Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Life around here.....

Gabe at 7 months - love those roles!
I guess I've become a bi-monthly blogger, things are busy around here! I'm trying to keep up with it all, but alas I couldn't and got very sick. Somehow I ended up with a strep virus, tonsillitis and a horrid sinus infection. I'm finally on the mends, but its been about a week since I had energy and felt ok.

On a bright note, we've been having tons of people look at our house and God was gracious to give me a reprieve while sick so I didn't have to share all those icky germs with interested buyers! The kids are still alive, making messes, building forts, plant cells, timeline projects and reading tons of books. I'm trying to find my joy and smile though life. Tonight I was chatting with the boys and we all agreed that we needed to speak nicer to one another and be encouraging. My tongue became very apparent to me when I was sick and had laryngitis, I could only whisper and the kids couldn't hear me most of the time. There were times I just wanted to yell "be quiet" or "stop that" but nothing came out and it was painful. I quickly learned to whisper and slowly the noise turned off, but the end of the week the kids were walking around whispering to each other, it was nice! I need a sign on my glasses that says "speak soft and kind words only" or something like that.

On a bright note, my weight loss has reached another milestone. I have officially lost the weight I gained with Gabe's pregnancy and kept it off for over 30 days. Actually at last count I only have about 4 more pounds to my goal weight of 125, so who knows, maybe my wedding weight of 120 should be my new goal? I'm so excited, the calorie counting really works!

yesterday we went on our annual trip to the Apple orchard. Abby and Gabe had a great time. Abby learned about sitting still and we worked for a good 45 minutes while the teacher lectured. It was very good training for her. Then we went around and pet chickens and saw butterflies. Gabe listened so well and was such an engaged child, I loved all his questions.

Our house hunting is going well, we're still clueless on where we'll end up or what great plans God has for us, and I'm still trying to be ok with it. We really like the small community of Newark and hope to find a few acres with a house and shop there, we'll see!

John is super busy with work and his tactile league. He is an awesome husband and dad. He took the kids all day Saturday and most of Sunday so I could be home, alone, sick. It felt like a vacation to sleep all day, evening if I went through a whole box of tissues and had a fever. He also did all of Drew's school for Friday and worked on his spelling words. I love you John, your such a great man!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Changes Are Upon Us

I can't believe it has been a month already. So much has been going on! Last year I lamented to the Lord that life was simple, the same everyday, very little changes in our crazy life. The Lord kept telling me to rest, this is the year of rest! I knew that meant that changes were coming, I just wasn't quite in the know as to what?'

So here we are a year later and life is changing. My scope of work has changed, Drew's schooling has changed and even our location may change.  God has been leading John to look for some property in the country so our kids can run and jump and climb trees. That type of life comes with a lot of major life  changes - like being 20 minutes from a store or an hour from church or 45 minutes to playdates. We put our house on the market in the hopes of going after a house we liked, but it sold prior to our home even going on the market. So, there is a lot of unknowns and I'm finally at peace with whatever direction God leads. We have a lot of ideas, desires and visions - but ultimately we're just waiting on the Lord to open and close doors and show us His plan for where we need to plant roots, how we need to school our kids, etc.

It is actually a freeing place to be - though there are tons of questions we don't have answers to,  we know who hold our lives in the palm on His hands and are ok with saying "we're not sure,"

The kids ask all the time "When are  we moving or where are we moving." Our repeated answer is "we'll move when God tells us to and where God tells us to. Until that point, we're working on being content right where we are.

So, this past month we cleaned the house, boxed up about half of our stuff and put it in a POD that will be delivered to a new place sometime in the future. John got the house all fixed up and repainted.

Drew started school at Alliance Christian, it seems to be a wonderful match. So far the three days a week he is in school don't consume his entire life. He still has down time to play with his sister and brother and lots of Lego's and imaginative play. Drew spends about 3, sometimes 4 hours on school work Wednesday's and Friday's. The Friday work we've broken up so he only works a few hours Friday and a few hours Saturday. Drew loves his teacher and has made some good friends. The curriculum he is working through is very interactive and fun - some of it repeats last years work so he has a little boost of confidence, the other subjects we're right at grade level since we help him back in first grade. The Math and Grammar are actually level 2 books so were glad  we held him back, since those are second grade classes in public school.

Abby and Gabe are sad to see their brother go off to school, but have been getting much more learning time with momma. We've been having preschool lessons in the mornings for about an hour. Abby loves being included and working on puzzles and listening to stories and counting colored bears. Gabe enjoys reading and math and we're working on Handwriting and Explode the Code for Preschool.

So far we've been very impressed with the quality education at Drew;s school. I miss not having him home those three days but I know with his social personality that a part time school was probably a must have. I love the fact that we have deadlines - that was one area I wasn't good an enforcing last year. Something would come up and I'd just say  we'd get it done the next school day. Now we have hard deadlines that are really keeping Drew on task - its not just momma telling him anymore!

John is back and school, he is also back from vietnam - that is a whole new post!

I've been working on new projects at work, the change has been good and I've been enjoying a little traveling. My new boss is just fine with me working part time hours during the day and then working evenings, which I was a little nervous about. The Lord was gracious and heard my prayers! I was so worried about who would be hired as our new controller. These past few months I've been so blessed with a new boss who is funny and kind and by the book! She and I think a lot alike and are working great together!

Well I best get back to grading Drew's math from today!