Monday, February 28, 2005

5 Weeks!

February 28, 2005 ~ Today Drew is five weeks old! I can't believe that another week has passed. This week Drew's Grandma Patti visited from Oregon . We all had a great time visiting and enjoying the baby. I especially enjoyed getting some much needed sleep while Grandma enjoyed spending the nights with Drew. Thank you Patti! I must admit though, that by the end of Grandma's visit I had missed spending time with Drew. Her visit helped me appreciate the time God has given to me to spend raising our son, and to make the most of the short time I have to influence his life.
This week Drew started growing up before our very eyes. He is starting to look less and less like a newborn. He has been focusing on things in the house and on the kitty cats. I had him in his room this morning and he looked around like it was the first time he had been in it. He has been focusing on faces and even smiling at me! John crawled into bed this morning, home from a long night shift, and held Drew for a while. He was quiet for a few moments and then said that Drew was looking older, he was no longer a blob, but a baby. John was very proud that Drew recognized his voice. Drew has also been tracking us with his eyes and head. He is often following me with his eyes when he is hungry, just trying to get me to glance his way and recognize his need. What a miracle! We are constantly thanking God for his creation. Drew is such a part of our family; I can't imagine life without him.
Next Sunday, March 6th John and I will be dedicating Drew at our church, First Baptist church Euless . This is a very special time for us as we publicly commit to be Godly examples to our son and raise him in a way pleasing to God. We will be making this promise in front of the congregation of our church as well as friends and family. My dad, sister, and mother in-law will be attending this special service. Please be praying for us as we parent this precious son God has given us. The congregation will also be committing to pray for our son. John and I daily pray for Drew, we ask the Lord to give us wisdom to raise this most precious gift, His son John Andrew, to love and honor Him all the days of his life. May he bring God great glory and honor!
PS - Please keep the guest book comments coming, I love reading them all. I also love all the advice, I am planning on printing them off and making them a part of Drew's baby book.

Monday, February 21, 2005

February 21, 2005 ~ Today Drew is one month old! He went to see the doctor today and weighed in at 8 lbs 3oz. He gained 1 1/2 pounds in two weeks! His excessive growth these past two weeks would explain why he eats every 2 hours.
Today's doctor visit was in regards to Drew's reflux problem. The doctor said he looked very healthy but wanted to have an ultra sound done on his stomach to rule out some potentially serious problems. I drove Drew over to Cooks Children's Hospital and they performed the ultra sound. Drew was so good, even though he hadn't eaten in 4 hours he was very patient for the ultra sound. Drew's doctor, Dr. Gomez, called an hour later and said the ultra sound did not reveal any serious problems. Drew is being put on a reflux medication that will calm his stomach and help his esophagus not to spit back up his food. His tummy aches and gas problems should go away! Dr. Gomez said he should outgrow the reflux by the time he is 6 months old. Praise the Lord that there are no serious problems!
We reached two new mile markers today! The first is that we just emptied our first box of Huggies 150 count diapers. The second is Drew started to recognize faces. At the doctors office there was a point where the nurse was weighing Drew and he got very upset and started looking around for me. Once he locked eyes with me he stopped crying. What a sweet boy!
The weather today is 85 degrees and sunny so Drew and I went on a walk around the block and then did some gardening! All my plants looked terrible - they needed a good pruning! My hyacinths are blooming in the back yard and the roses are starting to come out.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

4 Week Recap - Oh how life has changed!

February 17th - I can't believe how fast the past three weeks have gone by. Drew will be one month old on February 21st. The first two weeks all Drew did was sleep. I even had to recant that "never wake a sleeping baby" statement because I had to wake him up every hour and a half to feed him. I just couldn't understand why people thought the first 6 weeks were the hardest!
Well, about a week ago Drew finally turned into a real baby! He is now awake all the time demanding to be fed. I even gave him some formula the other night - which I swore I would never do! I am finding myself eating many of my words now that the baby is actually here. I have now experienced reality! Everything I do is somehow related to the baby. I am so tired and my house is a disaster. The few amount of cloths I fit into have spit up all over them and I haven't had the time to wash them yet.
My mother was here for two weeks helping out, but had to leave on the 12th. She was such help! She got me caught up, but I am amazed at how short a time it has taken for everything to fall apart again. There are half done dishes, and laundry all over the house! Oh well, John's mother will be visiting next week so I will have an extra set of hands! I can't wait!
Well I better go, Drew is screaming in his swing. That's my call to get moving.