Friday, June 30, 2006

June 30, 2006
I am growing up! I finally have moved to one nap each day! Mommy can't believe how busy I can be. I am always running around finding things to get into. This past week I have been a really good little boy. I now can say "cheese" which means please. I also say "ow, ow" when asked what a kitty says. I still love dogs! I think my puppy will be a life long companion. On Wednesday I went to my first dental appointment. The dentist looked in my mouth and made sure the enamel had formed on my back teeth. I was so glad when the dentist said I had nothing to worry about. When mommy was in the hospital at 30 weeks with her Kidney infection and a 104 degree fever the doctor said we should check out my teeth when they come in just to make sure the enamel on my teeth formed properly. Evadently high fevers can prevent enamel from forming.
Daddy just came back from a week in Oregon . He had so much fun shooting and visiting with his family. Mommy and I are so glad he was able to go, even though we missed him terrible.
Daddy just finished up another class for school. He is already working on two more classes for this second summer term. We are all so excited, only one more term left until Daddy is done with his C.J. Degree! Daddy also just finalized his foot surgery - it will be on August 24th. Poor Daddy will be laid up for about 4 weeks. Mommy gets to be his nurse and take care of him! Please pray that all goes will with the surgery and that it alleviates the pain in Daddy?s foot. His back has been hurting more than normal too so we are praying that this surgery helps with the back pain.
There isn't too much going on with me, I am swimming at the pool a lot and hanging out with Mommy and Nana during the day. Daddy has been coming home around 3:00 so I always get a good hour or so to wrestle with Daddy. Aunt Julie is coming for the weekend and we are all going to a concert on Saturday. I will make sure mom takes a lot of pictures.
Mommy is busy working and keeping things around the house peaceful and fun! She has been scrapbooking more; she recently finished a prayer book for me. The scrapbook has pictures of me with prayers that mommy and daddy have for my life. Mommy says that it is a good way to leave part of her legacy.
Well I think that is all for our family this week. Check back next week for more stories from our home! Oh, thanks to everyone who leaves comments for me. I love reading them and Mommy is putting them all in a book for me.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

June 20, 2006
Only one more day until Daddy returns from Oregon! We both can't wait. Drew doesn't understand where Daddy has gone. He keeps running to the garage door and cries until I open it. When he realized that Daddy isn't there he walks away dejected. Poor thing! Drew is always saying "Daddy" and pretending to talk to him on the phone. Don't worry hunny, I have shown Drew your picture every day since you left.
I think it is safe to say that Drew is going to be an engineer! He is into everything that isn't a toy. Then he has to know how it works. He loves buttons and wheels and anything that talks. Today he has been walking around with the rectal thermometer putting the tip into the plastic cover. He must have worked on getting them together for 15 minutes before he figured out how. Now he walks around, one in each hand, going in the case and then out. He is so proud of himself. While normal boys are playing with sticks and blocks, Drew is playing with Daddy's wrenches, various parts from the garage, and sprinkler pieces. Drew loves discovering how things work. Today he saw a big boy bike for the first time. Drew ran over to the little boy and tried to trade his new toy phone (from the Goodwill for $1.00, it even sings!) for the bike. Of course it was all without words because Drew still isn't speaking! The little boy just patted Drew on the head and smiled at him. Poor Drew didn't undestand why the little boy wouldn't hand over his bike. Drew loved the wheels on the bike and tried to figure out what made them turn.
We just returned from a weekend at Julie's in OKC. As you can tell from our pictures we visited the National Memorial and the Zoo. What a fun trip we had! Drew loved every minute of it. Drew was a very good boy while we were gone. He even listened and didn't get into too many "no, no's" at "Ti Ti " Julie's non-baby proof apartment. I loved the trip and enjoyed a very relaxing Friday off. Drew took a 4 hour nap while Julie was at work on Friday. I spent the whole time reading a new book! I hadn't read that long since before I was married! It was very relaxing and fun, and probably the first non-fiction book I had read since Drew was born. Oh, you have to read Karen Kingsbury's new book Even Now - it is fantastic! A very quick and addicting read. It was so much better than the parenting books I had been reading!
Nana returned from Oregon on Sunday! Drew went over to Nana's for a few hours on Monday and Tuesday while I worked. Tonight when Nana was getting ready to go home Drew burst into tears! He cried and cried. It made me feel a little unimportant, but I know my mom loved it! Today mom, Drew and I went to 1/2 price Tuesday at the Goodwill! I found a lot of bargains! My favorite was a brand new pair of Nike, size 4, baby shoes for $1.00. The bad news, Drew's feet are too wide for them, darn!
Well, that was our week! We can't wait to pick Daddy up tomorrow and hear all about his trip! Now we just need to convince Grandma Patti to visit us this summer.......
June 11, 2006
Hello Everyone, Drew here. I want to tell you about my marvelous week!
First, on Tuesday I met my friends Rachael and Abraham for a picnic at the park for lunch. We ate and then played in the fountain. I have been teething so I was a little cranky , plus mommy had to wake me up at that morning at 9:30 am. I hate to be woken up. If I can't wake up on my own I am cranky until my next nap! On Friday Daddy & Mommy took me to the park to feed the ducks. I loved watching them and eating their bread! I even saw turtles in the water. I was so excited to see a new animal that I almost followed them into the pond. It is a good thing Mommy was watching out for me.
On Saturday morning Mommy and I went to Southlake for a Free Tree Extravaganza - poor Daddy missed out on all the fun because he had to study! Mommy and I had so much fun drinking fresh squeezed lemonade, eating Ben & Jerry's ice cream, and listening to a live Blue Grass band. I even heard my first banjo solo. It was great; we also picked up two oak trees, one for our backyard and the other for Nana's yard. The best part was that everything was free! Oh, we also watched an old barn from the 1800's get a makeover. After that Mommy had a lot of errands to run, I was a little angel and went with her to Costco, Target, & the Plant Shed. I didn't complain once. I was ready for a long nap when we returned home.
On Saturday evening my friend Jonathan came over and we ate pizza at CeCe's. I love their pizza crust. I also loved to say "hi" to everyone who passed by. I also loved to eat their cinnamon rolls & raisins. Lately I have been on a raisin craze. I LOVE raisin. I even throw temper tantrums when mom says I can't eat anymore of them. Like today, I ate two small boxes and still wanted more. After we ate, Mommy and Ms. Shannon took Jonathan and I swimming! I had so much fun running around the kiddy pool with Jonathan. I also swam in the big pool with Mommy. I am getting better at floating in the water and kicking on my back. Mommy would like to get me into a swimming class this summer.
On Sunday I played with my friends at church and then went out to lunch with some of Mom and Dad's friends. We ate Mexican and when lunch was over I ran all over the place saying HI to everyone! I loved their fountain, I even was caught throwing my puppy in for a swim. I figure that swimming is so much fun, Puppy really needs to enjoy the experience too! The rest of my evening was spent playing in my kiddy pool that mom set up in the backyard. Mommy even got in with me! We ate raisins off the bottom of the pool and then I soaked her with the hose. Daddy came out later and played ball with me. Then mommy and daddy wrestled on the living room floor and I joined in. We had a very relaxing Sunday! Oh, I hear mommy coming up the stairs. I better get back in bed.
Love, Drew Williams

Sunday, June 18, 2006

April 18, 2006
I can't believe what I found today! Drew has been cranky because he had 4 back bottom molars come through last week. Today his top left molar has popped through. The poor little man! I couldn't believe that he had a mouth full of teeth - I was expecting the front bottom ones to come in first. Oops! I gave Drew Tylenol today and he was so much better.
Oh, some people have been asking about garden pictures, so I attached a few pictures I took of the house yesterday. You can see I have put John's flower beds to good use. I still have a few more roses and Vinca to put in, but for the most part everything has been planted!
April 16, 2006
It is Spring! The Williams have been gardening again this week; we just can't stop planting. John is now building me flower beds in the back yard for my garden. We have had a temporary house guest, a lab puppy, who decided that all my plants needed to be uprooted. I spent much of Sunday replanting my garden. I have determined that I do NOT want a dog. I really can't believe I am saying that after all these years. No one who knows me would every think to hear those words come out of my mouth. I have cleaned up too many messes for one week!
John also worked on the shed again this weekend. I cleaned out the shed and marveled at how many gardening products I have. I also spent some time planting my "Vinca" in the front yard, and adding an organic moisturizing mulch to my flower beds. I can't believe how clean the flower beds look with the new mulch. I started to plant watermelon and corn via seeds this past week, I am anxious to see if they will actually grow. My strawberry's are already sending me juicey berries and my tomatoes are right behind. I learned a valuable lesson on the necessity for hard soled shoes while working with John in the garage. We were clamping down some wood for the back flower beds when the metal sea clamp fell off and landed right on my bare toe. Ouch! I will not wear sandals any more when working with heavy tools.
"Ti Ti" Julie and Ruben came to visit for the three day weekend. We all had so much fun dying eggs and watching King Kong . John had fun teaching us how to "properly" dye eggs by blowing out the insides and then dyeing them with food coloring. Drew thought the eggs were neat too. He picked one up and threw is on the tile floor. thinking it was a ball. He then proceeded to pick it up and put the shell in his mouth. We gave him a plastic egg to play with after that. We all went to church on Saturday night and enjoyed worshiping together. Drew loved playing in the nursery, however, when we went to pick him up he got so excited that he tripped and split his lip open. He did this just in time for the family Easter pictures. That night we went back to Nana's house for a wonderful Easter dinner of ham, potatoes, salads, and angel food cake.
John is doing great in school, he has straight A's this term. He is anxious for October to come so he can play more in the garage and with Drew. John also stepped up and did a lot of the household chores around the house for me. I had a slight meltdown feeling totally overwhelmed with life, so John took over. What a loving husband! It was so nice to know that there is a handsome hunk there to pick me up when I fall down!
We spend a few evenings this week catching up with friends. We had the Tyson's over for dinner tonight, and our neighbors over on Friday night. Drew loved all the extra attention. He has not been getting to bed at his usual 7:00 bedtime due to dinners out, and visiting with family. I realized this morning the huge stress it is on Drew when his routine is not kept. The poor dear woke up this morning at 11:30 am . I couldn't believe it. He combined his nighttime sleep with his morning nap and almost slept in until noon . He then proceeded to take a 2 1/2 hour afternoon nap from 2-4:30!
This evening we all went for a family walk enjoying our cool evening, Drew had fun putting his Popsicle in daddy's ear! It was so funny, Drew was riding on Daddy's shoulders, he would take a lick and then stick the end in John's ear. By the time we were done John's shirt, face and hair were covered in red Popsicle!
The Williams

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Tribute to Father

Tribute to Father
"Honor your father and mother." This is the first of the Ten Commandments that ends with a promise. And this is the promise: If you honor your father and mother, "you will live a long life, full of blessing." And now a word to you fathers. Don't make your children angry by the way you treat them. Rather, bring them up with the discipline and instruction approved by the Lord. Ephesians Chapter 6 verses 2 - 4Fathers are the biggest source of strength for a child. The innocent eyes of a child perceive father as the all-powerful, most knowledge, truly affectionate and the most important person in the family. For daughters, fathers are the first men they adore and fall in love with. While for sons their fathers are the strongest person they know and someone they aspire to emulate. Even for the grownups fathers are someone whom they look up to for the most experienced and honest advice that is always in the best of our interest. For this great figure in our life that we know as father - it becomes our utmost duty to pay our humblest tribute on the occasion of Father's Day.

Wednesday, June 7, 2006

June 7, 2006
It is official! We have finally paid Drew off! Now the hospital can't come and take him back... just kidding! It only took us a year to pay off every medical and hospital bill associated with my difficult pregnancy. We thank the Lord that we had good insurance that did cover a large portion of my $90,000 pregnancy! Great things are expected for little Drew. I guess he is following in his daddy's footsteps - I think John is worth over $1,000,000 due to his numerous surgeries.