Monday, July 23, 2012

I Am.....

Abby one year ago 18 months in Colorado Springs @ The Focus on the Family Institute
I have been thinking a lot lately about who I am. I've had lots of quiet over the last 10 days - my two loudest children are with their Daddy in Oregon and sweet Abby and I are here. Abby demands a lot of attention when awake, but she sleeps a lot, so I had quiet hours to work and think. Here are  random thoughts rattling around in my mind:

I am:

... about to be a single parent for 10 days while my husband serves in Vietnam.

... concerned about John's ankle and his ability to walk in a foreign country and deal with the pain.

Gabe at 2 weeks.

... a work from home mother who has identity issues - to those around me I am a mom, to those at work I'm an employee, to my company I am valued and gifted, to my family I feel inadequate. It is much easier to work in a promising job that earns a nice paycheck and has lots of people who make important requests, than raise godly children up to be a blessed generation. One is instantaneous, the other takes decades of molding and shaping and wiping and correcting. The very act of raising counter cultural kids is hard and exhausting - but I wouldn't trade it for the world. My family is such a blessing, I just struggle these days with balancing work and maintaining a peaceful and Christ centered home.

... headed on my first business trip since 2006 and will escape the Texas heat for a few days in rainy Seattle.

... going shopping for some non-mommy clothing!

... remembering our trip to Colorado last year.

... praying for patience and wisdom and a spirit of joy.

... dreaming of Fall and cooler weather.

... adopted into the family of Christ and beloved by God.

... exhausted but can't sleep.

... down 6 pounds since June 1st!

... purging the house of clutter and deep cleaning.

... recovering from a sinus infection.
Gabe about 16 months

... enjoying spending some quiet time reading Lamplighter Books, the one I just finished was the Robbers Cave - very much a boy book for Drew in another year or two.

... tired of potty training a 2 year old who hates panties and loves to pee on the floor!

... sipping rose tea with raw honey and listing to sweet Fernando music, now that will relax me!

... dreaming of heaven and yet remembering I still have a job here on earth.

Drew @ 14 Months
... tired of picking up and sorting LEGO's.

... thinking about when my kids were babies.

... wondering why Abby is obsessed with sucking and playing with only the LEGO heads?

... fearful of change, especially this next school year plans, I'm regretting our decision even though I feel God led us in the way He wanted us to go.

... surrounded by papers and work and e-mails and not looking forward to a busy Monday and the last evening alone with my husband before he leaves.
Gabe about 14 months

... thankful for a godly husband who cares for me and brings peace into my often chaotic life. He cherishes me and meets needs I never even knew I had. He is my best friend and most faithful advocate.

Easter 2010 - all home at last!
... Blessed... Blessed... Blessed... Blessed!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Meet My New Nephew: Jonah Mateo

I went to see my sister for a few days while John and the boys were away. I had a great time cuddling Jonah, entertaining two kiddo's under 2 1/2 and spending quality time with my sister. It was nice to just bring Abby, it was way more relaxed and restful. I did a photo shoot with my Nephew, my sister had some great pose ideas so they really turned out well. I hope she likes them!