Monday, July 31, 2006

July 31,2006
I can't believe it is already the last day in July, this month has flown bye! I thought I would write about Drew's new developments, he has been learning so many new things that I can't keep up with them all.
Yesterday at Sunday supper we all sat down to eat at the table, Drew sat in his special highchair that hangs off the side of the table. Half way through the meal Drew wanted to get down and I told him he had to wait until we were finished. He had not eaten a lot of his dinner so I was hoping he would eat some more. After throwing a nice little fit and looking quite dejected because he did not get his way he was allowed down from the table. Drew then proceeded to climb onto the bench where I had eaten dinner. Then he sat down next to John, grabbed his plate and fork and started to eat his dinner. Somehow he had gotten it in his head that he wanted to sit on the bench like all the big people and he wouldn't rest until he got his way. Oh my we are in for some fun!
On a more positive note I found about 10 new board books at the Goodwill so Drew has been learning a lot of new words. He loves to look at pictures in children's books, point, and say "is it?" I then tell him the word and he tries to repeat it. He learned the word "cow" the other day, he pronounces it "owe" and now thinks that the cow barks like a dog - oh well I can't expect perfection at 18 months. Drew has been so good this past month at receiving instructions and following through with the request. (Drew is listening really well, he just can't say very many words back to me). Today I asked him to get his shoes so we could go eat his lunch outside. He proceeded to walk right over to where he had taken off his shoes earlier and brought them to me. I didn't even know where his shoes were! Drew also knows the command "stop," finally. Today he was playing outside in the front yard and wandered a little too far for my comfort. I asked him to come back, but he did not hear me. I then said "stop" and would you believe he stopped and looked at me! I then repeated "Drew, come to Mommy" and he toddled right over. Yea! I was so excited that the consistency was finally starting to produce some rewards.
Drew is having fun being a little boy! He is climbing on everything and getting into everything. He also runs everywhere! He loves to grab Daddy's tools out of the garage and drag them all over the yard. I often find wrenches in the grass when I am mowing the lawn! A few days ago Drew was using a wrench for a sword and a screwdriver for a crayon. He loves to chase balls all over the house and drag Tupperware under the kitchen table.
I am so blessed to be his Mommy and be able to stay home and watch him grow into a little man right before my eyes!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

July 16, 2006
Drew said three new words today! He said "green", "I get it" and "Amen". It was too cute, we were saying prayers before bed and I said "Amen," then Drew said "a-men," a-mmen," "Amen" and then he clapped for himself! It was so adorable.
July 15, 2006
My how a week can change things! Drew has been a little angel the past week - he hasn't been very cranky and he has been speaking more. I also showed him how to put his toys away, so with some encouragement and help he has been putting away his toys! Drew's new phrase is "where'd it go?." At first I thought it was a fluke, but he has started dropping things places where he can't see them and then repeating the phrase.
Drew has been in a very cuddly mood too! He comes up to me & John many times a day and just wants to give us hugs. He is especially in love will reading books in our laps now too. Oh, Drew has reached another milestone! When I corrected Drew yesterday, he actually showed repentance for something naughty that he had done. I couldn't believe it. I asked him not to do something and he proceeded to do it anyway, so I got down on the floor, as usual, and explained why I was disappointed in him. He burst into "genuine" tears and tried to run into the living room. I grabbed him and just hugged on him and told him that I was so happy to see that he was sorry and I told him that I forgave him. After about 30 seconds he gave me a kiss and then toddled off to play. What a change from last week, where he would not even look me in the eyes when I corrected him.
John is super busy with school still! We are anxious for this chapter in our life to be complete. Poor John, his garage is a disaster because he hasn't had any time in the past 6 weeks to clean it. We have managed to set aside some quality time together, thanks to my mom who watches Drew for us.
We had a new little girl come over to watch Drew for a few hours this week while I work. Her name is Shelby and this was her first babysitting job. She is so sweet, Drew is in love with her! She has such a quiet and gentle spirit about her. When I came downstairs after about 2 hours Drew didn't run over to me like is normally the case. Then, when Shelby left he wouldn't let her put him down. He was actually sad that she had to go. I am so excited about this! Shelby kept Drew on his schedule and engaged him as well. He loves someone other than mommy to play with him!
Well, off to work on my first "movie" for the website. I should get it posted here shortly!

Monday, July 10, 2006

July 10, 2006
Greetings from the Hot and the Humid. The weather has finally changed to true Texas temperatures. It is awful, Drew is so full of energy and we can't go play outside because it is too hot. We finally went out tonight and played a little on his slide, but Drew became very flushed within minutes. His skin is just too fair.
We had an eventful 4th of July that ended with a great BBQ with lots of church couples. Drew enjoyed watching the other kids play video games and having all the women without children pick him up. Drew had to be the center of attention and mostly played with the adults - oh, that only child syndrome! I added a new song to the site they sums up where our family is spiritually right now. We have had a lot of different trials come at us from many different directions. Please keep us in your prayers and pray that the "peace of God which surpasses all understanding will guard our heart and soul and mind." I know that trials in our lives are there to edify our hearts and make us more like Christ. I am so blessed and I pray that this week I will get to a point where I am thankful for these trials. I want to be able to praise Him in these storms, knowing that He will raise me up when I become weak and that He will rain down his mercy. I know that is where God wants me to be, I just need to pray and meditate of the reassuring Word of God! "My help comes from the Lord, the maker of Heaven and Earth."
Drew has been rather cranky this week. He has also started to ignore instructions thinking that if he doesn't react we will think he did not hear us. I am a little frustrated with him and his recent behavior. I know he is just frustrated because he can't play outside; there are only so many books you can read and toys to play with day after day. Hopefully it will cool off a little one evening this week and I can take him to the park to run off some energy or to the pool to swim. Drew's latest game is to throw anything on the floor and say "Uh Oh." It is very cute. He is also into playing with all of Daddy's tools! He loves to walk around the house "fixing" things. Drew has a few new words - here you go, cheese, and sure. He also loves to shake his head "no" when given an instruction or when he knows something is going to happen that he doesn't want to do. We are trying to work on nodding his head "yes" but so far he loves no.
Well, I best get back to cleaning up my office!