Wednesday, February 22, 2006

January 22, 2006

Hi everyone! Mommy has been swamped with work this week so she is letting me write the weekly entry. Lets see where I should begin - this past weekend I celebrated my 1 st Birthday! Aunt Julie, Uncle Ruben, Aunt Sherri and my Nana were all present. I really made out in the gift area :

Mommy & Daddy - Baby Tad Leap Frog
Fletcher Family - Baby Gap sweatshirt and popper
Aunt Julie & Uncle Ruben - Parents School Bus
Nana - Parents IPOD and Parents cellular phone

I can't believe all the toys I received! Daddy already broke one of them though. Today he threw my Baby Tad up in the air and missed it coming back down. The toy started playing this horrible noise and wouldn't stop. Mommy was so mad. Daddy exchanged the toy today at Target and had to give the cashiers a lesson on how to make him stop playing. It was so funny! When we left the store we could still hear the people trying to shut the toy off. Oops. I am especially fond of my "popper" and make a lot of noise all over the house. My real birthday is this Tuesday - mommy will be getting me another cake for pictures! I loved my last one. You can see lots of pictures of it all over my face on the photo's page.

Aunt Julie left this week to return back to school. She only has one more semester before she graduates. I am so proud of her! I am a little disappointed in her though - she and Uncle Ruben are going to live in Oklahoma after they are married on August 19 th. I was really hoping they would live closer. Aunt Julie and Mommy worked on Julie's save the date cards so if you didn't get one call Aunt Julie and complain! The picture of the two of them is really pretty.

Mommy has been super busy with work these past few weeks. It is month and year end for her company so she has been swamped. The next two days she is leaving me in Daddy's capable hands while she takes a seminar for work. I really hope Daddy can handle my for two days! Mommy has also been prepping her garden for this coming Spring! The weather has been so nice that many of her flowers are starting to bloom. She has also been enjoying her Saturday morning routines! On Saturday morning I get to play with Daddy while mommy sleeps in. Then she leaves the house for morning coffee and heads over to the Goodwill. There she has been finding all kinds of bargains! I now have so many name brand clothes that mommy now buys baby clothes for the Pregnancy center and other friends who enjoy little surprises. She is having way too much fun! Now whenever we are shopping she can't pay even the sale price for things - it still seems to expensive campared to 1.99 at the Goodwill. This past weekend she came home with a car seat for my trip to Oregon and a girly crib set that she wants to keep in hopes of someday having a girl. She paid only 5.00 for the name brand set.
Daddy has been busy as well. Mommy watched me all this week because Daddy had to work. He has just finished his training at Home Depot and will officially start on the 25 th of January. In his free time he has been studying and writing papers. I don't see him as much as I use to and that makes me sad and grumpy. Mommy says there is a point in time where baby's discover that they are not attached physically and emotionally to their Mommy, but are independent people. There is also a point for boys where they discover that there is a difference between the sexes and little boys will draw closer to their Daddys. While my Daddy wasn't working for a few months I discovered all of these changes. I now want to be more like my daddy, I followed him everywhere and looked to him for guidance. Now that he has been busier this week I have been very crabby and unhappy that he hasn't been able to play with me every second. I have also started to have temper tantrums and scream this week. It is not a pretty sight! Mommy doesn't know what comes over her sweet little boy. It is a good thing Mommy, Nana, Daddy, and Aunt Sherri went to see Dr. Kevin Leman at our church last weekend. Kevin Leman did a parenting series and it was very good - so I heard, I was playing in the nursery. Now when I have a fit Mommy and Daddy either walk out of the room or put me in my Pack and Play until I am done with my fit. It isn't any fun to have a fit if no one is there to give me attention! Mommy and Daddy also took a marriage class with him. They have been especially sweet to each other and really enjoyed his class. They have said his book Sheet Music is a must for all married people!
Well, I best be going off to bed. Oh, take a look at my puddle pictures. I found the one puddle in Texas and sat in it. While I was there Mommy thought that it might be a good idea to pray for rain - since we are in a drought. Guess what! We had thunder storms last night, they woke me up, and it poured buckets all day!


Friday, February 17, 2006

February 17th - I can't believe how fast the past three weeks have gone by. Drew will be one month old on February 21st. The first two weeks all Drew did was sleep. I even had to recant that "never wake a sleeping baby" statement because I had to wake him up every hour and a half to feed him. I just couldn't understand why people thought the first 6 weeks were the hardest!
Well, about a week ago Drew finally turned into a real baby! He is now awake all the time demanding to be fed. I even gave him some formula the other night - which I swore I would never do! I am finding myself eating many of my words now that the baby is actually here. I have now experienced reality! Everything I do is somehow related to the baby. I am so tired and my house is a disaster. The few amount of cloths I fit into have spit up all over them and I haven't had the time to wash them yet.
My mother was here for two weeks helping out, but had to leave on the 12th. She was such help! She got me caught up, but I am amazed at how short a time it has taken for everything to fall apart again. There are half done dishes, and laundry all over the house! Oh well, John's mother will be visiting next week so I will have an extra set of hands! I can't wait!
Well I better go, Drew is screaming in his swing. That's my call to get moving.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

February 14, 2006
We just wanted to tell you all that we love you and can't wait to see you in a few days.

Drew's little personality has really started to blossom this week! He has started to talk a lot more. Instead of whining about what he wants, he is trying to communicate more verbally. Today he walked right over to me and said "up". I couldn't believe it. He can also say Ma Ma, Da Da, Nana, Up, & Hi. He also says "gegegege" every time I change his diaper, but I can't figure out what he thinks he is saying. We are working on down, gma & gpa, please, and milk. Oh, today we had a huge breakthrough, instead of whining and crying for milk, he actually got his cup out of "his" drawer and brought it over to me while looking at me straight in the eyes. WOW! I was quite proud of the little man. God has truly blessed us with a well mannered little boy.

I can't believe how much energy this little guy has, he sleeps about 16 hours a day to make up for all his activity (13 hours at night, and two 1 1/2-2 hour naps). John exhausts him most mornings by playing with him in the garage! They listen to books on tape and John works on projects. Drew walks around like he owns the place reorganizing everything that is below 2 feet.
The pictures that are attached were taken today. The weather was so beautiful and sunny that I couldn't resist. I took Drew to the side of the house where my "Oregon" grass is thriving. It is the only green lawn on the street and every time I am out watering my plants it reminds me of home.

We will see you in a few more days!

John, Drew and Melissa

Sunday, February 12, 2006

February 12, 2006

Drew is literally running around our house now. He is so cute, when he walks he walks like a penguin, toddling back and forth! He loves to go for walks around the block and ride his little bike in the front yard. He also loves music and dancing. He enjoys reading books and playing with his train set. Drew has also started to say "Hi". This past week Daddy and Drew went to Cabella's and played for 2 hours. They both had a blast, and Mommy enjoyed the break. We are all getting ready for our trip to Oregon this Saturday and can?t wait to see everyone. Then you can see for yourself just how much our little man has grown. He is very independent, he walks off in stores if we don't keep an eye on him. Drew went to his first birthday yesterday, he played and had so much fun. Drew ate chocolate cake, icecream, and cheeto's! I will post the pictures shortly!
Mommy has been learning some new software this week so work has been quite intense. Daddy and Drew were very understanding and spent a lot of time together. We can't wait to see you all soon! We are looking forward to relaxing in the rainy weather!


Drew, Melissa, and John

Friday, February 3, 2006

February 3, 2006

Drew here, I have been such a good boy this week. Daddy has been home more so I have been playing a lot in the garage. Also, my friend Jonathan is staying at our house so I have someone to play with at night. Life is so wonderful! I have learned how to run this week. I start at the top of the driveway and lean forward. The faster I move my legs the more fun I have. I still can't quite get the stopping at the sidewalk part though. I also love to dance to music and sway back and forth. My favorite toy, hands down, is my puppy! I love him so much. This week I loved him enough to put him in the bathtub when Mommy wasn't looking. He got all wet. I also love my stuffed musical Pooh Bear - Mommy found him face down in the toilet yesterday!

This week I went with Mommy to the Goodwill and played at Nana's house. Mommy has been taking me on walks around the neighborhood and playing with me outside. On Sunday I went to church and played with the other children in the nursery. I love to be dropped off! I played so hard and when Mommy came to get me I wasn't quite ready to leave yet. One of the girls that was watching me said I was the sweetest baby!

Daddy has been doing a lot of homework and Mommy has been cleaning up after me a lot. Now that I am mobile I make a lot of messes. I am eating solid foods and I make such a mess. Mommy is very tired of cleanup up my high chair messes - one days she cleaned the high chair off 8 times. Oh, I went to the doctor for my 1 year well baby checkup. My Daddy took me! He was the only man in the waiting room. Here are my new stats:

Weight: 19 lbs 8oz 5-25% I lost a little weigh because I am walking so much!
Length: 27 ½" 3% I have gained exactly 10 inches in 1 year
Head: 44 ¼ cm 10%

I have to go back in one month to get my shots, I had a cold so they didn't give me any shots. The doctor asked Daddy if I was crawling well, Daddy looked at him weird and said "He is already running around the house." I definitely shocked the doctor.

Well back to work with me, I have some wrenches to play with in the garage!