Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Foster Journey - 3 months

Our family received our first foster child just 3 months ago, he was a mere 2 days old and 5 pounds. Little A. has grown into a happy and relaxed baby. He is still not sleeping through the night but he is down to only one typical feeding at 4 AM then he goes right back to sleep. A loves to sleep and takes very long naps when we are home, if we're our running errands, he is less cooperative! The long "awake all nights" are done and he is  becoming more and more predictable each day. Littler A loves his milk warmed, hates water, loves chaos and movement and his swing, hates his crib and long car rides. His beautifully created personality is coming out more and more each day.

Our kiddo's have adjusted well to having a little charmer in their midst. The 10 and 5 year old are big helpers, always ready to push the stroller or bring me a bottle. They love to smile and make him laugh. Gabe, my middle 7 year old ignores him most of the time, he doesn't like to feed or push him much. We've tried to be more aware, since this was not unexpected, and spend more 1 on 1 time with Gabe. Gabe is finally warming up to him.

This week the kids are at VBS, and this was how Drew and Abby responded when asked, "Oh, do you have a new baby brother?"

Abby - No, he is not my brother, he is our foster baby. We have him because his mommy made bad choices, but she is learning to make better choices and then he will go back to her." I Wuv him a lot.

Drew  (no nonsense kid) -  Looks over at me and then looks at his teacher and says "Yes" then walks into the class. I laughed silently, he has come to the same conclusion I have, yep he is a Williams for now and we look at him as such - plus its just not a conversation we need to have with the general population. When little A moves to his forever home we will  be sad and mourn the loss and await the next "Williams" to join in our our journey.

We are so blessed to be a little part of this boys life, God has great things in store for him. We pray daily that he would come to know the Lord at a young age and would be a light to his wounded family. Our heart will break when he goes on to his forever home - whether that is with a relative or to his parents.  We also pray that God would consider us as his forever home, but its too early in the process to consider this.  We are trying to stay focused and committed to taking this one day at a time. He is safe and in our care, that in itself is something to celebrate!

We have a few friends walking this journey with us who are going on vacations, so this summer we are looking forward to providing respite care for some little ones!