,  chocolate-eating, brother-loving, introverted, retrospective critical thinker  - enjoy those God given talents.
3. Laugh with people, be a good friend, never hurt with your words.
4. Keep a journal, dream big!  It forces you to put into words all those thoughts that fly through your head, it will help you focus your thoughts!

5. Love your family – we are an amazing family, like no one elses family. Thought the grace of God I was given the family I always dreamed of. do not take that for granted, know this family takes a lot of work  - contribute, learn and  bless the family so you will be prepared to create the family of your dreams one day. Enjoy us, love us, contribute to our uniqueness and be proud to cary the Williams name!

6. Be a critical thinker -  do not believe just what I believe because I'm  your mom and teacher, sharpen your mind and spend time being critical and use those investigative skills to know why you believe what you believe.  Be ready to give a defense and create skills to help you become a better communicator - God will use this in powerful ways to share your faith!

7. Begin with the End in Mind - plan ahead, spend money wisely and realize that you need a plan to accomplish your goals - whether it  be college, buying a house, a passionate relationship with Christ, serving the Kingdom, balancing a  checkbook, it all takes a plan. Make that plan with the end in mind.

8. Have fun - you are an oldest like me so this will be hard, but I have faith you can do it!

9. Love others and exude thankfulness - it is the language of a Christian - they will know you are a Christian by your love and the thankfulness will keep you on the path of seeing God in the daily dealings of life.

10. Mature and Marry well - do not take the act of getting married lightly, it is the most important decision you will ever make, you are picking the mother for your children and the owner of the bank account, the cook, gardener, educator, etc. Plan and pray - make sure she is the One God has set aside for you and keep yourself pure and undefiled. You must become the man God wants you to be in order to obtain such a gem of a woman. Plan ahead and begin with the end in mind!

I love you dear son and pray for you each and every day. May this next decade mature and prepare you for a life of steadfast persuit of the Lord.


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