Friday, August 31, 2007


Drew had a great few days. He has been much more obedient and listening well. Wednesday and Thursday nights he was able to go right to sleep without any spankings! Before we moved Drew to a bog boy bed he would only get a spanking or two a month, but that changed to daily once the big boy bed came into play. The past few days he has been wonderful, his repentant spirit has returned! Just last night I went in to check on Drew and he was crying, I asked him why he was sad and he said in between broken sobs "light on ... sorry mama..." I deciphered and he confirmed that he had turned on his light and he knew he disobeyed and felt sorry. Wow, the words sorry only come out of Drew's mouth when prompted by mommy or daddy so this was huge! I sweetly told him that I was proud of him for telling mommy the truth and having a spirit of repentance. I then said that I forgave him and hoped he wouldn't do it again. Then a huge smile broke out across his face and he jumped into my arms for a hug. 10 minutes later when I checked on him he was fast asleep with a sweet smile on his face. Often I feel like our parenting in in vain, but this little glimpse into Drew's heart made all the discipline and correction worth it! My sweet little boy has returned more meek than I remember.
Drew starts school on Wednesday from 9-2, so I am sure his little world will once again spin and change. So far he is excited to see his friends from last year and meet new ones. Nana even bought him a Thomas backpack so he will "fit in" with all the other kids! To think mommy was going to send him to school with the same 1.99 IKEA backpack from last year! Drew added a new word to his vocab - "Oloma" or Oklahoma for those of you who speak English. Drew went with Nana to Oklahoma to visit his Titi and Tio. So far Drew has been gone 9 hours and I miss him a lot, he could care less that I am not there! I have a fun day tomorrow of weeding, gardening, and cleaning the house. I will make time for my daily nap and as always it is dependent on my contractions if my agenda gets done. Today my body wasn't cooperating so I rested more than usual. John gave me my injection today which is probably part of it, I am on a 6 day cycle and by day six most of the progesterone has been absorbed and my contractions are more frequent and intense. If history repeats itself I will not have a lot of energy tomorrow and will be hormonal. I am praying not, I have a lot to get done! John and I went to Home Depot tonight and bought more dirt for my flowerbeds in the back. Our sweet neighbor handles all the lifting and took all 10 bags into the backyard for us. Oh, they had Butterfly Bushes on clearance for 7.50 at HD! I have always wanted one and couldn't find them in stock and at a reasonable price. I can't wait to get it planted tomorrow along with my Fall Chrysanthemum's. My front flowerbed is overrun with weeds so I am going to try and tackle that too.
John and I are starting another spending/marketing fast for the month of September. I am excited to see how this month goes, the last time we fasted from TV, Starbucks, eating out, and any unnecessary spending we saved over 1,000 and had so much fun being creative. This time we are doing the same, but are adding in working on family devotions (which we have been totally slacking on) and I want to get into couponing. Overall we are seeking a more disciplined lifestyle that doesn't cave into every want or desire that comes our way - like drive through coffee and a quick run to McDonald's when mommy doesn't feel like cooking. The increase in dairy products at the grocery store is driving me insane too so couponing should help me be more disciplined and plan out my grocery trips! Oh and no more organic milk - it is up to 6.50 a gallon! Anyhow, we are saving the money for a Vietnamese missionary and for the Home makeover project in Haltom City. Our family is on the Yellow team and will be gutting and rebuilding a home for a needy family. Total our church is building 4 houses. John is responsible for the front porch, so if anyone wants to donate HD or Lowe's gift cards, cash, etc he would really appreciate it. Each group is responsible for their own fundraising which we are terrible at doing. All donations are tax deductible just e-mail me and I can give you the details. The project will be in October! I won't be helping much physically but I will be there cheering John and and keeping him awake with hot cocoa and Coke! Drew will probably get in on the action for an hour or so, just so he can use all those drill techniques that John has been teaching him!
Oh... exciting news! My best'est friend Bethany and her little boy Johnny will be visiting at the end of September! I am so excited! We are both pregnant so riding every roller coaster at 6 flags is probably out of the question. We can go to the FW Zoo and the Dinosaur Park in Glen Rose though!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Week Twenty-Five

The structures of the spine begin to form -- joints, ligaments and rings. These will protect the all important spinal cord which serves as the information transmitter for your child's body.
Blood vessels of the lungs develop.
Your baby's nostrils begin to open. There is a study out of Belfast that suggests babies at this stage have the capability of scent preferences!
The nerves around the mouth and lip area are showing more sensitivity now. When baby is rooting for food later on, these will be valuable!
His swallowing reflexes are developing.
Dexterity is improving. Your baby can make a fist and would clasp objects placed in palm.
Your child has now obtained an approximate length of 13.6 inches (34.6cm) and weighs 1.46 pound (660gm).

Monday, August 27, 2007

Stubborn children

Our little boy is growing up and stretching out his arms to find the boundaries.... again! Ever since Drew was moved into a big boy bed he has been retesting his boundaries. The new sleeping freedom has brought out a stubborn streak - one mommy and daddy didn't know Drew had. Last night when I went to bed, little sweet Drew was laying awake reading a Beatrix Potter book -- almost angelic like; never mind that it was 11:00 pm, he had been in bed 2 1/2 hours already, and he disobeyed by turning on the light and getting out of bed to find a book. I was shocked. Then today, Drew decided that leaving the table at dinner without asking to be excused was the norm. I couldn't believe that he sat in his chair 1 hour past dinner just because he refused to say "may I please be excused." Now, Drew has been asking to be excused for at least a year so it shouldn't have been an issue, but he made it into one. Other limits are being tested too, he is conveniently not listening to our instructions, forgetting to follow through with something we have asked, and the whining is terrible. To look for the good - Drew did pick up all his toys last night without any fuss and went right to bed tonight. I just checked on him and he is fast asleep at 8:00pm!

Mommy and Daddy are tired! Our sweet little boy will return soon, just as long as we are consistent in our discipline and follow through with what we say! John was reading to Drew and I today from Proverbs 15, verse 32 was very convicting for me, it says

"He who neglects discipline despises himself, But he who listens to reproof acquires understanding."

Lord, may I discipline this child of yours so that he may grow to be wise, disciplined, loving and have deep love for you. How will Drew ever relate to You has his father if he doesn't understand that John and I must discipline because we love him, just as You Lord set boundaries for us through your Word because you dearly love us. Lord, give us wisdom and grace to follow after you. How often I am just like Drew, stubborn and disobedient. Thank you for your discipline and gentle reminders that turn me back to repentance. Please give our family a deep awareness of sin and a heart for repentance.


Thursday, August 23, 2007

Just the Norm

Drew and I had a few days to play, cook and clean up the house. John worked the first few days this week, which was exhausting for me! Drew did have fun, despite his friend Riley across the street going back to daycare during the day. We played in Drew little pool in the backyard, baked Daddy some chocolate chip cookies, practiced our measurements, played at the art center with stamps, cleaned the house, went to the grocery store, and dropped some things off at the goodwill. By Wednesday evening I was beat, all my energy had been drained so I laid around and read a good book!

Drew is getting use to his bed, he is now napping well, but his middle of the night screams are getting old. Poor John went in with Drew around 4:00 am and slept with him in his room so I could get a few uninterrupted hours of sleep - what an awesome husband I have. Drew is slowly adjusting to life in a new bed with a few new freedoms, like reading quietly before going to sleep. All the changes have brought Drew's whiny side out, that and lack of sleep! Today Daddy took him out for some errands while Mommy worked, Drew's attitude was vastly improved this afternoon. I think Drew just needed some one on one time with his daddy.

One funny that happened today, I asked Drew to do something for me and he replied "sure mommy!" How sweet!

What a privilege I have to spend my days at home with my little boy! The "tick tock" of the clock reminds me of how little time I have to instill values and a love for the Lord into his life. It is so amazing to watch how as parents we easily instill a love for reading, learning, music, and a love for others. Drew is sensitive at 2 1/2, he is always asking "you ok" whenever we get hurt. Drew can't help but smile all day long anticipating and enjoying the moments of fun learning that encompass his 24 hours each day.

The bond I see developing between John and Drew will never be broken, Drew will always have the memories of putting a chair together with Daddy, or sharing a popsicle, or playing at the park. My boys, all three, are daily reminders of just how much I am loved by my Father. He has given me such treasured gifts - amidst daily reminders of an imperfect world we live in. My life, imperfect and filled with trails, is exactly where I want to be each moment! Thank you Lord for our trials, they are building a solid family that will be able to stand the tests of life. I long to leave my children a legacy of endurance to run this race, absent of fear, knowing the Lord is in control of every second.

Well, I best be off to bed!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Week Twenty-Four

Bring on the bulk! Baby gains about 6 ounces this week. The weight is in muscle, bone mass and organs.
His body begins to fill out with his appearance increasingly becoming more like a newborn.
Taste buds begin to form. If mom drinks something strange or bitter, baby may be observed showing his distaste.
Little creases have appeared on his palms. The muscular coordination of his hands has improved as he sucks his thumb.
Over the next seven days the sweat glands will be forming in the skin.
His lungs are developing "branches" of the respiratory "tree" and cells that produce surfactant, a substance that helps the air sacs inflate easily.
This week your baby is officially considered viable.
Baby weighs 1.3 pound (600gm) and is 11.8 inches (30cm) long -- almost the length of a ruler!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Changes for Drew

Look who was upgraded to a big boy twin bed! Drew was so excited on Saturday when he came home from Nana's and discovered that Mommy and Daddy had put up a new bed. John is still building his frame, but we wanted to get him into the new bed before preschool started in a few weeks - limiting the major changes in his life keeps us all from stressing. Drew loves it and didn't want to sleep in his crib, he now calls the crib the "baby Gabe's crib." We have picked out a first name for our little jumping son -- Gabriel, or Gabe for short. We are still discussing/arguing over a middle! Gabriel is Hebrew for "God is Mighty." I know I will need a lot of God's might to raise two boys!

His first night was, well not as easy as the first night without his "mimi." It took Drew 2 hours to fall asleep, he kept playing with the toys and jumping off the bed "like tigger" as Drew told us. Then he awoke at 2:00am not knowing where he was. He came into our bed for about an hour and fell back asleep; John took him back to bed once he moved and had his head on top of Mommy and his feet in Daddy's face! He then awoke again at 6:00 am and wanted to play. This time, we tried letting Daddy sleep with him but he kept saying "no daddy, this is "Drew's (still spoken with a grunt)" bed. Finally mommy came in and gave him a stern talking to and he went back to sleep until 8:30. Mommy and Daddy are exhausted! Tonight Sunday) Drew's sleeping has been much better, all books and toys are in his closet where he can't access them. He was given much grace last night, but tonight we were tougher and said he would be punished if he got out of bed. So far it has been 45 minutes and we haven't heard a peep out of him!

Drew spent part of today playing with his "baby" toys in his "baby" crib.

Sorry for the lack of pictures, my camera broke and John is trying to fix it. We tried having the manufacturer fix it but they wanted almost 200.00 to fix it! So, John thinks he can jury rig the battery holder with screws which should hopefully last until we have saved enough for a new one with a lifetime warranty! I did post some new pictures of Drew and his new bed on the pictures page.

John was finally given approval to go back to work part time which is a huge blessing - that means we had to get the rest of the house projects done this weekend. We moved the baby crib into the guest/baby room and John's office moved in with me! Poor Kitty was not so sure of all the moving of furniture!

Speaking of Kitty, the Tyson's came over today with baby Ethan and Kitty went crazy. She became very curious and then protective of baby Ethan, she kept smelling him and whining, then we moved her outside where she started barking and tried to jump through the back door window. Weird!She was better when we let her in again, but was obsessed with the baby. Lets hope she calms down a bit when our next little one is born. Kitty is still very protective of Drew, she treats him like her puppy. She even follows him around sniffing his diaper if he is poopy.

My injections are going very well, I have hardly had any contractions this week! My next appt. is on the 6th of September when my doctor will check my cervix for dilation and perform and fFN test. I never had a negative test with Drew so we are praying for it to be negative -- a positive test means there is a chance your body is preparing for labor.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Yesterday was a bad day! I had my injection the day before so I was tired and very hormonal (depressed). I decided to take Drew to Costco for dinner and then for some shopping since John had to work. We made it home and as I was talking on the phone and putting the groceries away I spot Drew jumping on the bench, the funny part was that he was jumping on the new loaves of bread I had just bought. He thought the bread felt nice and squishy between his feet! It took me a while to calm down and see the rumor in it! Poor Drew had the biggest grin on his face until he saw that mommy wasn't smiling.

Another funny happened this morning. John went into Drew's room to get him up and when he switched on the light the bulb burnt out. Drew immediately said, "ugh oh, light's broken... daddy fix it!" John explained that he had to go get some new bulbs from Home Depot so it would take a few days, to which Drew replied " I go get the ladder daddy so you can fix it!" Again John explained that he couldn't fix it without new bulbs, to which Drew exclaimed in exasperation "Daddy fix it, you fix everything broken."

Tis true! John fixes everything that is broken around our house! Drew even thought that Daddy could fix his little Tonka car that was accidentally run over by our Jetta. I slipped the condemned car in the the garbage while Drew wasn't looking. There was no salvaging that one and I didn't want to hear Drew say all day that "Daddy would fix it"!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Week Twenty-Three

Proportions of the body are now quite similar to a newborn although thinner since he hasn't begun to form body fat.
Bones located in the middle ear harden.
Your baby is able to hear. (Dads, did you know: low-frequency sounds mimicking a male voice penetrate the abdomen and uterine wall better than the higher frequencies of the female voice?)
The eyes are formed, though the iris still lacks pigmentation.
The pancreas, essential in the production of hormones, is developing steadily. She has begun producing insulin, important for the breakdown of sugars.
If born now, your baby has a 15% chance of survival, his odds going up with each passing day. .
The average baby at this stage weighs 1.1 pound (501gm) and is 11.38 inches (28.9cm) long.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Little Drew

Our little Drew is growing up! He is chatting up a storm and replying in sentences once in a while. Drew surprised me yesterday while I was fixing myself some cereal for a snack. Drew came over and said "mom, may I have some cereal please?" in his cute little voice. I didn't even know he could say cereal!

Drew's manners have been improving, John and I are in the habit of repeating the proper way to ask for things for example, Drew will say he wants his train, to which we reply "May I please have my train?" Just in the past few days Drew will naturally use please and thank you!

On Sunday John and Drew hung out together because mommy had a meeting at church and then slept most of the afternoon because of contractions. Drew was a little angel for his Daddy! He went with Daddy to the airport and then to a men's meeting at church which he quietly sat through. He was so well behaved that Mommy and Daddy lost track of time and ended up putting Drew to bed at 10:00 pm!

Today we worked a little on colors and Drew finally is able to pick out the color Orange! This is a huge accomplishment since we've been working on colors for a while with little success. To date, Drew knows purple, orange, white and black.

Drew is still working on learning opposites, he uses the word "up" even when he wants down or "behind" when he means in front of. He is coming along though, repeating back to him the English terms are really speeding along his learning. Drew is also learning a lot by reading! He is enthralled with the Beatrix Potter books. Just tonight we read "The Tale of Benjamin Bunny." Some of the old terminology is throwing me off though. I almost freaked out a few nights ago when reading "The Tale of Jamima Puddle duck", one of the terms Potter used for collecting sticks was a "faggot." Up until a few nights ago I thought that term was only used as a swear word, but I looked it up in the dictionary and lo and behold it us an actual word that has another meaning "a bundle of sticks and branches bound together " See, reading children's books is highly educational, even for the parents!

I finished the "Read Aloud Handbook" a week or two ago. It was wonderful! A must read for anyone with kids. I especially liked all the research and studies that were in the book, many from other countries other than the U.S.

Drew is off to bed and I am shortly going to fall behind him . My injection was today so I am hoping to feel much better tomorrow, the past few days have been very tiring with lots of contractions and pelvic pain.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Our Trip to the Pond

Here are some recent pictures of our trip to the pond. We made friends with some boys who love to throw the ball in the water for Kitty. Kitty had a blast running and swimming for almost 2 hours - poor thing came home and slept all night and all day. John, David, and Drew tired her out! Kitty is enjoying our hot 100 degree days, the crazy thing will lay right in the middle of the lawn with the sun blazing down right on her - probably dreaming of her working days in Afghanistan!

Uncle David, or "Dayday" as Drew calls him has been keeping all of us busy. Today the boys (minus Drew because it was too dangerous) spent the day welding a rack to hold all of John's wood in the garage. They also put hardwood flooring in the living room. It is so nice! Poor Kitty doesn't like laying on the hard floor though, she has been caught sleeping on our couch! We need to buy her a bed for downstairs so she can be comfy too!

I cleaned out under the stairs today and dug out all my pens, markers, and homeschooling paraphernalia that I have been collecting this past year. I set Drew up with a fun center for him to draw and learn. So far he loves it! We have been stamping and coloring today, oh and learning how to cut with scissors. I wish he would pick a hand though, he shifts between right and left all the time. We also worked on our colors. He doesn't quite grasp what the color is, when I ask him what the color of something is, often he will tell me the name of the object. He is getting better though... we are making show progress. Drew's speech is coming along too, he can say a lot of words but has trouble enunciating specific letters like "D" "W" "O". Still, he has dramatically improved over the summer, we are quite proud of him. Drew loves to read! He will often sit and study books during the day when we aren't busy. I bought him a new basket for his books in the living room, that way we can have a better selection available. We also went to the Goodwill and bought him a book of winter poems. His new favorite books is Richard Scarry's book of words which we found at the Goodwill for .50 cents!

Northwood Youth Serving in Colorado

Read what Colorado Home Town News had to say about NorthWood Students and NorthWoodChurch Plant Cool River.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


"Wherever you cast your eyes,
there is no spot in the universe wherein
you cannot discern at least some sparks of glory."
~John Calvin

128. Sweet Drew kisses
129. a family night out for ice cream and bees wax
130. a quiet, peaceful home
131. candid and truthful teaching
132. words that just fall onto a page
133. new birth! Little Ethan has arrived 7/26/07
134. Drew’s incessant questions that seem to repeat themselves
135. Ancient history conserved in timeless artifacts; a visit to the ANCIENT TREASURES OF THE HOLY LAND
136. Having such a generous husband! He loves to give to anyone in need, what an example he is to me!
137. A handy husband who can fix anything
138. The privilege of working from home and raising my son(s) at the same time
139. The sweet taste of a ripe strawberry
140. A deposit forgotten until the checkbooks is balanced!
141. Sonogram technology which revealed our son on the screen, happily sleeping
142. a healthy baby with perfect measurements
143. a cervix measuring 3 inches and fully closed!
144. the gift of life, as I was kissing Drew to sleep last night the sirens and ambulance were blaring down the street. We later found out a mother’s 2 year old little boy had drowned in our community pool.
145. Beautiful living room floors put in my my wonderful husband and brother in law
146. Continued health during this second pregnancy
147. Drew’s proud degree “I did it!”
148. Kitty kisses
149. God’s simple request for obedience, how I love to complicate this life with my own pressures and thoughts
150. The promise from God to direct our path, the freedom that comes from fully surrendering my life, plans, and agenda – done most days on an hourly basis!

Week Twenty-Two

Your baby weighs close to a pound at this point!
Your baby can now hear your conversations more clearly than before!. When you talk, read, or sing, expect her to hear you. Studies have found that newborns will suck more vigorously when read to from a book they heard frequently in utero.
Eyelids and eyebrows are fully formed.
Fingernails have grown to the end of the fingers.
Be prepared for all those "Why" questions coming! Your baby's brain has entered a stage of rapid growth, especially in what's called the germinal matrix. This structure deep in the middle of the brain serves as a kind of factory for brain cells and disappears shortly before birth. But the brain's amazing expansion program continues until around the five birthday.
With some help from mom, baby's liver is starting to break down bilirubin, a substance produced by red blood cells.
If your baby is male his testes begin their descent to the scrotum.
Primitive sperm have formed and he is producing testosterone.
Length is 10.94 inches (27.8cm); weight is nearly 1 pound (430gm).

Monday, August 6, 2007

This week just flew by! In all the excitement of seeing our little boy on the ultra sound, we weren't prepared for what was yet to come! John's brother David arrived on Thursday and my sister and husband arrived Friday. We also had a garage sale on Saturday while John and David worked in the garage. I am so excited to say that the house is being put back together and it looks awesome! Our neighbor came over yesterday and was in awe, he loved everything John had done... so do I! The living room floor is being finished today, it is beautiful. I had an exhausting weekend, I will be taking it easy from here on out. My pregnant body can't handle too much these days. My contractions are more frequent, but I am still able to control them by reducing stress on my body, my current sunburn isn't helping my body stay relaxed!

This weekend Drew played with his friend Jonathan and went swimming twice! He is getting more comfortable in the pool and his "Titi" taught him how to play under the mushroom that is in the kid pool He was petrified of it. He also went to a birthday party and played with his uncle. He had such a busy weekend that he missed both naps! We are putting him back on schedule today in hopes of keeping our sanity! Drew's vocabulary is growing, he talks non stop and most of it we can understand. He loves books too! I am waiting for some books to arrive from Family Life and Lamplighter Publishing which publishes classic books long forgotten for generations. I ordered Drew a set of books for preschool aged children, a few of the titles we are anxiously awaiting are:

Trusty Tried and True * soon to be Drew's favorite because it is about a train!

I can't wait for them to arrive!

I spent a little time working in the baby's room, I cleaned out the closet and moved all the baby items out of Drew's closet and into the guest room. I also sorted clothes and dusted a little. The next step is to get Drew into a big boy bed so his new brother can use it.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

We found out!

We are having a little boy! He was sprawled out waiting for his big shot on the screen, weighing in at just under a pound. Drew was very excited to see his little brother on the monitor and chatted through the whole process about is baby and trains and cars. John was thrilled to hear that it was a boy, he has been talking all evenings about how life will be with "his boys."

The news about the progression of the pregnancy so far is great! My cervix is measuring at 3 inches which isn't ideal but is still above the concerned line of 2 inches. My cervix is closed tight and I have had very few contractions this week. Also the Dr. said it was fine to come in every 6 days for my injections instead of the 7 -- most of my contractions and the heaviness in my abdomen have started on day 6.
The picture above is a face view with his mouth open. He was too squirmy to get any good pictures so this was as good as it gets. At one point he put his arm over his face like he knew he was being watched. He didn't like the pressure from the ultrasound wand either, he kept kicking and rolling around while the lady was trying to take his measurements.
We don't have any name nailed down yet, so John has taken to calling him "the boy" just like with Drew.
I think I am nesting already, I can't wait to get everything put away and cleaned up in case I get stuck on bed rest again. John just laughs and tries his best to get things done around the house. John's brother David will be visiting for a week and a half - John is relieved to have the extra help. Together they will be laying the flooring in the living room, putting shelves in the laundry room for all our books (currently in the baby's room) and building Drew's new big boy twin bed. They will be busy!