Wednesday, December 28, 2005

December 28th, 2005
Drew had an absolutely wonderful Christmas! He toddled all over the house and played with his new toys. We went to church on Christmas morning and then over to Nana's for a breakfast and 3 showings of "The Christmas Story." John was in heaven! I meandered around taking pictures of the whole event so I wouldn't forget anything. Drew napped in the morning and then opened his gifts. He was so overwhelmed! The first gift was so much fun that he didn't want to open anymore. He just wanted to play. His favorite toy, hands down, is the drill and workbench that his Daddy bought him. Drew loves his drill! He is so much like John it is eerie. Drew also loves to play with his Little Leap Frog Train and his new little bike. He also loves his new barking electronic dog.
John bought me a new digital camera for Christmas. I have been snapping even more pictures than normal. I bought John some new drill bits, floor mats for the garage, and some books on tape. We had a wonderful time with family!
Drew is getting so big, he just turned 11 Months! I can't believe it. Drew loves to play outside with John and follows his daddy everywhere. Just today I had to take Drew inside for a nap and he was not happy. He kept calling da-da, da-da. Drew didn't want to miss one moment of playing in the garage with Daddy.
We hope you all had a marvelous Christmas with family and friends!
The Williams

Monday, December 19, 2005

Guess Who is Walking!
Drew started to walk on 12/19. We knew he could walk if he really wanted to, but he rarely did. Then on Monday, he just started to walk! He took about 12 steps and just smiled at us. It was so cute! Now, he loves to walk for mommy and daddy - he loves the kisses and claps he gets too. I hope to post a video of it soon!
Drew is also waving a lot and dancing. Whenever his little Fisher Price toy starts to play music he bounces up and down. It is very cute. Drew has been a little under the weather lately, but that hasn't stopped him from having fun. His favorite thing to do every morning is to throw mommy's magazines on the floor! He also loves to play with mommy's cell phone and other things with buttons. Oh, he loves buttons!
I can't believe how big Drew is getting. He has stopped nursing this week. Out of the blue he started to refuse, I hoped he would wait until he was 1, but no luck. Drew still loves for you to read him books. His favorite book is the Wheels on the Bus.
Well, I better get back to taking more pictures. John bought me a new digital camera for Christmas and I have been going more crazy than normal with it.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

December 14, 2005All Drew wanted for Christmas was his two front teeth! The poor boy has been teething for 8 weeks awaiting his front two teeth. Well they have finally come in! The front right tooth popped in on Monday the 12th and the front left came in on the 13. Drew is feeling much better! He is now climbing stairs and taking up to three steps unassisted. He is a little lazy though. He doesn't choose to walk if he doesn't have to. Drew's ear infection has gotten better too! John and I are very pleased to be able to get a full night sleep again!

Tuesday, December 6, 2005

December 6, 2005
I took Drew to the Doctor this morning because for the last week he has been crabby and was exhibiting cold like symptoms. The doctor diagnosed Drew with an ear infection - his first! The infection had moved from his right ear to his right eye. Poor little guy. He hasn't laughed or smiled for three days - I am really missing his joyful spirit. He hasn't been sleeping well either. John and I have been working together to take shifts throughout the day and night. Drew only can sleep if his head is elevated. Hopefully the antibiotics will start to work soon. Drew is so tired, but when he falls asleep he awakes screaming from the pain. When we went into the doctor Drew had lost about a pound and a half. He now weighs 19 pounds.
Drew is getting so close to walking. He is now taking one or two steps and then sitting down. He gets so proud of himself when he does it right. His new favorite toy is his wagon with blocks. We finally put batteries in it so it makes noise and sings. He loves to push it around the house. Drew just moved up in the world again. He is now wearing some of his 9-12 month cloths. I still marvel at how quickly the past year has gone. Last year at this time it seemed the days dragged by and every 24 hours was an eternity. Now I can't get time to stop going so quickly.
We are eagerly awaiting Christmas. We are going to get our tree this weekend - a real tree from a tree farm!. I decorated the house last weekend. It is so much fun being able to participate in the Christmas season. Last year I spent 11/9-1/11 in bed or in the hospital; the year prior we had just moved into our house so we didn't get into the holiday spirit as much, and the year before that we were preparing for our wedding. I can't believe how fast the past three years have gone by, and how our lives have changed.
Tomorrow we are expecting our first snow and ice! It was 89 degrees on Monday and tomorrow it is suppose to snow and be below freezing. The weather in Texas is so wild!
December 7, 2005
We have snow falling! I will get some good pictures of Drew today and post them on the website! I hope he will be up to his first snow!

Monday, November 28, 2005

October 28, 2005
Drew went to the doctor today for this 9 month checkup. The doctor was so impressed with Drew's strength and she couldn't believe he was so happy and joyful. Drew was such a trooper, even when he had his shot. He was so charming and smiled at everyone. The doctor was especially impressed with the fact that he is drinking from a sippy cup without any help. He is also about to have his top two teeth pop through.
Weight: 19lbs 14oz 25-50%
Head Circumference: 43 1/3cm 10-25%
Length: 26 1/4 3%
I can't wait to post pictures of our finished flower beds. The sprinkler system has been re-engineered and the rebar is in place. The final step is laying the wire over the sand. Then, we can lay the foundations. This project is a lot more work than I anticipated. It is a great thing that Patti is here to help! I have really learned a lot this past week and am anxious to get the cement poured. This project has really made me appreciate my sweet and tallented husband. I don't know how he can fit so much information into his head and remember it all! He retains everything he hears or reads - word for word. I am impressed, he makes such a great leader!

Friday, November 25, 2005

November 25, 2005

What an incredible three weeks our family has had! Drew has been growing and learning a ton of things this month. He is now saying "Ma Ma" on a consistent basis, normally when he wants something. He also has started giving slobbery kisses and sweet hugs. His favorite toy is his puppy that he must sleep with every night. When he finds his puppy he throws him up and down while saying "woof - woof" which sounds like "ru-ru". It is quite hysterical. He also loves to shake his upper body to music and pretend he is dancing to music. This is especially humorous at bedtime. Last night he woke up around 11:00 pm and I went in to make sure he was ok. When he saw me he smiled really big and started to dance in his crib. It was so cute that I couldn't just leave him there - so I brought him to bed with me for a few minutes. Drew has also learned to wave bye-bye and is trying to clap. His clapping skills need some work!

Last week I flew to Oregon for a special visit with family and friends. Drew was horrible on the plane- mental note to self - Do not fly early in the morning or give your child a decongestant! Drew was so tired from getting up early, and from the medicine, but he refused to sleep, instead he fussed and whined the whole flight. Needless to say there were some very angry people sitting around me. Once in Medford, we enjoyed some time with my Nana, Aunts, Uncles, and cousins. Drew even saw his first video game - much to my dismay. Drew was hooked instantly to the controller and the wide screen TV.. It was so much fun seeing everyone in Grants Pass. Drew was such a trooper. He slept very well on our drive up to Eugene for Thanksgiving, and again that evening when I drove us to Beaverton. In Beaverton Drew and I stayed with my best friend Bethany and her husband John. Bethany is due to have a little "Johnny" in February. Drew and I showed them a little taste of reality when Drew awoke from bedtime to the sound of their garage door opening. He was awake crying off and on for the next two hours. John said the next morning that he wished he had just missed the garbage pickup! I can't wait to see Bethany in February! I have already purchased tickets to return. I can't wait to hold a little baby again. Drew has been growing so much lately. His last checkup put him at over 20 pounds. While in Beaverton we stayed two nights with Grandma Patti. Drew enjoyed playing a lot with Grandma Patti's toys. She had an enormous "woody" doll that Drew was especially impressed with. Our final night was spent with Grandpa Mike and Carol, where Drew discovered their stairs. Drew also enjoyed seeing his two uncles - Scotty and David. The boys were so excited because they had just returned home from hunting and for the first time in almost 10 years bagged an elk. John was so disappointed that he was unable to attend this years hunting trip. He really wanted to be there so he could be in on this amazing story that will be told and retold for the next decade.
Drew and I also visited with the Pete and Pam Constuantine while in Beaverton. I also saw my mom's good friend Susan Elliot and her family - it was here that Drew discoverd how to climb stairs, he got even better when we visited Grandpa Mikes house! We also had a wonderful lunch with Judy and Bob Sanders. I even was able to see David Sanders who just recently returned from Russia. I saw my friend Leanne from my old work and her little girl Amaya who was born on my Birthday. All in all it was a very relaxing trip with visits from a lot of good friends!
Drew and I returned to Grants Pass with a brief stop in Eugene. We had fun visiting Drew's Great Grandpa Al. It was a great time to visit and chat. Drew thankfully slept all the way back to Grants Pass that evening. We stayed in Grants Pass for the next few days, relaxing and visiting with family.
The flight back to Texas was late in the evening and was very pleasant. The only bump was when we discovered that we had boarded the wrong plane in Medford - actually everyone had been loaded on the wrong plane. We all had to get off and move to another plane. It all worked out though; Drew flirted with the flight attendant on the first leg to San Francisco. She was so nice, when Drew got a little fussy, and I was thinking "Not this again...," she took him to the front of the plane and rocked him to sleep. He slept through the landing and everyoness exit. I hated to wake him up, but had to in order to get him off the plane. The second flight was in the evening and Drew thankfully slept most of the way. I was even able to watch the provided movie. It was very relaxing. John picked us up at 12:00pm and surprised me with our missing kitty Winston. Winston always seems to know when someone is going on a trip. He ran away right before our trip to Oregon in May 2005. John was so happy to have everyone home again. He said it was too quiet around the house and he missed Drew too much. So, when we come back to Oregon in February John will be coming too!

We had a perfect Thanksgiving this year! Last year Julie and John planned everything since I was banished to the bed, so this year I went all out. We had Turkey, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, fresh baked rolls, broccoli salad, gravy, mashed potatoes, and two homemade pies! We had a lot of family and friends to share the wonderful meal with. This year we read the Pilgrims Thanksgiving story and marveled at all the miraculous events that took place in order for the colony to be established. We all realized just how blessed we are. We also shared what we are thankful for. Since John and I have been married I have written down our thanksgivings and placed them in a book. This year I decided to move those to a scrapbook that can be saved and passed on to future generations. Our only regret was that we were not able to spend Thanksgiving with more of our family back in Oregon. We had many things to thank God over this year. I have posted them on the storie page incase your curious!

Well, enough rambling I must get back to my fussy child. Drew's top tooth is still trying to push through and he has been extra challenging today,


Thursday, November 24, 2005

October 24, 2005
I am 9 Months old!!!
Sorry I haven't written for a while. I have been having so much fun with Grandma Patti that I haven't had time to write. We have been playing in the yard this week! We are building flower beds for mommy's Birthday and Christmas gifts. Today I watched the sprinkler system get installed and when no one was looking I played in the dirt! I even ate mud! Mommy was in the house and couldn't believe I had eaten the mud. I don't think she was too upset because she rushed into the house saying "I need to get a picture of this for the web page!". Daddy had so much fun showing me how to pound in rebar. I was especially fascinated with the shovel. Grandma Patti brought me a Bob The Builder doll that talks! I want to be just like Daddy and Bob. I hope I get a tool belt for Christmas, then I can look like my Daddy and Bob!
Mommy, Daddy and Grandma have been busy working outside. I have been such a good boy! I play in my stroller and eat cheerios for hours while they work. Grandma worked the hardest though, she dug and dug and dug! I will have to have mommy post pictures of all their hard work. The cement for the flower beds is going to be poured tomorrow and the brick should be put on this weekend, Daddy is really tired, he spent both of his days off working outside. Who knew building brick flower beds could be so much work. Daddy & Grandma must really love Mommy - it is really hard work. Mommy has been learning all kinds of new things with this project. For example, Daddy sent them to Home Depot to get supplies for adding some sprinkler heads. They were there over an hour working with two different employees. When they left with their stuff they both had a headache. Needless to say, Daddy had to go back that night and return some things.
Well, I better go, but I will write more soon! I will even have mommy put up my mud pictures!

Williams Family Thanksgiving 2005

Williams Family Thanksgiving 2005
v January 11 th - Praise the Lord for getting us through our second year of marriage. This year is a double praise! Today I was released from the hospital after 6 weeks of bed rest. Our marriage grew so much over the past 3 months. John was such a servant leader as he changed my bedpan and prayed me through a long, lonely and trying time. Our marriage is such a blessing and was a testimony to many of the nurses and staff.
v John is back in school finishing his Bachelor's degree. As of summer 2005 John had completed his AA degree and is taking classes to complete his 4-year criminal justice degree in hopes of getting his Masters in teaching.
v Thank you Jesus for the delivery of a beautiful and perfectly healthy baby boy. John Andrew Williams was born on 1/24/05 after a lot of complications. Thank you Lord for your hand of protection over our finances and for providing great insurance that covered most of the $60,000-$70,000 in hospital expenses.
v Praise is to God for allowing us to raise our son in a home of our own. Thank you Lord for financial provision and allowing us to keep our home.
v Praise the Lord for providing a wonderful job that allows Melissa to work from home and watch Drew at the same time. What a huge blessing!
v Thank you Lord for providing Melissa the opportunity to invest into the life of a single mother. Through that investment a long-term friendship has been established! We can already see that the Lord has great plans for Shannon and Jonathan.
v Lord thank you so much for moving Melissa's mother from Beaverton Oregon to Texas . It is such a blessing having her live only a mile away. Thank you also for providing her financial provision and a means to provide her future income. Thank you also for her new job as a teacher's assistant at a local elementary school.
v Thank you for the recent Bible Study needs in our church. John has stepped up to teach a bible study two Thursday's a month.
v Praise that John and Melissa have both drawn closer to you Lord this year. Thank you for shaping John to be a godly and strong leader in our home. He us such a great model to our little man Drew. Thank you Lord for making the transition to motherhood easy for Melissa. You have given her such a peace and desire to be more like you on a daily basis. The study "The Miracle of Life Change" has produced a growing time for our family. Our vision is to glorify You with our lives, thank you for easing us into this vision. I pray that this coming year will shape and mold our character to be even more like You.
v We thank you Lord for your hand of protection and mercy that has surrounded our home this year. Thank you for protecting our home and allowing us to raise this little boy! What an awesome privilege to be given a child that you created. I pray that al our hearts would slowly be refined by fire and that our sole desire would be the pursuit of Holiness, set apart for You our Lord, ready to do your will .

Thursday, November 3, 2005

November 3, 2005
Crabby would best describe the past week - Drew is getting his top two teeth in, he has had a low grade fever and runny stools which has led to diaper rashes. Drew has not been sleeping very well; he has woken up an average of twice each night. Poor little man! He may also be fussy from his shot last Friday.
We have been playing around the house a lot because John has also been a little under the weather. We did manage to pour the cement frame on the side of the house Tuesday. John ended up mixing the cement with his hands because the drill he was using to stir the mix wasn't powerful enough. It was a very funny process to watch! Drew was fascinated with watching John work. He really wanted to get out of his stroller and help. He just didn't understand it when I told him he wasn't old enough.
On Monday, October 31 st, we cooked a great dinner and entertained my mom and her friend Rebecca, from Oregon . We were planning on going to Trunk Fest at our church, but Drew had been fussy and it rained most of the day. I did dress Drew up a few days later for the pictures. He wore his cowboy outfit that Auntie Beth gave him. He looked so adorable.
John is busy working and writing papers for school. I have been busy hanging out with my Nana and baking! I also managed to shampoo the carpets downstairs. Oh my where they dirty! I was able to get all of Drew's spit up stains off the carpet & furniture! I am hoping to get the upstairs done this weekend.
Drew and I will be in Oregon from 11/12-11/19 and would love to visit everyone. Please give me a call on my cell (503) 407-0786 and I can tell you where we will be when. I think I will be in Eugene on Sunday the 13 th for an early Sutherland Thanksgiving and then on to Beaverton for a few day. I will then drive back to Grants Pass to visit with my family.
I can't wait to see everyone in another week!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

October 12, 2005
8 ½ Months Old Already!
Hello everyone! I have two new bottom teeth now. I am also jabbering up a storm. Mommy is ready for lots of peace and quiet once I go to bed at 7:00 pm. The past two weeks I have discovered that when mommy puts me to bed after my song and prayers that I can get right back up and stand in my crib. I now fall asleep out of sheer exhaustion about 30 minutes after mom lays me down. Mom use to try and persuade me to stay laying down, but she has given up! I am still sleeping through the night, everyone is happy about that. I am still taking my two naps in my parents walk in closet because it is so dark! Overall mom and dad say that I am a good sleeper. Some mornings I don't wake up until 9:00 am . Mom always hopes those happen on weekends.
Today I went to church and played with my friends while mommy went to her MOPS group. They had fun! Mommy learned that it is very important to be joyful and to have a home of laughter whenever possible. That isn't too hard since daddy is quite the trickster. Daddy is still working hard in school. He has completed two semesters so far and just completed his 2 year degree. Only 2 more years to go, well actually 1 ½ since he is taking more classes than normal. Mommy is busy working and keeping an eye on me. I am quite mobile you know. I can get from the kitchen to the stairs in no time. Unfortunately I am still too short to actually climb up to the second step.
Mommy is looking forward to taking me to Oregon in November. I am excited to see my Grandma Patti in a week! I can't wait to show her my new teeth and how good I am at crawling. I may even say Hi or Daddy. Mommy is excited to have the company to work with in the yard, For her Birthday Daddy bought mommy two ton of bricks. Yes, I said bricks. Daddy isn't wrapping each one! Grandma Patti, Mommy and Daddy are going to work on building some flower beds in the front of the house. Mommy is so excited! Mommy got Daddy some special bits for making things in the garage for his Birthday.
This weekend we are going camping! It should be tons of fun. I will tell you all about it when I get back. I may even get mommy to take some pictures of me out in the woods!

Wednesday, October 5, 2005

October 5, 2005 Drew's second tooth is starting to come through. Now he has two bottom front teeth. He is now so mobile that John spent much of his two days off building a baby gate at the top of our stairs. It looks beautiful! I will post some pictures tomorrow. I think it is the most structurally sound gate I have ever seen. There is no way he will fall down the stairs now!
Drew has been filling his days with lots of naps and playing. He is starting to get "shy" with people too. He is so cute, when he meets someone new, he tucks his chin to his chest and gives a shy little smile while his head is cocked to the left. If the person smiles back he brings his head up and smiles really big. It is so funny. Drew met his great Nana again a few days ago. He is having fun playing over at this Nana's right now.
John just finished his second quarter in school. He is doing so well! His last class was passed with an "A" and it was a writing class! In the past John has said that was his worst subject.

October 1, 2005 Drew had his first tooth pop through today! We are so excited! I noticed it this morning when I was giving Drew a bath. It is his bottom right tooth.

Monday, September 26, 2005

September 26, 2005
Daddy is ecstatic! Drew said his first real word today. Guess what it was? Yes, it was Daddy! It is no wonder. John has been indoctrinating him to say Daddy since the day he was born. John probably says "Drew, Daddy, Dewalt, Drill, Drimel (sp)" at least 5 times per day. It is very cute!
Drew also said "Uh Oh" yesterday. My mom and I were painting my bedroom and Drew crawled around under our feet saying "Uh Oh." I think his first word was "Uh Oh" because every time he spits up we normally wind up saying ?Uh Oh?. He has probably heard it over a thousand times by now. Speaking of Drew's reflux, we are hoping that he is beginning to grow out of it. The past three days he has not been spitting up quite so much. Tonight I even forgot to give him his medicine and he never fussed. Normally I would know right away when I laid him down. It was so bad that if h e didn?t have his medicine every 12 hours he would start screaming because his throat hurt. The Doctors said he would outgrow it between 6 and 12 months. It would be really nice if we were done with the spitting up. I know I would appreciate not having so much laundry, and I could finally give my carpets a much needed cleaning.
Well off to bed with me, I just wanted to update you on all of Drew's latest developments. It seems like he learns something new every day. This weekend he started navigating the house! He discovered he could crawl anywhere he wanted so off he went to explore. He is especially enjoying chasing the kitties down! He is also enjoying crawling over to the dish washer and playing with the silverware, climbing up mommy's leg, and getting in the standing position all by himself. Now that he is mobile it is a lot harder to get anything done around the house.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

September 22, 2005

8 Months Old
This past Saturday Mommy took me to the Jazz festival down town. Daddy had to study so he couldn't go. So, mommy and I went with some friends that have a little girl my age. I had such a great time listening to the music, playing with musical instruments, and of course eating! It was so fun. I imitated everything my little friend Payton was doing. I also had to know where she was all the time. In the middle of the afternoon we were really hot so Mommy came up with the most brilliant idea. She noticed that there was a team penning competition in the Roy Rogers Arena - right next to the place we were at. So we went to the air conditioned arena and watched the horses! Mommy was in heaven, so was her friend Melody. We watched horses chase cows around the arena, it was really fun. Afterwards we went to the museum and played in the water. That is where I fell in. Mom was trying to take a picture of me sitting by the water and well I was so hot that I crawled really close to the water. I sat up so mommy thought I wasn't going to get any closer, but she was wrong. As she clicked the button on the camera I did a face first dive into the little stream. Mom scooped me up with the same hand that still held her camera. When I came up I just smiled at her - so happy to be cooled off. Mommy was so embarrassed! We went back to my stroller where it was determined that the camera still worked. After that mom took me home for a nice long nap.

On Tuesday, Mrs. Stringer and Peyton came over to our house to go swimming. We went to the big kid pool with a fun slide. I played in the water and crawled all around. I have been a little crabby though because I am getting my new teeth in - hopefully! We swam and then when home and daddy barbequed hamburgers. I had a lot of fun showing Peyton my toys and how I can crawl all around.
Mommy had her first MOPS (Mothers of Pre-schoolers) meeting this past week. She had so much fun. They had a "Favorite Things" party. Mommy learned all kinds of fun and practical things like: the fun & practical uses for teaching me baby sign language, the wonderful aroma of the new Downy fabric softner, how to make real "southern" tea, where the best flea markets are, and a new form of crunchie that will make your lower abs go back to its pre-pregnant state! There are now 8 pregnant women in MOPS and the group has about 40 women attending. I am excited to have more friends to play with. This coming week they are having a play date at the park. Mommy and I are looking forward to having a picnic lunch and socializing. It should be really fun!
This coming Saturday I will officially be 8 months old. I am growing up fast!


Thursday, September 15, 2005

September 15, 2005
7 3/4 Months
Hi! I am getting to be such a big boy - this week I moved up to my 6-9 month cloths. Mommy thought that she didn't have many outfits in that size, but then she pulled out the box and looked in a few drawers and discovered she had a lot of cloths! The only problem is that they are all winter cloths and it is still in the 90's here during the day. Today we had a huge storm - it rained and thundered and there was lightening. Daddy took me into the garage and I got to watch. It was so exciting!
I am still working on crawling. I can get across the floor in no time. Mommy and Daddy have to keep an eye on me. Mommy says that I "creep" across the floor more than actually crawl. I need a little more upper body strength.
Intellectually I am learning word meanings like "No" " Yes" "Stay" "Drew" "Mommy" Daddy" and "Happy." Though I can't say any of these words, I now know the meaning of them. When mommy asks me stay I know that I am not supposed to move. I know that when I hear the word "No" I need to stop what I am doing and look at Mommy or Daddy. I also know my name and when I am called I turn in response. I also love to play peek-a-bo! I get so excited. I have also started to hum to music and now I hum when I am getting sleepy. I still love to nap in Mommy and Daddy's closet because it is so dark during the day. I take 2 or 3 naps a day for about 2 hours each. Eventually Daddy is going to put up darkening shades in my room, but he has been very busy in school so they aren't up yet.
I still love to eat anything, and when I say anything I mean anything. I have never refused to eat! Mommy started to give me "biter" biscuits this week. I LOVE THEM! I make such a mess too! I have also started eating little puffs and cheerios. I still don't have any teeth, but I do chew my food with my gums. Mommy doesn't give me bottles anymore because I am a big boy - I can drink from my own sippy cup. I now only nurse about 4 times per day, 2X in the morning, once in the afternoon, and again at night right before bed. I actually don't like to nurse too much because I can eat my cereal much faster and see what is going on around me. Here are a few more things that I have mastered:
I can manipulate objects in my hands and hold my sippy cup properly, sometimes with only one hand
I can lift my cup up at the same time I left my head
I turn and twist my body in all directions
I love to look at objects upside down and create changes in perspective
I can concentrate attention to one thing without getting distracted (especially when it involves food)
I now understand that objects don't always disappear when I can't see them
I can mimic sounds
I have started to think through my actions
I pat at myself in the mirror

I can't believe how much I grow and learn each week!

Loves and Kisses,

Wednesday, September 7, 2005

September 7, 2005
7 ½ Months
Hi you' all! I discovered how to get around this week! I am now getting in the crawling position and then leaning back to sit up. Mommy and Daddy are very impressed because normally you learn to crawl before you learn to sit up! Now that I can sit up Daddy had to move my crib down a notch. Mommy was so sad because it represented one more step towards maturity and independence! Mommy and Daddy have been having a really fun time encouraging me to crawl. I can get about three feet before I fall on my tummy. If I get frustrated I start to roll to where I am going, Mommy is really worried that I will be walking soon.. I always want to stand up and walk while holding moms hands. Once I can crawl and pull myself up I will teach myself how to walk. Look out!
This week I went and visited my friend Payton, Payton is a month and a half older than me. Mommy and Daddy had dinner with her parents and I got to play with my friend. I watched her crawl all over. I learned to share toys and not to poke others in the eye! This past Sunday, I went to the nursery and stayed for both services. I am not quite so anxious to see mommy and daddy leave me anymore.
My Great Nana had an accident this week and fractured a vertebra in her neck. She now must wear a brace on her neck and upper body. That doesn't sound like much fun! My Great Nana will be coming to visit me in Texas soon; I can't wait to spend time with her! She will be staying with my Nana down the road from my house. I have been playing at Nana's new house down the road. She has a playroom for me! Daddy is building her some book shelves for all her children's books. I love to play with a giant cow rocker that she was given! I ride it in the living room and feel like a big boy. Please pray for my Great Nana, that she would not be in pain and that God would give her " His peace that surpasses all understanding, will guard her heart, and soul, and mind."
On less than joyful note, Mommy and Daddy have been trying to teach themselves, and me, about God's compassion and generosity by modeling this in their own lives. As many of you know, Hurricane Katrina has devastated lives all over our country. Please pray for those who were displaced from their homes. Over 75,000 people have been brought to our state, 25,000 of those are located in our area. Mommy and Daddy have signed up to house a family who lost their home in the hurricane. Please begin to pray for the family that God may send to live with us, Please pray that our family would treat this family with love and compassion, placing all their needs above our own,.

Monday, August 29, 2005

August 29th, 2005
I am 7 Months and a week old!
This week I have been working really hard at crawling! I am getting so close. Just today I took scooches towards mommy all by myself. Give me two more days and I will have it all figured out.
I also discovered that mommy likes to eat a lot and not share any of her food with me! Today mommy was in Costco drinking a slushy and I had a huge fit because she wasn't sharing it with me. I now notice everything and won't let things slip past me! I notice being left in a room alone and when people eat right in front of me. I am always hungry too! My nana says that I eat just like my mommy use to when she was little. I gobble it all down and cry when there is no food left. I am yet to get full! I love to eat anything and everything. Lately when mom has been nursing me I have been getting very distracted. I have decided that people food tastes much better than milk, plus it is much quicker and messier to eat people food.
I am enjoying playing with my Nana! I watched everyone unpack her moving truck and was amazed at how many boxes had my name on them! I think Nana has enough children's books to start her own library! She brought me a slide, car, and cow from Oregon. Isn't that cool, I have my own car and cow at 7 months! I need to have mommy get my picture riding them around in the playroom.
It has been a really busy week so I better get off to sleep, come visit me soon!
Little Man

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Little Drew, or "Drewster" as my aunty Beth calls him is getting soooooooo big and strong. He is just amazing. He wants to stand all by himself and takes his hands away from you when you are trying to hold onto him. He is really getting to be very active and busy. He never stops! I have to hold him down with my arms when I rock him to sleep . Oh he hates it because he has figured out that the more he moves the less tired he feels. Once I hold onto him tight he falls asleep within minutes. He is also starting to pant like a dog. He started it yesterday. He goes around saying "who who who who who who who." What a kick, he really loves to entertain.

Drew turned 7 months old on his Nana's birthday. He is now fascinated with the whole world. He notices everything! He loves to go out in public and study things. He gets very focused and concentrates hard on objects and people. He really enjoys catching people's eyes and then gives them a huge smile. What a little love bug! Everyone loves to come over and tell him how cute he is. Drew really wants to start walking. He hates it when you put him on his bottom! When you are holding his hands as he stands he tries and takes his hands away. If he could talk he would say "I do it, I do it." Drew is just growing up too quickly for me.
His latest trick is sticking his bottom way up in the air as he tries to stand on his head. We think he is going to be real ly good at gymnastics. He is quite the little monkey!
Drew is so close to crawling! He just needs a little more upper body strength! Drew still has no teeth, we are anxiously awaiting his first tooth! He is always drooling and chewing on things. A few days this week he was really crabby because his teeth hurt.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

August 14, 2005
Mommy told me that I could only write this letter and then I had to go to bed! I have not had my long naps the past few days so I am very cranky. I have tried the patience of everyone I've been around. When I am overly tired I won't nap for longer than 20 minutes and I fight sleep by screaming when I am put to bed. Last night I woke mom up three times because I really wanted to get up. Mommy says that it is so much easier to stay home and never go anywhere! Today at church the nursery workers had to page mommy to come get me because I was crying so hard. When she got there I was hysterical and had developed the hiccups. Then, after I was fed I wouldn't let her drop me back off in the nursery so Mommy and Daddy had to sit in the quiet room with me during the worship hour - I fell asleep in my favorite place - mommy's arms. Mommy does not like this separating anxiety that I have developed. Lately I won't even let Daddy console me, all I want is Mommy. Mommy says she is in despirate need of a break!
I had the best'est time this weekend; I went to visit Grandpa in Canton ! I got to see his really cool apartment and his kitty Oscar. Mommy said that Grandpa has really good decorating skills. His apartment was very nice! It wasn't really an apartment, more like a duplex down a quiet road covered with trees and grass. It was very peaceful. I really liked it! Aunt Julie, Uncle Ruben,
Mommy and I played at Grandpa?s for a while and then we went to the park where grandpa cooked us hamburgers. I wasn't allowed to have any though. Mommy made me eat some sweet potatoes, milk, and rice cereal. I especially liked the homemade sweet potatoes! Daddy surprised mommy last week with a baby food processor! Now mommy is making baby food out of everything - I think she is really getting dangerous with her new blender - the whole top of the freezer is covered in baby food jars! Anyway, back to the fun time I had with Grandpa. We fed the ducks and Uncle Ruben protected us from the ducks once the bread was all gone. Aunt Julie was really scared that the ducks were going to attack her, but I wasn?t scared! After we ate burgers, melon, corn on the cob, and cherries we went back to the apartment for some A.C. and a diaper change. After a while we all walked down to the local café and ate ice cream! We all had a great time!
Ugh oh, here comes Mommy, I better head off to bed. I hope to see you all soon.

Thursday, August 4, 2005

August 4, 2005

Guess what, I had a doctor's appointment this week and I had to get three icky shots; it was the first of 3 series of shots. I was not very happy, but mommy said that they are good for me. I ran a fever the first day, but felt much better after that. My 6 month checkup revealed the following stats:

Weight: 15 pounds 2oz (10-15 %)
Height: 24 ½ inches (3-5%)
Well I didn't inherit any tall jeans! Mommy has been calling me her "jolly green midget."

This week I played with my aunt Julie! I also started eating green beans. I really don't think green beans are very tasty. Daddy had a dentist appointment this week; he had a lot of cavities! I am lucky; I don't have any teeth yet.
My future uncle Ruben had his parents, Felix and Hilda Cabrera, visit from Puerto Rico this past week. We had dinner and desert with them on Saturday night. I really liked them! Mrs. Cabrera loved to hold and play with me! They are so sweet! I smiled and talked to them all evening. I think they may have liked me better than Aunt Julie (just kidding). Aunt Julie and Ruben are beginning to plan their wedding. They are going to get married next summer after graduation in Fort Worth Texas . I am really enjoying all this company!
Right now daddy and Aunt Julie are building something in the garage and mommy is going outside to water her plants! She is still hoping her tomato plants will produce some tomatoes, but her optimism is beginning to fade. As for me, I am off to bed!

Lots of slobbery kisses ......... Drew

Saturday, July 30, 2005

July 30, 2005
For the past three weeks our family has been watching some baby cardinals outside the dining room window. It has been awesome, we have solar screens out front so we can see the birds, but they can't see us. Yesterday I went over to check on the birds and the mother cardinal was encouraging her baby's to come out of the nest. All day long they climbed the branches until finally they all fell out. The rest of the evening they were hopping all over the flower bed trying to get to their mommy. She was flying around them trying to get them to fly. I was a little worried when they ventured over to the neighbors yard, but they all seem to have figured out the art of flying. Last night the next was empty, I was a little sad to see them go. It was so awesome to be able to watch these little baby birds grow up. When I would be nursing Drew in his room I could hear the baby birds cry for their mommy and for food. I thought I was a busy mom, but that mommy had 4 babies and only rested at night. The dad was even helping out some of the time. God's creatures are so amazing. The empty nest reminds me of just how quickly time has gone by. Drew will be out of the house in 17 1/2 more years; how short of a time we have to impact his little life. You can see pictures of the birds, and the cats watching the birds on the photo page.


Sunday, July 24, 2005

6 Months Old

July 24, 2005
6 Months Old Already!
Today I am 6 months old! Mommy & Daddy can not believe that I am half a year old. Where has the time gone? I spent the day at church with my friends. Mommy and Daddy had a meeting so I played in the nursery. Everyone always things I am so adorable. I like to smile at people, laugh, and play with toys. I am getting use to going to the nursery and I don't cry anymore when mommy leaves.
I have moved up to the size 3 diapers and weigh almost 15 pounds. I can sit up for up to 20 minutes and grab my passy and put it back in my mouth. I am still in the 10 th percentile for weight and height. I have been eating rice cereal and oatmeal for part of my breakfast and dinner. My reflux is still acting up, but the doctors say I should outgrow it between 6 and 12 months. Mommy will be very glad when I outgrow this, she is really tired of cleaning the carpet, changing me 5-6 times per day, and warning everyone who picks me up that I may puke all over their nice clothes. I am taking two hour naps in the morning and afternoon and I go to sleep around 7:00 pm. I have been sleeping through the night now for over 2 months. I am rolling over both directions all the time and playing with toys is really fun now that I can grab them and put them in my mouth.. I am still in the 3-6 month size cloths, but should move up in a month or two. Lately I have been a little crabby because I am getting some new teeth. Mommy bought me my first toothbrush in anticipation of my first pearly white.
I played at my friend Thomas' house yesterday and really like all his cool toys. He had so many fun electronic toys! Mommy & Daddy bought me a new car seat this week. It is bigger so I can see more when I am in the car and will fit me until I am 40 pounds.
Daddy finished up his Ecology class this past week so he has been able to spend more time with me and mommy. Daddy's new class is English - yuck! He will be graduating this coming September with his AA degree just in time to start his final year and a half at the 4 year university. Daddy is really enjoying his classes and is learning a lot. I can't wait for Daddy to teach me all about rocks when I get bigger.
Mommy has been busy working from home and taking care of me! She really likes playing with me. She likes to read me books and sing to me. I even love to be tossed in the air! I am so attached to mom that I have to know where she is at all times. Mommy things it will be really fun once I can crawl after her! I have learned the word "No" already and have been grabbing everything I can get my hands on, especially plates on the table. I don't like it when mom or dad tells me "no" but have gotten better at obeying. Mom bought me two new bedtime CD's this week and has been having fun singing me new songs. One is a special worship CD that was made just for baby's. The songs are short and repeat the same lines over and over again. Maybe I will start singing along soon. We also have a nest of baby cardinals outside my window. I get to hear them chirp all day long. They don't like it when mommy goes out to water her flowers.
Oh, praise! Mommy's best'est friend Bethany and her husband John are expecting their first baby! They are due in mid February just like when I was suppose to be born last year. I can't wait to have a new friend to play with. When mommy was little, she and Bethany use to dream of living close and raising kids together. It is really sad that we live in Texas and Bethany and John live in Oregon . I hope their first baby is a boy, then we will share the same first name - John! Isn't it funny that both mommy and Bethany married John's and their first born son's are/will be called John?

Well I better go take my nap.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

July 13, 2005
I had such a great time visiting with my Grandpa Mike and Grandma Carol! They stayed for a week and I got to show them how I can sit up! Mommy can't believe how much I have accomplished this past week. I am sitting up all by myself and jabbering a lot. I have been cranky this past week though, Mommy says I am getting a tooth. I can't wait for my mouth to stop hurting.
Grandma & Grandpa worked all week on special projects around the house. Mommy had her grape arbor put together and lights put up over the garage. The neighbors though Grandpa Mike was doing such a great job that they asked him to put lights outside their house too! I had a lot of fun playing with everyone. Aunt Julie is also here - she is taking a college class in TCC so she will be able to watch me for the next 6 weeks.
Daddy was busy working on school and playing with Grandpa. Daddy's science class is almost finished. He just has a final left to study for. He is so smart, he has an A in one class and an 88% in another. He is hoping to get a good grade on the final and make straight A's.
Mommy has been busy taking pictures of me and working upstairs. She has been hanging out with friends and trying to keep the house clean.
Well, that?s about it for the week. I hope you all are having a fun and exciting summer.

Thursday, July 7, 2005

I am 5 1/2 months old!
July 7, 2005
Guess what! I had my first bo-bo this week; Mommy was scrapbooking with a friend and sat me in my boppy on the bench. Just as mommy was walking back to the table I slid off the bench and landed on the floor. My fall was cushioned by the table leg. I now have a bruised right eye. Daddy was so glad that my first accident wasn't because of him. Mommy is not going to be much more careful where she puts me from now on. She felt terrible!
Mommy & Daddy went out on a date this past Wednesday to a restraint called Joe T. Garcia's. They said the food was excellent. Mommy and Daddy had a very romantic evening of dining and music out on the restaurant's veranda. They came back in great moods! I stayed with a couple from church - Mike and Jill. I had such a great time playing! I didn?t even miss mommy and daddy when they were gone. I was having too much fun!
July 4 th mommy and daddy played around the house getting ready for all the company. Can you believe they are all coming to see me! Mommy also spent the 4th with her friend Nicole. They scrapbooked, went out of custard, and watched daddy blow up fireworks. Mommy also did some gardening over the three day weekend. Poor daddy had to study!
Grandpa Mike and Grandma Carol arrived on Wednesday to play with me! I have been a little fussy but am slowly getting use to having more people around. They think I am adorable but can't figure out where all my hair has gone. I have been smiling and cooing to them the past few days. Grandpa Mike is helping build mommy?s arbor and Grandma Carol has been knitting and making yummy food. Aunt Julie & Uncle Ruben also arrived on Saturday. We had a great time visiting! Julie and Ruben went to the Botanical Gardens in Fort Worth to look over the grounds for their wedding next year. I am having such a great time visiting with everyone! I even get to sleep in mommy and daddy's closet (in my port-a-crib)! I love how cozy it is and go right to sleep without even crying! Mommy thinks it is because it is so dark in there.
Well, mommy isn't feeling well. She had a Tetanus shot when she went in for her physical yesterday. Now she feels like she has the flue.She also might be a little light on her feet because this evening she was taking pictures of me taking a bath in the sink when she fell backwards into the tub and hit her head on the back wall. Ouch! Her digital camera was busted, but thank goodness Grandpa Mike and daddy came to the rescue and got the camera up and running again. I don't know what mommy would do if she couldn't take tons of pictures every day?
Well it is time for me to go sleep in the closet! I love you all!

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I am 5 months old!
June 28, 2005
Mommy is calling me her little inch worm! I have discovered how to inch across the floor! I saw my friend Rachael (who is 6 ½ months) do it on Saturday night and I couldn't let her outdo me. Now I can move about a foot when mommy puts me on the floor.
I have been sleeping through the night now for two weeks. Mommy and Daddy are so proud of me.
I am now playing in my activity center more and have discovered how to play with all the fun toys. My favorite is the mirror. Today I was sucking on the big giraffe head and my arms are pretty short so I had to pull it very close towards my mouth. When I let it go it came back and whacked me in the eye. It really hurt and I cried. Daddy picked me up though and made it all better.
Mommy and I have such fun days playing together! We read books and play with my toys in-between my naps. Mommy says that she has the best job in the entire world - being my mommy and daddy's wife. I love her so much that I won't let her get out of my sight. When she leaves the room I start to cry.
Mommy has started teaching me my first bible verse found in Proverbs 4:23. "Above all else, guard your heart, for from it flows the wellspring of life"

I am eating rice cereal or oatmeal for snack each day now. Mommy is teaching me not to grab the spoon or rub my hands in my mouth. I am slowly learning the word "No". I really don't like to hear it! My reflux doesn't really like the other solid foods so mommy is holding off on them for a while. I still nurse every three hours during the day but give mom a nice break between 8:00pm - 5:30 am . Mommy is going to start attending a mom's group once a month at our church called MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) . It is open to anyone with kids. Her first meeting is the beginning of July and she can't wait to meet some other mommy's. Other than that mom has been cooking a lot of yummy meals. Mom and dad wanted to get out of the habit of eating out because once I learn to eat it will be very expensive for our family to all eat out. Plus, eating dinner is a great time to talk and enjoy each other's company. The only down side is that mommy is cooking too much good food. We are all gaining a little too much weight. Time to learn how to cook some low fat meals!
Daddy has been very busy with school this past week. He has been studying for his mid term and writing a lot of papers. Daddy is doing such a great job in school! Mommy and I are very proud of him.
Oh, I almost forgot. Mommy has been gardening a lot and has discovered a very large frog that has moved into her flowers out front. He has been seen the past three nights. He is huge! Maybe mom will take some pictures. I wonder if mommy will let me have my first pet?
Well it is time for my nap! I hope everyone is doing well! I am still waiting for my Aunt Julie, Nana Adamson, Grandma Patti, and Grandpa and Grandma Carol to come visit me this summer! I can't wait to show them all how big I've gotten.
Drew aka John

Friday, June 24, 2005

June 24, 2005
I am 5 Months Old!
I slept through the night again! What a big boy I am turning into. Yesterday I showed mommy and daddy how I can pick up my passy when I drop it. I am getting really close at putting it back into my mouth.
I also ate some carrots yesterday for the first time. However, I got sick after I ate them and spit them all up over the carpet and my cloths. I proceeded to do this for the next three hours. I went through 6 outfits and cried a lot. Mommy said I couldn?t have any more carrots. I still love my oatmeal though!

Mommy took me to a scrapbook fair a few weeks ago and has been scrap booking in her free time. She went with some friends from church and had such a great time. I told her she should post some of her pages on the website. Look for them soon!
Daddy had his 1-year review at work yesterday. Can you believe it has been a year? Last year at this time mommy and daddy had just found out I was growing inside mommy's tummy. Daddy received great marks from his boss. They said he is such a hard worker and appreciate how he is always early for work. He even received a raise. Daddy is setting such a good example for me. I want to be just like him when I grow up.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

June 22, 2005
Guess what everyone! I finally slept through the night without waking up! Mommy put me to bed last night at 9:00 pm and I awoke at 7:00 am the next morning. Mommy was so scared when she woke up and I was still sleeping. I am growing up so fast!

Sunday, June 19, 2005

June 19, 2005
Guess what! Mommy finally said I was old enough to start writing my thoughts down on the website! Isn't that fun!
Let me catch you up on my first 5 months. I was born in Grapevine Texas at the ripe old gestation of 35 6/7 weeks. I was named John Andrew Williams after my daddy. However, I am told that everyone calls me Drew because mommy didn't want to have two John in the house - it would be too confusing. Daddy told her that we would actually have 5 John's in the house but mommy just gave him an exasperated look. I don't get the joke, but maybe I will when I get a little older. I will be 5 months this Friday! Mommy can not believe time has gone so quickly. I weighed in at 14 pounds when mommy took me to the Doctors a few days ago. I just started sleeping through the night this past week. Mommy is so happy now! I go to bed around 8:00pm and wake up for an early morning snack around 6:00 am but go right back to sleep until 9:00am . Mommy likes it that way because she can get up, drink her Chai tea, and spend some time with the Lord. She is always happier when she has her morning quiet time so I don't mind sleeping in. I just decided this week that I like my thumb more than my passy - it is always around when I need it and is never dirty.
Mommy and Daddy bought me a new toy this week. They call it an activity center. I really like to stand up in it, but my legs are too short so mommy puts the Webster's dictionary under it. It is so much fun! I feel like such a big boy when I stand up in it.
Today I went and visited my Grandpa in Canton . We had a picnic at the State Park and went swimming in the lake. Mommy made a special cake for Grandpa's birthday and we had chicken and watermelon. I ate some organic sweet potatoes and rice cereal and then insisted on some yummy milk. I showed Grandpa how I like to stand and smile. Grandpa couldn't believe how big I have gotten. I will be crawling before you know it.
Daddy & mommy had a fun time relaxing and talking to Grandpa about the economy. I sat and listened for a while, but then got bored and insisted on a nap. Daddy enjoyed spending time relaxing. He has been so busy the past week working , going to school, and helping some friends from church with projects. Mommy and Daddy also graduated from their 2 Becoming One class last Sunday. They started the class when I was only one week old. They are sad the class is over but are reaping the rewards of the class on a daily basis. Daddy has also been working hard at school. He is such a disciplined student. Mommy and I are so proud of him. Someday he will teach me everything he knows about Ecology.

Happy Fathers Day.
Do you know I have the best Dad in the whole world? He is already an expert at changing my diaper and giving me a bath. I love to play in the garage with him. He shows me great tools and teaches me words like "Dewalt" and "Rigid".
I love my daddy, he is the best!

Tuesday, June 7, 2005

June 7, 2005
What a great week we had! Drew is growing so quickly. He is already 19 weeks old. Drew, John and I all went swimming at the pool with some friends from the Dallas Police Academy over the weekend . Drew loved swimming in the big pool, he liked to slap the water with his hands and feet. He was so adorable in his big hat, sun glasses and binky. We couldn't stay out too long though; we didn't want his skin to burn. Over the weekend we also had a BBQ at our house with some church friends and neighbors. John even BBQ'd steaks! Drew has been talking up a storm, he jabbers non stop. I was on the phone with a co- worker and she could hear him through the phone. Everyone now knows I work from home!
Drew has been standing using our hands all week! His legs are getting so strong. He has the cutest little grins when he first stands up. Not to mention his cute little fat legs. He laughs and smiles and lifts his chest up and down. He is so proud of himself. He has also found his toes! He stares at them and grabs them with his hands. Speaking of hands, he has also realized that his fingers are always accessible. He constantly has his hands in his mouth. Lately, he I have caught him stuffing his thumb in his mouth. He has also discovered his mobile! I have to take it out of the crib when he is going down for a nap because he gets so distracted. He will pull on the little cars - from the door of his room all you can see are these little hands batting the cars back and forth. I also started feeding him his rice cereal from a spoon! He loves to eat from the spoon. We also tried a few organic apples but then realized that apples were making his reflux worse ... oops. What other firsts did we have? Oh, he has rolled from his back to his tummy today! He has only done it once so far, but he has mastered the tummy to the back.
God has been so gracious to us! We finally received our car back from the shop. We are hoping for no more car repairs for at least another 6 months. It was great to go to church this Sunday and worship. We had been gone for 2 weeks and then last week we didn't have transportation. We think we are going to sell John?s little two-seater and save up for a car we can all fit into. John has been super busy with school He is constantly studying and watching his Geology videos. He is such a great student! He has also been finishing up the shed along the side of the house and he just put up my new lattice for the climbing rose bush along the front of the house. I will have to post a picture of it, he did such a great job, I have been busy working and gardening, plus keeping up with the household chores. John has been so busy with school that he hasn't had a lot of free time to help me with some of the chores.
We are getting ready for our many summer visitors! Please feel free to drop on by, we love to have houseguests. So far this summer we have John?s dad Mike and his wife Carol coming, my sister who will be staying for 6 weeks while she takes a science class at the local community college. Plus, my mom will be moving to Texas in August. I can?t believe she has chosen the hottest month in Texas to make her appearance! She will want to move right back to Oregon after feeling the hot humid Texas air. You can see pictures of her new house under the picture section. We are also hoping for John's mom Patti to come visit us! If you see her, ask her when her next trip to Texas is planned. Little Drew can't wait for her to come and spoil him!
Talk to you all next week! Feel free to leave us messages on the comments section!
John, Melissa, & Drew

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

May 31, 2005
This week was a little rough. Our car was in the shop most of the week, so I tried to make the most out of being stranded at home. We took the car in when we came home from Oregon because the car would not start - it turned out to me the ignition switch. Then the day after we received the car back from the shop I drove it to home group, where it refused to start. The next day we had it towed to the shop where they determined the starter had gone out. However, it was late Friday by this time and it wouldn't be worked on until everyone was back on Tuesday. So, I finally get the car back this afternoon and take it for a stroll and what do you know, the brake light and the air bag light are on and the car is smoking. So, back to the shop again tomorrow. If we hadn't spent over $3,000 on the car in the past 4 months I would just sell it and buy something newer. So, please pray that the shop repairs the car tomorrow and doesn't charge us anything.

We had a nice three day weekend cleaning the house and finishing up some projects; John finished the gate to his new shed and I planted some more flowers. I also set another computer up in the guest room for John to use when he is going to school. John's classes started today - I am so proud of him. He is taking school very seriously; He rushed though dinner this evening so he could go study.

Drew was all smiles this weekend! We wanted to take him swimming, but the temperature didn't get warm enough. I hope we can take him this week! Drew has been rolling over a lot this week. He is also perfecting his stance! His favorite thing to do is stand up while holding daddy's hands. He also loves to read books! His favorite book is Adam, Adam, What Do You See. He loves to turn the pages all by himself. His is getting so big! He is wearing 3-6 month cloths, so you will start to see him in new outfits! He is still taking two naps a day, one from 10:00-1:00 and another from 3:00-5:30 . He is like clockwork, I love it!

John, Drew, and I had a great time visiting Oregon . We are still sad to be at home in Texas . The weeks after a trip home are always a little sad because we miss everyone and often wonder what everyone is doing. But, slowly we are getting back into our normal routines. Plus, we have many visitors to look forward to this summer! If you don't already have summer plans, we would love to have you visit!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

************This Just In*************
Drew weighed in today at 12 lbs 12 oz and 23 1/2 inches tall
Daddy took Drew to his checkup this morning all by himself. I am so proud of him! John said all the women in the waiting room were jealous because their husbands would not take their kids the doctor.
Drew also made eyes at all the nurses! John said Drew would lock eyes with a nurse walking by and then he would crack the biggest smile!

May 24, 2005
Today Drew is 4 months old! The past four months have flown by. We just returned from a wonderful visit to Oregon . Drew had such a great time meeting all of you. I was so shocked that he was so well behaved. I had been worried he would cry the whole time we were gone. I prayed often that he would feel comfortable and relaxed on our trip. The 10 days were gone went by so quickly. I wish we could have stayed longer.
The past two weeks Drew has been working on standing up - with help from us of course. John has been holding his hands and Drew will pull himself up and give the biggest grin, he is so proud of himself. His legs are getting so strong. Drew can stand assisted for over a minute before he sits back down. I am so impressed. He is also starting to fit into his 3-6 month cloths. He is growing so big! He has a doctor's appointment on Thursday so we will see how much he has grown.
Drew is also talking a lot more. He jibbers constantly now! John is trying to get him to say Dewalt & Craftsman - I wish him the best of luck! Drew is also playing with his toys more and really listening to the books I read him. His favorite book is the Peek-A-Boo book; he gets so excited when we read it to him. His little grin is priceless!

We have a huge praise! Our cat Winston was finally returned to us. He ran out the front door over a month ago and disappeared. He had a collar with our info on it just incase this happened! We thought he was permanently gone, but alas our prayers were answered on Monday when a neighbor a few blocks over called our home to let us know he saw our kitty hanging around and just wanted to make sure we weren't looking for him. We immediately drove over to the house and there he was! Winston was so skinny his collar was very close to coming off. He has lost half his body weight and a good portion of his hair was cut off due to lots of knots. He looks very pathetic, but we are just ecstatic to have him home again. Praise be to God for bringing our kitty home!
I have more pictures to post on the website, but I can't get them to download off our video camera. I should get the up shortly.
Have a wonderful Memorial Day & God bless!

Monday, May 9, 2005

May 9, 2005

What a happy baby we have! Drew went in today for a checkup and had the waiting room in fits and giggles. He was laughing and cooing to everyone. This past week he has really been developing his fine motor skills, as well as studying faces and objects. He has also been laughing and talking a lot. He is so much fun to be around. I went to a Women's Dinner at church tonight and one of the sweet ladies that watched Drew in the nursery said she wanted to take him home with her. He had entertained them all night long. I am so glad he is settling in a little better with strangers.
We went camping this past week with our church group. Drew was a little angel and I actually was able to finish one of my books. We had such a great time relaxing and playing games with other couples. John enjoyed cooking for all 12 of us! He made steaks, corn on the cob and potatoes on the fire. He is so talented! He also fixed everyone breakfast the next morning. I am so grateful that he finds cooking on camping trips fun, if it were up to me to plan execute meals on campouts we wouldn't go very often.
Drew weighed in today and 12 pounds 3 ounces and 23 inches long. He only gained 6 ounces this past month. He is so busy moving his hands, and holding his head up that he just doesn't have time to put on much weight.
We can't wait to see you all in two more days! We fly into Portland at 11:30 am on Thursday and will be staying until the 21st of May.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

April 24, 2005

Drew is three months old! I can not believe how quickly the time has passed. This week was rough, Drew's reflux has been gradually been getting worse since I stopped consuming dairy products. The burning of his throat from the acid reflux has been keeping Drew up all day long. His longest nap was only an hour, normally he has a 3 hour nap in the morning and another one in the late afternoon. I called a lactation specialist who helped me understand "GERD" as they call it. I also did some research online. I went back on dairy and started a food journal. So far Drew is doing much better, but I have discovered that he reflux is irritated by orange juice, Mexican food, and dairy in large quantities. I also started pumping some of my breast milk and then mixed it with rice cereal. Then, near the end of his feeding I will get out the bottle of breast milk and cereal. This thicker mixture has really helped keep the food in his stomach instead of on my couch! Drew is much happier and is back on his nap schedule. We are still going in on Thursday to have an Upper GI performed. Please pray that it goes well. This weekend we had beautiful weather so I did some much needed gardening! I transplanted three of my rose bushes and planted all my annuals out front. John also dug me a hole for his Gala apple tree! It is only 4 feet tall, but in another 4 years we should have apples! I will have to take a picture and show you. There will be a lot of color in front of our house in a few weeks! John was so sweet to watch the baby a lot this weekend. I needed to get my hands dirty with dirt and father and son needed some bonding time. I was walking past the garage during one of those times and John was showing and telling Drew all the different types of wrenches - it was so cute!
John filled out his forms this week to finish his Bachelors degree. He decided that it would be much easier to finish up now while Drew is still little. I am so proud of him for taking the initiative to complete his degree. He starts this summer and should be done within 2 years, so please pray for us. There will be many sacrifices, but it will be well worth it!
I can hardy wait; my mom is coming for a short visit this week! She fly's in on Wednesday and leaves on Saturday. We are going to have so much fun! I am anxious to see her face when sees how big Drew has gotten.
My Nana was telling me about this new Country Song by Billy Dean called "Let Them Be Little." I hope it will inspire her to visit the web more and look at her great grandson, and also to listen to her favorite song. I reflected to the words of this song last night and couldn't resist posting them. The words just seem to reflect our family values so well. Many evenings I find myself praying that I will make the most of the precious time God has given us with our son. Soon he will be older and our influence in his life will become less and less. I pray that we will consciously instill our core family values within his heart and that his family will someday look a lot like ours. Maybe next week I will post our core family values. John and I have been working on them ever since we found out we were going to have a baby. It was such a fun project to work on as parents, it was also very convicting. We are still working on instilling these values in ourselves and our marriage, it will be even more of a challenge to instill them in our children. Thank goodness for prayer!
Here are the words to my Nana's favorite song:

I can remember when you fit in the palm of my hand.You felt so good in it; no bigger than a minute.How it amazes me you're changin' with every blink.Faster than a flower blooms, they grow up all too soon. So let them be little,'Cause they're only that way for a while.Give 'em hope, give them praise,Give them love every day.Let 'em cry, let 'em giggle,Let 'em sleep in the middle,Oh, but let them be little. I never felt so much in one little tender touch.I live for those kisses, your prayers an' your wishes.An' now you're teachin' me how only a child can see.Tonight, while we're on our knees, all I ask is: Please, let them be little,'Cause they're only that way for a while.Give them hope, give them praise,Give them love every day.Let 'em cry, let 'em giggle,Let 'em sleep in the middle,Oh, but let them be little. The so innocent, precious soul:You turn around, an' it's time to let them go. So let them be little,'Cause they're only that way for a while.Give them hope, give 'em praise,Give them love every day.Let 'em cry, let 'em giggle,Let them sleep in the middle,Oh, but let them be little. Let them be little.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

April 19, 2005
This week was quite busy for the Williams - Drew had a doctor appointment on April 15 th and then we left for Cedar Hill State Park for a weekend of camping.
Drew's doctor appointment was with a gastrointestinal specialist, his reflux and stomach aches have gradually been getting worse the past few weeks. The doctor believes, due to all of Drew's symptoms, that he has a milk allergy. So, that means that I can no longer consume milk and soy products. I have a huge list of things I can't eat. The hardest for me to resist will be my morning Oregon Chai Latte's and custard ice cream. We have a custard ice cream stand near our house that we visit a few times a month, it has the best home made custard and shakes! Oh well, it will make Drew a much happier baby so it is well worth it. I could change him over to a special formula, but it wouldn't be as healthy for Drew or our pocketbook. The formula is twice as expensive as regular formula. Drew is also scheduled for an MRI on April 28 th - just as a precaution. Please pray for Drew's health, the doctor's office called this morning and said his blood work came back and it didn't look right. So, we have to go back and give more blood the beginning of May. It was terrible watching the nurse draw blood the first time; she tried to take it out of both arms but couldn't get enough blood. The nurse ended up taking it from his heal. It was not a pleasant experience for Drew or I.
Our camping trip was so much fun! Texas Spring weather was perfect for camping! It was 80 degrees during the day with a light breeze and around 50 degrees at night. I sat by the fire and read my books and visited with our friends. John played with the fire, and spent a lot of time cooking for all of us! John made everyone steaks on the fire and a peach cobbler for dessert ... yummy! John and the boys encountered a fire ant hill that occupied much of their morning. In perfect boy fassion, they enjoyed playing around with this huge ant hill near the lake. Drew really enjoyed himself too. He was a little fussy the first evening, but settled in by the second day. He had a huge smile on his face most of the time we were there. On Saturday I couldn't stand to see him so dirty so we emptied everything out of the cooler and gave Drew a bath! John thought I was crazy but went along with it anyway. Our friends Zac and Nicole, and Mat and Natalie enjoyed playing with the baby too! There were always arms willing to snuggle with him. It was a fun break for all of us! We already have plans to go camping again the first weekend in May with our group from church. This next time there will be 8 other couples and at least three babies. John is already planning Survivor games for everyone to do. He was unanimously elected to be the camp chef for a second year in a row.
Please take a look at the camping pictures, we took some cute ones of baby Drew!

Monday, April 11, 2005

April 11, 2005
Drew is 11 weeks old tonight; he weighs over 11 pounds! As I type, Drew is in his bed crying because he doesn't want to go to sleep. He has been having some difficulties learning how to sleep in his own bed. He only wants to sleep in mommy and daddy's bed or in his swing. We are going to Oregon in a month and I want to get him use to sleeping in new places, so far I haven't had much luck.
We had a fun week around the William's house. We watched daddy work on the shed and mow the lawn. We also went for some fun walks around the neighborhood. The weather has been excellent for outdoor activities. Drew just wishes that the sun were not so bright, he has difficulty adjusting to the sun's brightness. I need to buy him a pair of baby shades! On Sunday, April 10 th Drew rolled over for the first time. I showed him how to roll from his tummy to his back one time, and then he did it himself. It was as if he was telling me he already knew how and did it twice to prove it! However, I got out the camera to videotape this momentous event and he wouldn't perform for the camera. I guess you will have to take my word on it. We also had some friends over this weekend who taught me a thing or two about web page design - hence the scrolling pictures and tunes! We are going camping this coming weekend so I have been trying to get everything put together. Please pray for us and the fellow campers, there are reasons normal people don't take 11 week old baby's camping! What a mess it will be taking Drew camping. Drew is always spitting up his milk all over, last night he even rubbed his hair in it right after I had given him a bath. I will tell you next week how everything goes!
I was studying God's word this week and God planted this verse on my heart.
"But the goal of our instruction is love from a pure heart, and a good conscience, and a sincere faith."
1 Timothy 1:5
God showed me this verse as a guide in how John and I should raise our son - in purity of heart, humbly kneeling before our Creator asking for God's wisdom and discernment. I am so glad God allowed us to raise a child, in so many ways it resembles our relationship with our Father. My 11 weeks of being a mom has brought me so much closer to God because I can now see like never before how deeply he loves me. There are no words to express how much God loves us, just as there are no words to describe how much I love my "little man."
Well, off to bed with me. I will tell you all how are camping trip went next week!

Monday, April 4, 2005

April 4, 2005
Drew turned 10 weeks old tonight, another week has come and gone. This week Drew smiled a lot more and started to be more vocal. When he is happy he tries to make noises by opening his mouth and slowly making sounds. He tries so hard, but rarely does anything come out. I had my first all day outing on Saturday - Drew and I went to Canton Texas in search of treasure! We went with 6 other girlfriends from church - we all looked crazy dragging 3 breast fed infants under 4 months, one toddler, two regular strollers, one double stroller, and numerous changes of cloths all over the flea market. We had such a great time! A group of older ladies even commented that it was nice to see such happy moms out with their kids! All of us moms were thankful to get out of the house and eager to socialize! It was so much fun wandering around looking at the hundreds of booths decorated with things to buy. For those of you who are not familiar with Canton Texas ; this little town houses a very famous Flea Market for 5 days each month - rain or shine. The Flea Market is so large that people actually bring RV's and rent camping spaces in order to stay the whole time. I doubt that you could visit every booth in five days the place is so large. I bought a beautiful set of decorative plates for the bathroom. Also, I saw some furniture that I would like John to build for our house. If any of you come and visit us I promise to take you to Canton - it is quite an experience.
While Drew and I were there we met my dad, Drew's Grandpa, for dinner on our way out of town. We had a lot of fun chatting and catching up. Drew was cranky because he had missed his afternoon nap, but fell asleep halfway through dinner. My dad is doing very well and is enjoying his new job. He likes Texas and the small town of Canton . He is meeting new people, and even went fishing with a friend from work. It is really nice having him close so we can visit. He had a fun time watching Drew and was amazed at how big he was getting. I had to leave my dad some cute pictures of the baby since he doesn't have a computer.
Drew's tummy aches have been a lot less intense since we visited the Pediatrician last week. She suggested giving Drew 2 oz of Pedialite each day to help regulate his bowel movements. She also referred us to a specialist at Cooks Children's Hospital, but thankfully the Pedialite worked like a charm. He is no longer waking up every hour at night with stomach pains and he seems much happier after each feeding. I am so glad this was an easy fix!

Thursday, March 31, 2005

March 31, 2005
Drew had his doctor appointment this morning and weighed 10lbs 6oz! He is 21 3/4 in long and is in the 10th percentile for his weight and height. He is moving up the ladder, he was 1% in both when he was born.
March 27, 2005
It is 10:00 and Drew is sleeping! I have been trying to get him asleep by 10:00 pm so we both get a full nights rest - I tend to be a more peaceful mommy if I get good rest. This is the first night all week that he is actually asleep by 10:00 pm , the other nights he had his own agenda. I discovered that the trick is to not let him sleep past 5:00 in the afternoon, and then he is ready to start thinking about sleep around 9:00 . Drew's personality is beginning to take shape, he has been smiling and crying a lot this week - he is either happy or upset. He is rarely in the middle. Personality wise Drew is very much like me, happy to be hanging out at home and in a routine. I've noticed that when his routine is changed he gets cranky and scared.
This past Friday evening we went to the Putnam's house to visit with some friends. Drew was fine until 9:00, but after that he got very fussy and refused to fall asleep. Near the end of the evening he was so upset that he had a temper tantrum and almost passed out from screaming. The only thing that would console him was to nurse, but by the end of the evening he had eaten so much that he had a huge tummy ache. He cried most of the way home and then into the night. He didn't stop fussing until mid afternoon on Saturday when he finally passed all his milk through his diaper. I will be sure not to let him do that again!
This past Monday Drew's Grandma Patti arrived; she had such a fun time with Drew. In-between cuddling and singing to Drew she managed to go grocery shopping, cook three great meals, re-paint Drew's room, and help John put up three walls on his shed. She was very busy! She had a great time visiting and playing with the baby while I worked upstairs in the office. John was so sweet this week, he set up my office so all the cords are hidden and organized - it took him hours to get it done and two trips to Office Depot to buy longer cords. What a servant leader!
Drew's Aunt Julie and her friend Amy showed up on Thursday to visit and play! They watched Drew on Thursday night while John and I went on a date! We came home to a clean house and a very happy baby. On Friday afternoon we all went to a really crazy shop in L ouisville called Sam Moon. This store/warehouse sells purses, jewelry, and hats galore at very cheap prices. Julie and I bought matching purses - I know if I copy Julie I am sure to be in style! Drew was such a trooper; the store was so crowded that we had to carry him the whole time because the stroller was too big to maneuver around all the people.
Today was Easter! I took the most adorable pictures of Drew in his little train overall outfit that Grandpa Brian gave him. He was so cute because the bottoms of the overalls were so long that you couldn't see his feet. Everyone at church laughed! He still looks about two weeks old, everywhere we go people wonder why we are out and about with a new baby.
He was so good in his Sunday school class today, his teacher said he was such a cuddlier. She even sent Drew his own letter telling him how happy she is that he is in her class. Our family spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying a relaxing day at home. John and Drew slept and I cleaned the house - I did six loads of laundry! Drew woke up from his nap around 5:00 pm and we spent the evening playing in his room making faces at one another. I feel like a little kid again! Amidst the crying, spitting up, tummy pains, endless mounds of laundry and lack of sleep there is so much joy to be found. I remember asking a friend what she wishes she'd done more of when her first child was born. She said she wished she had spent more time interacting and playing with her baby instead of being distracted by other things. I am trying to spend time every day just rocking, talking, and playing with Drew. Drew loves to be tickled and is smiling at me when I make my voice high pitched or tickle his cheek. Drew and I entertained daddy tonight by showing him how Drew can lift his upper body towards me and get kisses. He also spent about ½ hour smiling and cooing at us. I can't remember a better evening! After John left for work I gave Drew a bath and then we snuggled in the rocker for 45 minutes. He is such a little cuddle bug! He loves to lay his head on your chest and just lay peacefully looking into your eyes. It has really become clear that he does not like a lot of chaos and excitement - it makes him nervous and fearful. He gets very unsure and scared if we are somewhere strange and there is a lot of activity. I think his personality will be a lot like mine, quiet, cautious, reserved, and shy. He also has my temper and impatience - oops. When Drew smiles he looks just like his daddy. I think Drew is developing his daddy's humor and joyful personality. Drew's cheek-to-cheek smile is a killer - watch out girls!
God was so gracious to give us such a wonderful child; we are so blessed to be Drew's parents. I love being a mom and look forward to the quiet evenings Drew and I spend laying on the floor looking at books or gazing into each other's eyes. John enjoys taking Drew out into the garage to play, but can't wait until he is a little older and can show him how to use the power tools! Drew loves his daddy and spends a lot of his morning naps sleeping on John's chest. They are so cute - father & son! Our family is so blessed and thankful for the Lord's provisions. I pray that we would walk in God's light and shine our lights before all men; may we not get off course by earthly distractions but keep our eyes fixed on the eternal prize of life. Life can be so hard, but God is so good to walk His children through it!
"And this is His commandment that we believe in the name of His Son Jesus Christ, and love one another, just as He commanded us." 1 John 3:23

Monday, March 21, 2005


Eight weeks ago tonight I was finally able to lock eyes on my little boy for the very first time. I remember holding him in my arms the entire first night . I did not want to let him out of my sight. I was so excited to finally be a mommy that I stayed awake all night long just snuggling with my baby. John was so wiped out from assisting with the labor and overwhelmed with the idea of being a dad that he slept on a cot in my hospital room all night long . he did not wake up once. He even snored! Drew was so sweet, he slept off and on that first night but when he was awake he would just gaze into my eyes. He looked so content and peaceful . like he knew he was safe and secure with me. Eight weeks later things are about the same. Drew still loves to be close to his mommy and daddy. He has started to cry when other people hold him and then wants to nurse to pacify himself. He still longs to sleep with mommy at night and hates to sleep the night in his own crib. I did not mind too much because John works nights and it is only me and the cats in bed. This past week Drew, Daddy, and I have started a bedtime routine:

10:00 Stories & Snuggles
10:15 Prayers & Lullaby CD gets turned on
(Thanks Matt & Natalie, Drew loves the CD you gave him)
10:20 Mommy sings, Jasmine and To-Ra-Loo-Ra
(In honor of Great Grandma Boots, Johns Grandma, who sang it to all her grandchildren)
10:30 Rocking and more Cuddles then off to sleep

I did not do the routine on Sunday night and Drew through the biggest fit, I guess he likes his special routine.

This past Sunday was Drews first trip to the nursery at church. It was harder on mom than son. Drew was such a good baby; sleeping most of the time in the swing. We then went out to lunch with Zack and Nicole & Matt and Natalie, friends from church. They had fun passing him around, and I enjoyed the break.

Grandma Patti surprised me this morning with a Spring Break visit! She dropped in from Oregon to help out for a few days. John has a lengthy project list that Patti is helping him complete! Yeah, I will finally get the shed built in the backyard.

Well, it is almost Tuesday so I better get some sleep!

Tuesday, March 8, 2005

Baby Dedication & Checkup

March 8, 2005 - Drew had a Dr. checkup this morning and weighed in at 9 lbs 2oz! He is getting so big! Everyone at the Dr. office fell in love with his hair!

Week of March 6th ~ This past Sunday we had Drew dedicated at church. It was a wonderful event in our family's life as John and I made a public dedication to raise our son according to God's commandments. During this Christian Dedication service a beautiful and serious promise is made before God and the Church to care for our child as God's child. Children are a gift from God. Like everything good in life, children come from God and they belong to Him; parents are just caretakers of the children God has given them. Scripture tells us that we are to train a child in the way he should go (Proverbs 22:6) and to pray ruthlessly for their future and salvation. This includes meeting together regularly as Christians to spur one another on to love and good deeds (Hebrews 10:23 -24). Dedication of children to God is a promise to model a Christian lifestyle to the children and worshiping with a church family regularly. In a sense, a Christian Dedication of a child is a dedication of the parents to be godly role models. Please pray wisdom, faith, love and endurance upon us as John and I live out our faith before our son. Please pray that we will be pruned and convicted of sin in our lives so we are godly role-models.
In attendance to view this special and important moment was - Grandma Patti, Aunt Julie, and soon to be Uncle Ruben. Also, Grandpa Brian drove down 2 hours from his new home in Canton , Texas for the occasion. Grandma Patti also flew 1600 miles to be in attendance. What love and dedication! We had a great breakfast before church at Denny?s and then headed over to church. Drew was very good, but did manage to spit up half of his breakfast on his shirt - luckily I hadn't put on the shirt he was going to wear for the dedication! Oh, a special thanks to my Aunt Sheri and her family. Drew wore the outfit they sent to the dedication. It was a cute Tommy Hillfiger collared shirt and navy blue pants. Drew looked so grown up! The dedication was wonderful and everything went quite well, until Drew attracted Pastor Bill Anderson's attention mid-service - right in the middle of his sermon. See, Drew started working on a really nasty diaper half way through the service; one moment Drew was fast asleep in his grandpa's arms when all of a sudden he let out the loudest noise, yes it was a large fart. Grandpa immediately passed him off to Julie, who held him quietly for a few moments. Then, he let out a very loud scream; I grabbed him and the diaper bag and made run to the nearest exit. No matter how discrete I tried to be there was no question I had the attention of the entire 4,000 seat auditorium. Oops! Well, Pastor Bill, in usual humorous form, made a comment, as I was running red faced to the door, that Drew was jealous because Pastor Bill hadn't picked him to hold during the dedication prayer. (During the dedication prayer the pastor had selected a little boy and girl to hold while he was praying for the parents.) I was so embarrassed. Drew finished his diaper outside the auditorium and we made it back just in time to sing the closing song.
Drew is starting to notice toys and mirrors for the first time. This afternoon Drew finally noticed the mobile in his crib! I laid Drew down for his nap and noticed Drew's blue eyes widened and focus on the trucks and boats hanging above his head. He then gave the biggest grin I have ever seen. He even had a little bit of a laugh come out of his mouth. Everything is so new to him, I love watching him respond to the fresh new world around him.
This past week has flown by again, I can't believe that we are already into March and Drew is 6 weeks old! The week went fairly well. Drew and daddy worked on some projects around the house while mommy worked in her office. Drew has discovered he likes to be in the ?snuggle? (backpack) on daddy?s back. John worked in the garage and put of some shelves in the closet with Drew sleeping quietly on his back. John is learning how to multitask! I worked through the week upstairs and then relieved John after 5:00 . John then went to work at 9:00 pm and worked all night. We are starting to get into a routine but are all exhausted. Patti was here the past two weekends helping out - what a blessing. She cleaned the house and took care of Drew. She even took him in the middle of the night so all I had to do was feed Drew. Grandma Patti was rewarded with many smiles from Drew. I think she was the one to get his first smile!
Drew is still as cute as ever - no bias here! He has been sleeping for longer periods of time this week. He is starting to develop his own little routine. He has been napping for 2-3 hours in the morning and then again in the afternoon. When he is awake he is really becoming alert and observant. His favorite napping place is either in bed on daddy's chest, or sleeping on top of the dryer in his car seat. We are still struggling to get him to sleep in his own crib. He is very much a Williams - he loves snuggling and being close to people. He normally goes to bed around 11:00 pm and awakes at 7:00am. He has a little feeding time shoved in around 3:00am .
Well I better get going to sleep - Drew just fell asleep and I should head off to bed. Talk to you all next week!

Tuesday, March 1, 2005

7 Weeks

My little boy is growing up; he is already 7 weeks old. I was playing with him last night and started to cry because he has changed so much. Drew no longer looks like a newborn; he has even outgrown his Newborn and Preemie cloths. He is now only wearing 0-3 month outfits. Last Monday Drew went in for a checkup and weighed 9lbs 2oz. Drew now has a double chin and fat roll on his arms and knees. He slept longer periods of time this week - 3 hour afternoon naps! Drew and I have been taking daily walks around the block; Drew seems to like all the movement and the new things to see. Our grass turned green this week and our tree is starting to bloom. Spring is finally on its way! John and I tried to go on a short date to Starbucks on Friday night, hoping Drew would sleep in his car seat but, he wanted nothing to do with sleeping. We ended up taking our caffeine home and all three of us cuddled next to the fire. Drew had a fussy week; he has been battling minor stomach pains and a little bit of gas. He even managed to overflow two diapers, one of which overflowed onto mommy's pants! We both had a bath that night!

Drew and daddy had a fun week. John took care of Drew a lot during the day while I worked in the office. John carried Drew around on his back and showed him how to change the brakes out on the car. We all went to church on Sunday and then to Costco for groceries. My work computer tired out this morning so I spent much of the day ordering a new one. John has been working his usual 10:00pm - 6:30am shift so Drew and I are alone most nights. It is a good think Drew is a good sleeper at night, or I may resent John?s night shifts. John and I are getting ready for camping season ? yes we are taking little Drew with us! We have a weekend trip planned in April and May. The trip in May will be with our church group, and the trip in April is with some friends of ours Zach and Nicole. John, as usual, is designated the camp chef. We are also looking for great deals on flights to fly home to Oregon May 12 th -22 nd. We can't wait to see all of you!

Monday, February 28, 2005

5 Weeks!

February 28, 2005 ~ Today Drew is five weeks old! I can't believe that another week has passed. This week Drew's Grandma Patti visited from Oregon . We all had a great time visiting and enjoying the baby. I especially enjoyed getting some much needed sleep while Grandma enjoyed spending the nights with Drew. Thank you Patti! I must admit though, that by the end of Grandma's visit I had missed spending time with Drew. Her visit helped me appreciate the time God has given to me to spend raising our son, and to make the most of the short time I have to influence his life.
This week Drew started growing up before our very eyes. He is starting to look less and less like a newborn. He has been focusing on things in the house and on the kitty cats. I had him in his room this morning and he looked around like it was the first time he had been in it. He has been focusing on faces and even smiling at me! John crawled into bed this morning, home from a long night shift, and held Drew for a while. He was quiet for a few moments and then said that Drew was looking older, he was no longer a blob, but a baby. John was very proud that Drew recognized his voice. Drew has also been tracking us with his eyes and head. He is often following me with his eyes when he is hungry, just trying to get me to glance his way and recognize his need. What a miracle! We are constantly thanking God for his creation. Drew is such a part of our family; I can't imagine life without him.
Next Sunday, March 6th John and I will be dedicating Drew at our church, First Baptist church Euless . This is a very special time for us as we publicly commit to be Godly examples to our son and raise him in a way pleasing to God. We will be making this promise in front of the congregation of our church as well as friends and family. My dad, sister, and mother in-law will be attending this special service. Please be praying for us as we parent this precious son God has given us. The congregation will also be committing to pray for our son. John and I daily pray for Drew, we ask the Lord to give us wisdom to raise this most precious gift, His son John Andrew, to love and honor Him all the days of his life. May he bring God great glory and honor!
PS - Please keep the guest book comments coming, I love reading them all. I also love all the advice, I am planning on printing them off and making them a part of Drew's baby book.