Thursday, June 29, 2017

Goodbyes Are Hard

If we do our jobs we'll- the end usually brings tears. I look forward to meeting my sweet boy one day- you are a smart cookie and will go far in this world! 

Sweet Wesley,

You will never remember me, but I was your Mama for a time. Your first day in our home, we took you to our sons adoption at the courthouse and then straight to the hospital. Daddy and I slept at the hospital to be by your side, even though you really didn't know us, we were already wildly protective of you. I brought you home from the hospital after being malnourished and neglected and drove to Children's hospital more times than I can count. I gave you endless breathing treatments and missed Christmas at home with everyone when you contracted RSV. I helped you learn to smile, laugh, sit up, crawl, hold a bottle, play with toys and not be afraid of sweet smiling faces- but I will miss seeing your first steps that should happen soon. I taught you not to be afraid of the world- I taught you to trust. I stayed awake each night comforting you when the only thing to calm your moaning was my singing, endless swaying in the front pack and the special way I nuzzle my face next to your nose and let you smell me. I've changed your diaper, been peed on, and made your bottles and kissed your sweet dimple more times then I could count. I love you. Always. Madly. Deeply. I love You. You won't remember me, but I was your Mama for a time...

Know you were loved and adored, we pray for you all the time and know you will do great things with your life!


Your momma for a time- Melissa 

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