Monday, April 26, 2010

Drew is Reading

Drew is learning how to read! We are only 1/3 the way through the curriculum, but he is learning so much! Today he read three sentences and knows some sight words like "The", "a", "little", "ant," "at." I'm so proud of him, he is learning so much and working so hard!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Abby @ 13 Weeks

Abby was 13 weeks old on Thursday, she weighed in at 10 pounds, 10oz. She has been eating a ton and gaining weight. I can't wait for her to sleep through the night! She will have a night or two only waking once, then three or so nights where she wakes up every 2-3 hours. She is still fussy in the evenings, but seems very happy when we get out of the house. Abby loves noise, she loves to be sung to and also loves to snuggle in the front pack. We dedicated her at church today, she was perfect - sleeping through the whole thing in mommy's arms.

Here are some fun things the boys have been saying lately:

Drew calls his Tkids binder his "finder" because it helps him find things.
Drew calls his tank top a "tater tot."
Drew says when he becomes a man he will marry a girl and they will have 4 babies, they are called "tubelets."
When Drew grows up he wants to sing and teach children. He said a music teacher might be nice!

Gabe now loves to talk to himself and is finally starting to speak! He loves to share his "thoughts" with you, like telling "green light", "red light," "Mommy's food" and "Daddy's feet!"

In the car yesterday Drew tells Gabe" Mommy. It is only me that his spending the night at Nana's." To which Gabe repeats, "Me", Drew then says, "No me!" That went on for 4 minutes at Drew explained that it was only him and Gabe repeated, "Me" and "OH" So cute!

We're learning about metamorphasis and studying life cycles of frogs and caterpillars. The boys are loving it! Drew is reading very well, we're 1/3 of the way through our reading curriculum. He can read up to three sentences and is able to answer questions about what he just read. Gabe is into puzzles and learning his colors and shapes. Their imagination is running wild, just this evenings Drew built a house using bricks, glue, wood, tape, and a strawberry container. He spent two hours making it and using his critical thinking skills to come up with ideas and spent a lot of time with trial and error. I had a blast watching him while Abby sat in the front pack and  "helped" me garden. Gabe enjoyed riding his little motorcycle and walking up the "front steps" of the house. Such fun Spring Days!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Thank You & Blessing

Dear Family & Friends,
A Letter of Thanks to all who have served, prayed, and loved us!
I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all so much for the thousands of prayers lifted up in the name of Jesus for our family these past few months! We also want to thank the many people who brought dinners, watched our boys, transported the kids to preschool, cleaned our home, left encouraging words, sent gifts, and were the hands and feet of Jesus to us. We could not have made it through the months of January & February without all of you! God heard our prayers for Abby’s safe arrival & Melissa’s safe delivery.  Our precious little girl; Abigail Mae Williams, was born on 1/14/2010 and weighed 4 pounds 8oz, she has strawberry colored hair, blue eyes and according to her “Nana” looks just like her mommy!
Melissa was induced due to severe pregnancy induced hypertension two weeks after being placed on bed rest. Those two weeks were critical for out little girl who did not grow in weigh, but that time allowed her lungs to mature for her early (35 weeks) delivery. Abby arrived quickly; literally falling out on the bed within 30 seconds of Melissa’s first real contraction without the doctor or NICU staff present. Abby spent 1 week in the NICU gaining weight and Melissa’s blood pressure has finally, after 3 months, returned to normal without the need of further medication! The miracle of it all was that the placenta and cord were so damaged by the PIH that the placenta could have torn at any moment; God’s hands were all over Melissa and Abby’s safety. A mere 10 days later, Abby was rushed to Cooks Childrens unable to breath due to a severe case of RSV. She was intubated and placed on a ventilator for 7 days and then spent another 7 days on oxygen before being discharged. Abby came home weighing a mere 5 pounds, 2 oz at one month of age, but in the last 7 weeks has gained an additional 6 pounds! Praise the Lord! She has been healthy and happy, growing and gaining, smiling and spitting up ever since!
The Lord was so gracious to see us through these difficult two months of health problems and used many friends and family to get us through. Thank you all!
The Williams – John, Melissa, Drew, Gabe, & Abby

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


All the kids at 3 months of Age - Abby, Gabe & Drew

I am still amazed that Drew had so much hair at 3 months! 

Abby @ 3 Months, Gabe @ 1 Month in the same outfit.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Abby @ 11 Weeks

Abby is 11 weeks old today! She is growing, today she weighed in at 9 pounds 6 oz. She has officially doubled her birth weight! To celebrate, Mommy did a hat photo-shoot! Look at the beautiful hats that Abby's Grandma Carol made for her. Aren't they darling!

Abby loves to eat! She still isn't sleeping through the night, but will give me a nice stretch from 11-4:45am. She is in the fussy evening phase, but as long as she is around mommy and getting lots of cuddles she handles it pretty well. It is when mommy is busy with the boys and can't hold her that really make her mad! Abby just finished her third chiropractor appointment, everything looked perfect and we're not scheduled to return for a month. Now its mommy's turn for the chiropractor!

Well I've been trying to make it to the gym consistently. Unfortunately, consistently is once a week. I'm hoping to get a little more sleep and at least one more day a week at the gym. I'm at the weight I was when I got pregnant with Abby and at that point I had 10 more pounds I wanted to loose from the boys. I'm hoping to get a move on that soon so I can buy some new clothes! I haven't much to wear these days and I really don't want to buy clothes in a size I hopefully won't wear for long.

John is loving his teaching job, enjoying his garage time, and having tons of sword fighting with the boys! Drew and I are mulling through his reading lessons and he is doing great! I'm excited with his progress and all the sounds and words he has memorized.

I better scoot! The boys are getting restless and need some attention.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter 2010 Pictures

After church this Sunday we celebrated the Risen Lord with some family time. We headed to mom's house for a great Texas style dinner and then had a fun egg hunt! We got out an automated Nerf gun and the boys had a blast being shot with Nerf bullets by their Daddy! It was a wonderful day of family and celebration! The boys woke to their favorite popover and then ate their candy cane which represented Christ's sinless blood shed on the Cross for man's sins. They loved a sugar rush for breakfast before heading out to church. It was a glorious day of celebration!

Easter 2010

We had a wonderful Easter, it was all about Christ and the resurrection - just the way John and I wanted it to be! Here are some pictures from this past weeks celebration of our Lord's sacrifice. We read in Luke starting last Sunday and walked with Jesus through his final week on earth. It was so special to see Drew begin to make sense of Jesus being God in the flesh - fully man and fully God. Drew grew so much this week, learning verses and talking about the resurrection planted many seeds into our boys hearts, my prayer for Drew and Gabe was that they would begin to see that they too have a choice to accept or reject the claims of Christ. I was deeply encouraged by the inquisitive questions Drew asked! Our week of exploring the resurrection challenged me to press on and continue coming up with fun and unique ways to teach our children about the Lord!

Good Friday - Jesus is in the Tomb

Sunday Drew woke up, ran downstairs and yelled, "Mom, He Is Risen! He even flew ontop of the tomb!"

Jesus calls us to be "salt & light" to this world. This month we'll be reflecting and learning verses on what it means to be "set apart" for Christ. 
 "Christ has indeed been raised from the dead..."

Friday, April 2, 2010

Abby @ 10 Weeks

The weeks are flying bye! Abby is growing into a chunk, she is 9 pounds 2 oz today and to celebrate we took her to the chiropractor! Yes, the baby chiropractor. Last week I noticed that she wans't moving her head very much and that she was always stiff. I just assumed her issues stemmed from being constipated. On Monday John had his masseuse come over to the house and give me a massage because my back went out -  3rd time its happened, once with each newborn - I'm convinced its from those car seats that I carry all over creation. Abby also wore her first Spring dress to celebrate her 10 weeks of life, she looked so cute!

Anyhow she gabe Abby a little tummy massage and said she might need an adjustment, her mom happens to be a chiropractor so she set us up for an appointment. I took her in and discovered that her neck was out in both places, it was the worst on her left side. Most likely it came out of alignment when she was on the  ventelator for a week. They don't adjust the location of the vent, so her head was calked to the left for an entire week with little movement. Ouch! Her lower back was also out  which may be playing a part in her constipation. Here are the things I've noticed in two sessions (Wednesday & Friday):

Abby can now fully rotate her next from side to side, I never realized there was a problem until recently, but for over 6 weeks when I laid her in a little water at the bottom of the bath tub she always seemed to enjoy it. I wondered why I didn't do this more with the boys, then I found out!  Today she immediatly turned her head in either direction and "drank" the water as she kicked and tried to roll over. Now I remember why I never put the boys in the bathtub so young - normal baby's move a lot!.

She gave us her 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc smile just a few hours after her first adjustment. She has been cooing and smiling at us now for days! Her temperament is so much different now that she isn't in constant pain.

Abby isn't stiff when you pick her up, she use to arch her back all the time and throw her head up in her car seat or swing- not anymore! I even made mention of this in the hospital and they said she may have gotten use to this position while on the vent and now she did it out of habbit. Nope - she liked this position because it didn't hurt so much.

She will breastfeed, before she would latch on for 30 seconds and fuss, I got a good 5 minutes of nursing in yesterday and she wasn't upset. She typically eats in the position where her head is to the left, so it probably hurt!

The drool and puke from her reflux now goes down either side of her neck, before I only had to clean out her left side.

Overall she is a happier and calmer baby. I'll really be impressed if she has a BM on her own in the next few days!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

One Flip Flop

Gabe is 1 flip flop shy of a full pair! He somehow lost his brand new sandal while dropping Drew off at Pre-school this morning. Those middle children! He even knew he lost it because when I went to take him out of the car he was upset that the sandal was missing. I asked him if he left it at school and he shook his head, "Yes." Sigh, good thing I only paid 2.00 for them!

Here are some pictures of the kids from last week when it unexpectedly snowed on the first day of Spring.