Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I Will Never Forget

It struck me, I walked hand in hand up the library steps, her American flag shirt proudly displayed with her pink little shorts. Her little lisp apparent to all but her mommy smiled and said "Wook at the fwag mommy!" It hit me, on September 11, 2001 I wondered - what will my life looks like in 5-10-15 years? I just couldn't picture it and now I know.

Twelve years ago today I was not thinking about  children or a mortgage or taking my kids to the library. I was single and living on my own for the first time. I had a great job and money and friends and a boyfriend and I was in college. I never imagined what September 11, 2001 would mean to me and yet here I am - trying to define it so I can share this with my kids.

How do you tell your children about evil or terror or planes going into buildings? At that moment, the one at the library with my sweet little girls hands cupped over mine, it all seemed to come together. I lived through that day in order to share about it with my kids. I am called to live in hope and joy and to aspire to raise world changers. I told the boys that if they had been firemen on that day I just knew they would have sacrificed their lives to help those in need, because "We're Williams and that is what we do." I shared with them about overcoming evil with good. That the evil in this world must be pushed out by our light. That every day we are called on by Jesus to be His light, His ambassadors to this often dark world. We read about the firemen, listened to patriotic songs, talked about what it means to "be God's boy or girl" and how God will call us to hard thing that will bring Him glory. We talked about all the ways God was there that day, the people who didn't make it to work, the plane at the Pentagon hit an area being remodeled so not a lot of people were there. I shared with them about the hero's on the plane that overtook the cockpit and saved the White House. We worshiped  and Drew really wanted to sing "We will not Be Shaken" which I thought was very fitting!

September 11th is a call to action for us, its my call and reminder to instill virtue and humility and servant-hood into the lives of my children. There is hope for America and it rests in the next generation - we all are raising world changers and I pray as moms and dads we instill godly virtue, heroism and character in our children so when evil temps them, they can stand firm!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Bible funnies from my kids..... and poop

"The word of God is our blue print, but its not blue."

Luke wrote to the "Generiles"

In a conversation about creation declaring the glory of God, Drew said that the trees are practicing "freeze tag" right now.

Mom those beans your soaking smell like dog poop!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My Second Grader: Drew

 Drew, I am so proud of you! You are in second grade and I'm in shock, how can you be so old and mature! These last few week you started reading. I never thought I would write those words. My boy, you march to the beat of your own drum. You are highly intelligent and easily distracted.  I'm fairly sure you get the "easily distracted" part from me! You have so much swimming around in your head that it is hard for me to keep up with you. The term "Absent minded professor" comes to my mind. I love it that traditional school is not your thing. I have learned more about life from you than any other person. Drew, you keep me on my toes, always inventing and creating and designing models. Just today you made a Lego diorama of a wolf head.

You have an impeccable memory. Last week you memorized the classification of animals chart and today I asked you to recite it and you did! I was impressed. I'm so blessed to be your mom.

You started Jui Jitsu last month and really discipline yourself. You also started your second year of art class. You are so creative, art lessons just inspire you to keep creating. Your favorite past time is to draw and paint. You also love Lego creations and Robot kits. What a great mind God blessed you with. I know it will be used to further the Gospel and to preach Christ to the nations!

I'm one blessed mommy to be home with you - listening to your ideas and arguments for a 6 day creation. I love that learning is fun for you as long as you get to hear it or touch it! Your favorite book to read independently is the Adventure Bible and your favorite read aloud is Hatchet.

Drew you are the most compassionate and gentle person I know.

May the Lord bless you with a job that utilizes all that energy to further the Gospel of Jesus.


My Preschooler (3): Abby

 Sweet and energetic Abby. I am so glad you get to go to Preschool this year! You are in speech and art classes too this year. Your my little one that I need to keep busy, when we're home you get into so much trouble! You tried Ballet last month, it was not quite your thing. Daddy wants to get you into a Martial Arts! Abby you are so full of life and vibrancy, nothing phases you. Your personality is full of flair and fun!

 Your favorite color is pink, you love to play doll house with mommy or brothers and collect small objects in cups! The boys are always building forts and you enjoy being right in the middle, even if that means climbing your brothers 10 food high bunkbed!

 Abby, sweet darling, you love to sing and dance and to pretend to read. Its so much fun having a little girl to wear my shoes and sing like no one is watching. I love that you "miss me"  all the time and are always bestowing hugs and kisses on my leg. You were super excited to leave for preschool this morning, not a tear was shed and you smiled and clapped and jumped the whole drop off process. You were Super Excited!
 If I could pause time I'd stop it right now, I love the ages of you and your brothers! I love the lisp and the smile that shines from ear to ear. I wish I loved life as much as you and I pray you never loose that smile. I know God has big plans for your care free nature and I can't wait to watch you join in on His plans!

Love, Mommy

My Kinder/1st Grader: Gabe

Gabe, I can't believe you are 5 1/2 and ready to sit and learn new and explore more independently. What a mature little boy you have become. Your favorite color is green, you love quiet and reading books and getting up early. Your my morning kid, always smiling and ready for the day. Often when I sneak downstairs your waiting on the couch for me with a smile.

Gabe, you take to learning with ease, since were in my womb you were the more relaxed and easy child. You love to follow your brother and you even let him boss you around. Your a great encourager and playmate to your older and younger siblings.

You have a flair for art and creation. You also have a great sense of humor.

This year you will be starting 1st grade. Your Kinder year is almost finished and I can't believe how diligently you work on your school work and how quick you remember facts. You are so much like your daddy! I find it hard to keep you challenged and learning, things just come easy for you. On the other hand you are only 5 and I want you to enjoy childhood and all the adventures that come with it. I'm excited to see the great adventures God has planned for your life!

This week you started the next year of art class with Mrs Sara! You were so excited to see her and were shocked by her red hair! You also started Jui Jitsu the end of August. Daddy had been wanting to get you and Drew enrolled, it seems to consume our evenings, but you LOVE it. I'm sure you'll be taking down Drew in no time!