Friday, March 17, 2006

March 17, 2006
Greetings from the land down under! No, wait I mean the land of Cattle and Steak Houses! I am in a rather creative mood this evening so please bear with me! Sorry Drew or I haven't written in a few weeks, the days just seem to fly by. I can't believe we are already into Spring Break of 2006. Where did the time go. Last year at this time I wrote the following:
My little boy is growing up; he is already 7 weeks old. I was playing with him last night and started to cry because he has changed so much. Drew no longer looks like a newborn; he has even outgrown his Newborn and Preemie cloths. He is now only wearing 0-3 month outfits. Last Monday Drew went in for a checkup and weighed 9 lbs. 2 oz. Drew now has a double chin and fat roll on his arms and knees. He slept longer periods of time this week - 3 hour afternoon naps! Drew and I have been taking daily walks around the block; Drew seems to like all the movement and the new things to see. Our grass turned green this week and our tree is starting to bloom. Spring is finally on its way! John and I tried to go on a short date to Starbucks on Friday night, hoping Drew would sleep in his car seat but, he wanted nothing to do with sleeping. We ended up taking our caffeine home and all three of us cuddled next to the fire. Drew had a fussy week; he has been battling minor stomach pains and a little bit of gas. He even managed to overflow two diapers, one of which overflowed onto mommy's pants! We both had a bath that night

My how the year has changed! Currently, Drew weighs 21 lbs and sleeps through the night - 7 pm to 9 am most days. We are truly fortunate parents to have a little one who sleeps so well. Drew and I are still take frequent walks around the block, the only change is that Drew normally walks part of the way on his own two feet. He loves to play in the yard and in Daddy's garage. I recently decided that Drew needed to have the creative side of his brain exercised so I bought $2.95 worth of big chalk sticks to play with in the yard. He loves writing over all mommy's nice bricks. The great thing is they come right off with water. Drew's new words this week are: please and light. He is starting to talk more and more! Drew's favorite past time is riding on Daddy's shoulders and practicing his Abdominal workout. Drew also loves to ride down the stairs on Daddy's shoulders while Daddy bounces up and down really fast. Drew gives a big laugh when he reaches the bottom.
The past two weeks have been a little stressful at my work - I just finished the February close and jumped right into a major audit. Poor Drew has been seeing a lot of Daddy, Nana, and Aunt Julie, but little of Mommy. So, today I took the day off and went to Home Depot for some Spring plants. Drew and I spent most of the day playing in the front and back yard planting bulbs, roses, tomatoes, green beans, and geraniums. We had so much fun playing outside today. I really enjoyed myself! I was going to help Julie with some wedding plans, but she has been busy writing a research paper for school! Drew, Nana, Julie (commonly called "ti ti") & I topped the night off with a family trip to CeCe's Pizza. Drew loves their pizza, pasta, and olives! John on the other hand was at work and missed out on all the fun!
John is busy with a new quarter in school. He also just finished building a bathroom counter for some friends. John also built some raised flower beds in my mom's new backyard this week. Drew was even able to help! He moved all of Daddy's tools and hid them when Daddy wasn't looking.
Things around our home are nice and peaceful, Spring is in the air accompanied with lots of love! I recently signed up for a great mentoring program at our new church and am eager to meet my Mentor . My mentee, Shannon is doing well and enjoying her new apartment 20minutes away. We still try and meet on a weekly to bi-weekly basis. We are starting up a new Bible Study called Breaking Free by Beth Moore. God is doing amazing work in our family. Please pray for John and I in the area of self-discipline. We both struggle in that area and are trying to make strides this year in maintaining consistency and follow through. We pray that we would model to Drew a relationship with Christ that looks a little more like Him each day, month, and year.
Oh, I almost forgot! John and I just celebrated our 8 th anniversary on March 12 th. For those of you saying , wait a minute, they were married in January only a few years ago?.. this anniversary is celebrating the day we met! On our One Year Anniversary I wrote john a little bit of "light" reading. Actually, it was 16 pages describing the most memorable event from that first year we met. I carried on the tradition for two more years. I must have found a life by year 4 because I haven't kept up the tradition. Here is a brief excerpt detailing my first encounter with the Importunate Mr. John Williams!
March 12, 1998

" How about I start way back at the beginning to when we first met. It was at the play Camelot, remember? I was sitting next to Shannon Turner; she introduced me to you and then you came over and sat next to me. You had your CD player & a donut in one hand and your huge backpack in the other. I remember thinking you were another one of those goof off kids who had no appreciation for good quality drama productions. You continued to "impress" me by saying something about my hair and how nice I looked. I think I remember you saying something about being lucky because you got to sit between two beautiful ladies. What a flirt! I quickly pushed the idea of you being a huge tease into the back of my mind and focused my eyes on the play ahead of me. Sure enough half way through the second act I looked over to find you hunched down in your chair; you were listening to your CD player and taking a nice long nap. Regardless, the play ended and I said my polite good-bye and left for my car. That Johnny was our very first encounter; I thought you were a typical guy who spent most of his time goofing off and flirting with girls. (Sometime later I found that my first impression was still correct?"
"Later, when I was finally leaving, you came over and asked me for my phone number. You appeared very calm and collected looking through my car window. I remember thinking that you looked so calm that you must have done it often. (I learned much later that you already had my telephone number and anything else you needed to know; you had secretly went into the office and looked at my personal school file. If I'd known that about you then I would have been scared out of my wits; thinking you were an ax murder or something) Now Shannon had told me you were going to ask for my number earlier just to make sure I was not in total shock when you asked. I remember thinking that I should, just because it might be fun to have a boy call my house. See, I had never shown an ounce of interest in any boys, accept for my dashingly handsome horse Ollie, and you calling my house would have placed my parents in a state of shock."
Well, off to bed with me. I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into our crazy family! Please come and visit us to get the "real" picture for yourself!

Saturday, March 4, 2006

March 4, 2006
Hi everyone! I just wanted to share what I've been up to the past few weeks. First, I went to Oregon and visited with my grandparents. I had so much fun and was spoiled rotten. My best friend Peyton came down from Seattle and visit. She came with her mommy Mrs. Melody. We all went to Multnomah Falls and up to Mt. Hood. We also went to Grandpa Mike's property in Silverton and toured around down town Portland. Mommy was very sad when Peyton and Melody had to return home to Seattle.
While we were in Beaverton my mom visited with her best friend Bethany and her new son John Paul Opferman the IV. I was able to visit a little too. Little Johnny was very cute and adorable. You can see pictures on the pictures page, or at Bethany's webpage
On Monday Mommy left me with my Grandma Patti for the day. I had so much fun being spoiled! We played with all the great toys Grandma bought and then went to Lowe's to get some decorating idea. Grandma Patti also made a wonderful dinner for Mom, Melody Peyton, and of course me.. It was so yummy!
Daddy spent a few days over in Silverton with Grandpa Mike, Grandma Carol, Howard, and David. They all camped out on the new property. They shot rifles and cleared some of the area where Grandpa's shop will someday be. Daddy had a much-needed break from school and work. I was little sad that I couldn't hang out with the guys, but Daddy promised I could when I get a little older.
On Thursday night Daddy took Mommy to the Portland White House for a get-a-way night. It was the first time Mommy has left me overnight with anyone. Mommy was little nervous but was thrilled to have a night off. Both her and Daddy had a wonderful time at the White House, they didn't get the same room they had on their Wedding night, but it was still a great room! I had a blast with my Grandpa Mike and Grandma Carol. I was very good and only made Grandpa Mike change my dirty pants once! Oh, I played in the garage with Gradnpa Mike and felt quite at home with my new playground!

Well, we returned home and spent a week catching back up on all the household chores. Mommy did a ton of laundry and caught up on work. She also stressed about processing her first corporate payroll which actually went off without any errors! She was quite relieved. Now Mommy is back to work closing the month as usual. Daddy spent the whole week writing papers for his finals. This past morning Daddy went to bed at 6:30 am. He did finish his final though. This week starts another new quarter, only three more to go! Daddy is getting quite good at school and already knows that he received an "A" in one of his classes. We are so proud of him!

I really blossomed this week learning new words and getting into all kinds of new things. A few new words this week were: happy, thank you, nana (for Banana, not for my Nana who lives down the street), ball, and cup. Daddy doesn't really understand me when I say them, but Mommy knows! I am also getting so good at asking for things instead of whining.. I now go and get Mommy and walk her over to what I want. She is so proud that I am no longer throwing so many fits for things. One new thing I started this past week is waving bye-bye to someone whenever I hear the jiggling of keys. Mommy things it is adorable! I still am madly in love with my puppy and must take him wherever I go. He got very dirty on our trip to Oregon, but Mommy washed him in the washing machine so he is back to his normal color.

Please pray for Mommy as she is thinking about starting her own business on the side. See, she has found so many bargains at the Goodwill that she can't justify buying me any more clothes. So, she is thinking about starting an online retail store for children's clothes. She is going to name her business after me and call it "Drew's Closet." Doesn't that sound cool? She is meeting with a web page designer/friend this coming week. Please pray for us as we start taking steps to design all the web pages details. Also pray that Mommy will be able to make time for this new venture.

Well off to sleep with me. I hope this catches you up on a few of the things I've been up to since writing last.