Saturday, May 31, 2008

Bye Bye Butterflies!

Our Butterfly unit was a huge success! I took a cute video of us letting them go.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Question from today's IBR:
How are you making sure the generation after you, your own children and others children are being raised in the faith of Christianity?

We just recently started having discipleship time as a family (after many failed attempts!). We are enjoying the simplicity of the book "Big Truths for little Kids." It seems to make our family time easier and more focused on concepts that young children can comprehend. The first three questions we're working on are:

Who made you? God
What else did God make? God made all things.
Why did God make all things? For His Glory
I've had fun teaching these simple lessons, asking them throughout the day. It is fun to see how the mind of a 3 year old starts to put things together. (We recently had a discussion where our 3 year old said," God made mommy, daddy, Nana, and me!" When asked, "What about your baby brother?" He replied, "No God didn't make baby Gabe, mommy's tummy made him!")

As for other children, we have two neighbor children that my son loves to play with. My family ministers to them as much as we can. Our 3 year old decided this week that since our neighbor was sick, he wanted to give her a gift. So we delivered sidewalk chalk today. Our son was so excited to give her the present that he really wanted! I love seeing generosity spring up in my kids. It helps encourage this mommy to "keep up the good fight..."

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Butterflies Have Sprung!

Drew had his last day of Pre-school on Wednesday. I can't believe it. I decided to take some pictures of Drew with all his artwork. My house is only so big, so only the most near and dear get to remain. The rest we have fond pictures of!

(Drew with the world's best preschool teachers!)

Our Butterflies are out! We all were able to see 2 come out of their Chrysalis'. Wow, it was amazing, a total transformation. Drew was very impressed! We will be letting them go in a few days, right now we're enjoying watching them eat Oranges and fly all over the pavilion. Do far, unit study #1 is a huge hit! Unit study #2 will be pulled out shortly. I've been scouring the Internet to find creative ideas for things to occupy our creative minds this summer. I'm thinking "music" and maybe renting a 1/4 size violin for a few months just so Mommy can give Drew some violin lessons. He talks about playing the violin all the time, we'll see!

John was so wonderful and bought me a huge monitor for my computer. My eyes are terrible, I went in finally and had my prescription changed. However, I never will be able to see 20/20 unless I switch to gas permeable contact lenses. So I'm constantly squinting and have headaches from eye strain. John is so awesome! My new eye doctor did say she would work with me if I wanted to try contacts again. For the lenses and such it will run around 1,000 so I think we're going to wait until the Fall. I dread switching because it takes tons of sets to get a pair that will actually stay on my eyes. My corneas aren't convex like most eyes, due to macular degeneration, so contacts fall right off.

Gabe had a great week. He is trying to crawl already! He hates to sit up, he just rolls forward into the crawling position until he gets tired. He is sleeping well and eating a ton. Nothing too new to report!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Cute Moments

Daddy to Drew - "Don't put anymore blueberries in the wire nuts!"
" Take your poopy finger into the bathroom and don't touch anything!"
"Baby gabe is sleeping, but when he wakes up he will need his puke wipe." (Drew's name for the burp cloth)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Gabe's 6 Month Checkup

Well, the good news is Gabe doesn't have a large head for his body. The nurse from two months ago must have measured his head circumference wrong, either that or his head shrunk!

His stats for today are:

Height: 24 1/2 inches (less than 5%)
Weight: 18 Pounds 5 oz (50-75%)
Head: 16 1/2 (10-25%)

I might introduce rice cereal to Gabe this week just for some fun. He doesn't seem to need it, but the doctor really wanted me to start. We'll see how it goes!

To compare the boys, at 6 months Drew was weighing almost 15 pounds, Gabe is 3 1/2 pounds heavier than his brother when comparing them at 6 months. Physically they are both doing the same things (rolling, smiling, grabbing, babbling) and maintaining the similar sleep schedules. Boy my boys require lots of sleep in order to play hard and keep joyful hearts!

Monday, May 19, 2008


Life has settled into a nice harmonic melody... for a change we are actually on a schedule and enjoying its consistency! What a week we have had! I was busy last week writing my IBR's for this coming week. I posted two of them below. It was also closing at work so I was super busy getting work wrapped up for the month. Once all "work" was complete I treated myself to some planting and weeding! I'll have to post some pictures of the flowerbeds, they turned out beautiful this year. It is so peaceful to sit out back and look at God's creation. I'm trying to teach Drew all the names of specific flowers; maybe he will love gardening as much as I do! Drew enjoyed helping me pull weeds, playing in his sandbox, and playing in the dirt as I planted. He also gave me some sunflowers for Mothers Day; we planted them early last week and have been watching them grow!

(Drew at 7 Months Gabe at 6 Months)

Our Caterpillars moved into their Chrysalis forms this past week. Drew loves to run downstairs each morning and check on them He took them to school today to show all his friends. Nana also taught us a fun song which we have been singing plenty of - it is about Metamorphosis! I took the boys to the Goodwill this past Friday in search of some new books, Drew was so good. He sat in the book section for 30 minutes while I scrummaged through tons of bins of books. He currently loves Richard Scarry books - we found 4! At .50 cents for soft cover and 1.00 for hard its cheaper to go to the Goodwill than the library (since we can never remember to being books back on time!). We bought a nice stack which have already been read multiple times. Drew is turning into quite the bookworm. We also found a portable tape player which has two microphones attached so sing along with. Drew has been captivated, listening to many of the old tapes I listened to as a child - Psalty, Wee Sing, and Julie's favorite "Raffi."

Drew said the funnies thing yesterday, he insisted on cleaning out his ear with a Q-tip and when he pulled it out all yellow, he said, "Yucky, mommy theirs pee in my ear!"

John and I have been trying to teach Drew the difference between "Needs and Wants." He just started to say, "Mommy(or Daddy), I NEED this." He is starting to understand the difference. Today he said, "Mommy, I want a cupcake" instead of needing one. Drew is at such a fun age, he is learning tons of new things each day and we are actually having conversations!

A Covenant - Deuteronomy 27

My wedding photo hangs proudly in our home. With a mere glance it takes me back to that perfect January day. My wedding day was euphoric, it symbolized a forever covenant I made before God to: love, honor, and serve my husband. To me that picture represents one perfect moment in my imperfect life.

Moses created a similar ceremony for the Jewish nation, a time of rejoicing at the alter, built for the Lord (vs. 7) in thanksgiving for His faithfulness. Moses praises the nation and declares, “This day you have become a people for the Lord your God. (vs. 9)” Their time of rejoicing is bittersweet, for they are again reminded of their tendency to serve idols and turn away from the Lord. Twelve curses are placed before Israel as a reminder of their wandering hearts.

A photograph can represent a perfect moment, but not perfection. We are all walking examples of sin and its consequences. Praise the Lord that it didn’t end with us being broken and cursed in our sin! We all carry the scars that remind us of our disobedience, but as Christians we have the blood of Jesus that washes away all the guilt and shame that plague our flesh.

Thank you Jesus that through your law came the knowledge of sin (Rom 3:19) and through Your blood came our redemption!

· What were the Israelites told to build?
· What does the “Amen” at the end of each curse mean?
· Who would be considered an Alien in verse 19?

· What symbols or “altars” do you have in your home that reminds you of God’s faithfulness?
· Have you asked Jesus to wash away your sins so you can stand before God a new creation? If not, pray today and ask Jesus to free you from the bondage of sin.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Still Here

We are still here, just getting back to normal. We had John's brother Scotty here for a few weeks and then my sister and her husband were visiting from Oklahoma for about 4 days. We are just now getting back to a routine with normal bedtimes and nap schedules. I haven't taken many pictures the last few weeks because my camera has been acting up.

Gabe is growing and changing daily. He discovered his voice last week and loves to scream and laugh at us. He is also getting quite incessant about his food. He has a temper tantrum if he wants more milk and it doesn't arrive as soon as he desires. Gabe is growing out of his 3-6 month clothes and his 6 month appointment is on the 20th. Gabe is a very content baby, he doesn't get too fussy and still loves to sleep. He is teething still which has created some fussy evenings. Gabe loves to smile and laugh, he also loves to watch people.

Drew is growing and learning each new day. He is potty trained now, almost 2 weeks without any accidents ... well almost. Today at school he went in his pants so he is presently in his room as punishment. This too will pass!
We are studying caterpillar's this month, our caterpillar's arrived on Saturday and we've been reading the "Very Hungry Caterpillar" and another book of fun facts about butterflies. Drew loves to watch the caterpillars and each morning he runs downstairs to see if they've turned into Butterflies! I've explained many times that they first hang and spin into Chrysalis, but he will soon discover it for himself. Next week is Drew's last week of school. Oh my! Where did the time go. Drew will start swimming lessons in June and is also taking a gymnastics class on Thursday's over the summer. Drew loves to run, jump, somersault, and ride his bike. His days are much better if we first include a run around the block ... or at least to the light post!

I'm busy procrastinating, my Interactive Bible Readings are due Wednesday! My house is a disaster and our fridge is bare.

John is busy subbing, working at HD, and working his Handyman business. He is enjoying the flexible hours and spending more time in the garage. Soon his teaching class will begin!