Monday, November 29, 2010

I Believe

A Great reminder that Christmas is nothing without the life of Christ lived out on earth followed by his horrific death, and resurrection.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Blessings 2010

Blessed Beyond Measure!

"Yours, O LORD, is the greatness  and the power and the glory and the victory and the majesty, indeed everything that is in the heavens and the earth; Yours is the dominion, O LORD, and You exalt  Yourself as head  over all. "Both riches and honor come from You, and You rule over all, and in Your hand is power and might; and it lies in Your hand to make great and to strengthen everyone.”

v Family – The Lord has blessed us with an amazingly  close and cohesive family that loves the Lord and is always seeking the throne of our Father. Hard times have come (are are yet to come), but our family has only grown and matured in faith. I can say now that I've thankful for those hard times which have laid a solid foundation for our family bto build upon.

v Our Abby – Lord you have blessed us with the health of our little girl, there were days when I sat in that room just staring at all the machines and wondered if we would be  taking our little girl home with us. You provided comfort beyond understanding and wisdom that brought us closer to You. I’m blessed to have three wonderful children and the experience of almost losing one of them has made me more aware each day how short this time on earth is. We’re attempting to make the most of each day, appreciating the small and ordinary - striving for holiness and those things of kingdom worth.

v Disciplines – I’m so thankful that the Lord has heard my cries and pushed me towards a life of discipline. There is nothing better than watching the sun rise reading God’s word after a wonderful workout. Two years ago that idea would have seemed impossible, but then again the Lord is faithful to remind me that “All things are possible with God!” Though I've not arrived by any means, those steps in mastering my flesh seem just a bit easier thanks to the disciplines I've been working on this year.

v Boisterous Boys – My little men are the delight of my day, they keep me on my toes, always answering questions and being reminded that I have 4 little eyes, 20 little fingers, 4 little ears and two beating hearts watching my every move! These little men will someday grow into Kingdom men who shape and mold culture. I am  blessed to be their mommy, to hear their running and jumping feet and listen to their many adventures. How blessed I am to shepherd their hearts upward to our Lord and to be encouraged by their child like faith.

v School – Though our schooling isn’t traditional -- it is, at times, interrupting and overwhelming. I am thankful for the challenge that keeps me focus on the main thing -- their hearts. The main thing this year has been character, its been a challenging semester of struggles and successes. It has been a blessing to study my little boys learning styles, gear lessons towards their minds that captivate their interests. I’ve been blessed this year to see a love for learning developed in my children and hearts-- willing and ready to listen and learn. Though our lessons aren’t traditional, normally short while little boys wiggle, jump, do hand stands, and ask tons of questions, it has been a life altering decision that has brought about lots of practice in patience and joyfulness. I’m thoroughly blessed to say that the practice of patience and controlling my anger and tongue produces a much better mommy. I’ve asked for a lot of forgiveness these past months, but I do know my children have seen a difference in me for the better! The daily challenge of all that is on my plate has resulted a longer fuse and a delight in the ordinary days of life. I am so thankful for this opportunity to daily practice and put into action the lessons from His Word.

v Friendships – I can’t believe the Lord has brought about such closeness in my boys. I am thankful for this precious gift, I’d prayed while pregnant with  Gabe that the boys would love each other and be the best of friends. This year of schooling at home has developed a friendship between the boys that I never dreamed would be possible. They genuinely love and care for the other. I am blessed to call them my sons! Then also have a deep love and concern for their little sister which is so precious and sweet. The boys are constantly looking out for Abby - whether it be what is is putting in her mouth or entertaining her with their many antics. Abby is a blessed little girl to have such amazingly protective big brothers!

v Marriage- I remember the feeling of not having a boyfriend while in High School, I am so thankful that the Lord saved me much heart ache and  loss. My one and only man John has been my soul mate for some 13 years. I wasn’t expecting such a man to come across my path and sweep me off my feet! I am a blessed woman to have only dated one man and am able to  call him my husband of almost 8 years. I love him dearly, there is no one so generous and kind and selfless as my John.

v Teaching – My sweet man, after almost a decade of wondering what plans God has for his long term career, was blessed with a job from the Lord. The scenario only  the Lord could orchestrate, it was the perfect job, perfect timing, perfect salary, perfectly ordained by our Lord to bring Himself glory. John had always thought that he wanted to teach math or science, but since jobs were so scarce last year he took whatever he could get. That job happened to be a special education aid job, which turned into a special education teaching position. This year John has confirmed that these kids are exactly where God wants him to minister. John loves working as a special education teacher and I’m so thankful that God’s big plan for that aspect of John’s life has finally  been revealed. I'm anxious to see where this new path may lead us.

v Appliances – I love my new appliances and being without a washer/dryer/dishwasher for over a month proved how very blessed I am!

v Love of Family – I just love my family, the dynamic is so fun and the way we all interact is a blessing.

v Date Nights – I am so thankful that John’s mother was able to come and stay with us these past few weeks. I was able to refresh, relax a little, get out of the house a lot more, spend some time alone with each of the kids. I am especially thankful for a night away with my sweet husband in a hotel! We both received a much needed investment into our marriage and it  was a great opportunity to talk about our future goals for 2011.

Thank you Lord for all your mighty gifts, though  our lives certainly aren’t perfect, its a great reminder to me that our Life is just where you want it – just perfect for maturing in our faith, increasing in love, and hope!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gabe's Own Special Day

In our  family you own the day you were born - at least when your little! So for Gabe's 3rd Birthday he was treated to pretty much whatever he wanted - no chores, no bed time, no sharing toys or eating your veggie's! The morning began with waffles and whip cream with Good Morning Tea. The waffles were decked out with a special train on top. Then we headed out on a Mommy date for lunch, Gabe picked McDonald's and had a happy meal! Gabe wasn't sure what to do with just Mommy! When we came home Gabe opened his Birthday gifts! Mrs. Kelly gave Gabe a set up dirty puppies which he has been carrying around constantly!That evening after dinner Gabe and Drew had a movie night and watched How to Train Your Dragon in their PJ's while  eating popcorn, M&M's, and juice. Gabe opened his final present which was a fun dragon figurine that he has been flying all over the house. How special to have a day all your own!

 Then we went and picked out a special Birthday Gift just for Gabe, he picked out a plane and navy aircraft carrier. Gabe and Drew had endless hours of fun playing around the house with it! Then we  returned home for a special dinner!  Daddy took Gabe out the next morning for doughnuts and a trip to Cabella's where Gabe picked out a new flashlight (evidently he wanted one of his own for our next camping trip!)

On Saturday Gabe had a family/friend party at the house and thanks to Grandma Patti, we all ate yummy lasagna and salad! Mrs Nicole made Gabe a special Train cake which tasted as good as it looked!

I  can't believe my baby is 3, he is growing into such a funny and diligent little boy. I am a very lucky mommy to have been blessed with you Gabers!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Inscriptions For Gabe

My Son.

Today, Gabe, is the long anticipated day. Today you are 3! This is the first birthday you've been able to anticipate. You've been counting down the days for weeks and I'm so thrilled that this  day is finally here and we can celebrate! You picked a special breakfast and are looking forward to our Mommy Date for lunch. I believe How To Train Your Dragon is planned for this evenings Movie Night!

Gabe, you are such a joy and I count it a privilege to be your mommy. From the first  day I held you in my arm I knew you would be a delight to raise. Your two's just flew by and though we had a few months of temper tantrums and "No's", the majority of your life you have been so easy to shepherd! I can't believe how quickly you catch on to things. At  2 1/2  you practically potty trained yourself. In our mornings together you've already learned all your colors and numbers to 12. It wasn't intentional learning, you just spent a lot of time watching and listening and caught on all by yourself. Then you insisted on doing "School" just like brother. Your cutest phrase right now is, " Mommy, that makes me frust r ated!" or "Mommy, I TiToed (tiptoed)." You weren't much of a talker until August of this year, then you started talking in full sentences and haven't stopped - unless your interrupted by Drew which happens fairly frequently! Gabe, you love to learn new things, you follow Drew's every move and want to be just like him. You love sharing a big boy room with your brother and your train track building skills are incredible. I love to watch those wheels turn as you design a train track or build a castle out of blocks.

I love how compassionate and loving you are to others, especially your siblings. Your best friend is your brother Drew and you constantly play together. I love listening to you both dialog in the mornings when your playing in your room waiting for the 8:00 wake up. You both have such great ideas and I enjoy listening to you both discuss how your going to get all your trains to run on the track, or how your going to attach this track over there. What a delight as a mom to watch my boys become best friends! When I drop you at preschool in the mornings you always give Drew a huge kiss and hug, Drew always comments on the way home how much he is going to miss you. I love that!

Your sister follows your every move. She adores you Gabe! I know you will be wonderful friends too! When Abby came home from the hospital you never let her out of your sight. Your the one who brings her toys and comforts her if I'm out of the room. Do you remember when you and Drew were playing shark and using the kitchen set as a boat? You were the one who convinced Drew that Abby need to get on the "boat" so her toes didn't get eaten. There is just so much to love about you little man!

If I had to pick one quality I appreciate the most about you it would be your sense of humor. I love how often you make me giggle! You love to tell me, "I will mommy... I will... I will!" and it always makes me laugh out loud! You are always smiling and giggling - capturing the attention of others and bringing them into your joyful boyhood.You love to tell me little jokes and tease me when I'm not expecting it.

I know that God has such amazing plans for your life and I'm privileged to me your mom. I can't believe you are 3 already! I remember staying up with you that first night snuggling and kissing you and whispering prayers of salvation into your ear. Where has the time gone, your now growing into such a beautifully spirited little boy with likes and dislikes, an obedient heart, and a sense of humor that will engage anyone.  Your insights and imagination are uninhibited - always abounding with new ideas and plans - I think you get that from your brother! I love being your mommy! I loved taking you out today and having a mommy date! You weren't quite sure how to handle being all by yourself, I loved how you opened doors for me and tried to hold my hand when crossing the street - dragging me across the street when you saw a car coming 60 feet away! 

I am truly blessed!

He will be a joy and delight to you, and many will rejoice because of his birth, Luke 1:14 NIV

Love, Mommy

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Goodnight Kiss

“Goodnight Kiss” by Steve and Annie Chapman

I count it as a privilege
I count it cause for praise
to kiss my children goodnight
at the close of everyday
for I know too soon they're off and gone
and walkin' out the door
and I'll never have a child to kiss
goodnight anymore
It's very strange how times have changed
from the present to the past
when did they grow so quickly
the time has flown so fast
for it seems that only yesterday
I helped him with his shirt
or pat my baby on the back
or kissed away a hurt
tell the story read a book
wipe a nose or tie a shoe
they never ask me to rub their back
the way they used to do
once it was a bother
just a troublesome kind of chore
now I would give anything
to do it just once more
mommy bounce me on your knee
daddy flip me in the air
throw a rubber ball to me
and help me comb my hair
mommy tickle my tummy
daddy hold me high
let's go outside for awhile
or make a kite to fly
I count it as a privilege
I count it cause for praise
to kiss my children goodnight
at the close of everyday
for I know too soon they're off and gone
and walkin' out the door
and I'll never have a child to kiss
goodnight anymore
And I'll never have a child to kiss

goodnight anymore...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Daddy's Lesson

Daddy taught the boys about levers, pulley's and weights this weekend. The boys had such fun loading their animals on the ropes and lifting them! Drew has been working on a way to  create a draw bridge for his "castle" so this was a great lesson just in time for more creative planning this week! Drew and I are reading a Magic Tree House book about knights so that is Drew's latest project. The boys will love what I have in store for them this Christmas - it has everything to do with Medieval knights and castle and battles!!!

October In Review

We were so busy in October with school, trips, sickness, Birthday's galore and a new nephew; I didn't have any time for blogging. So here is a little recap!

The end of October my new LG appliances arrived! I was so excited to finally stop transporting all my clothes to my mothers or friends houses! Also the hand washing of dishes was awful - I'm so thankful for whoever invented the dishwasher!!!

Abby spent them month of October terrible sick - though you wouldn't know it from her appearance. I took Abby in to the doctor the beginning of October for what I thought was a UTI  the Holy Spirit just nudged me to call and see if any appointments were available since I was leaving for OKC to help my sister with the delivery of my nephew and didn't want to leave John with a sick child. Anyhow, Abby was diagnosed with a UTI, RSV, an ear infection and possible a kidney infection or stomach virus. She looked wonderful so I was shocked! Needless to say since RSV is highly contagious I didn't get to see my nephew being born and photograph the big day. Abby spent the next month recovering and on antibiotics. The UTI was a very resistant strain and we ended up at a specialist. Abby is presently on myralax to help her get a little more regular and not as constipated. Abby weighed in around 18.6 pounds in October and gained her first teeth - the bottom front. Abby also learned to crawl or scoot around the house. Her stomach is so large that she can't get up  on her knees, so she just army crawls around.

 Gabe spent his October going to preschool and copying everything his big brother does. He has had  a little asthma flair up, but nothing like last year. Gabe's big accomplishment was putting on his own underwear and counting to 10. It is so funny how quickly Gabe is growing up, he just has to do everything his older brother does. In circle time Gabe must write on the white board just like Drew, or count to 10 in Spanish just like Drew or count by 10's just like Drew. My little man is growing up and I'm a little sad. Gabe is talking non stop about things, he loves to get checks for good character. Gabe reacts so well to rewards, he potty trained himself just so he could get M&M's!

Drew spent his October learning! We had a lot of fun reading tons of new books that I ordered like the Magic Tree House and Paperboy. Drew loves to be read to so  I've been focusing on that aspect instead of reading sentences. Drew is really good at spelling words aloud, I think the idea of all those words on a page shuts him down. When we focus on just one word then he is willing to try and is quite proud of himself when he spells the word correctly/ Drew We did a rock unit thanks to my Auntie  Beth which then moved us onto Volcano's. It is so interesting to observe how Drew learns and grows. Most of his day involves just playing, we only spent 2-3 20 minute sections on sitting down copying words or reading aloud or memorizing things. We're not a structured as I had anticipated but I'm learning that structure in short 20 minute intervals is productive but anything over that just ends in frustrations. It has been a really fun few months, Drew and I have both learned a lot!

Mommy & Abby went to Oregon for a visit with family and friends. It was a wonderful break from everyday routine and it was so nice to introduce Abby to John's side of the family.  I saw my friend Bethany and Melody while there and touch based with  my old friend Amy from High School.

I uploaded all of October's pictures on our photo blog so hop on over and see all that we've been doing!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Piece of My Past Meets A Piece of My Present

Here is Ollie at age 20, he is living out his retirement dream and is a pasture dweller. It was wonderful to visit and see how well he is loved and cared for!