Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year - New Plans - New Life

The year 2014 was wonderful, it was a quiet year after the chaos of building and moving. We spend time together as a family resting and playing games and getting back in touch after a rough 6 months of house building chaos, living in boxes, frustrations, & overall chaos. We rested and got settled. John built the shop he has always dreamed of and we built a fence for the property. Life slowed in July so we took the Foster Parenting classes we had been praying about for years. I spent the next 5 months slowly combing through the paperwork and requirements and rules so we would be complete by the New Year!

October 20 - surprise I awoke anxious to leave with Abby the next day, my birthday, to visit Oregon. Instead I found out, along with my entire company of 17 years, that our company had been sold. I later found out in December that I would be part of the group being let go in March. Wow.

So here I am, my world will shift completely  in the next 4 months. It is all good, God is  good and has been preparing my heart for these changes for many years. I would be a liar though if I didn't say I am a bit lost. I've always known who I was and what I did every day. I worked and taught and kept the house - granted at a crazy busy speed. Now that work is slowing, crawling really and our finances will be cut in half - its a lot for me to take in. I am always had my work, always had a consistent paycheck. I have worked with the same people for 17 years, that is longer than I've been married. Saying good bye to all of that is very hard.

Life is hard and good and changing all the time. I will not deny its going to be rough and hard for me to find my new self, new pace, new schedule. But I know that God has orchestrated all things together for His glory and His ways are so much better than anything I could dream about. So I try to rest in Him and His promises. I will worship like I've never worshiped before and teach like I've never taught before and keep house like I always wished I had time for. I will also get depressed and cry and question too, because those are  real thoughts and fears and changes. But I will overcome because I don't' really have a choice.

I am very blessed and have an amazing family to support me during this transition.

I am also excited to give out of this season of grief - give to the little life that will be coming into our home needing a safe place to find peace and care and  comfort. We are all very eager to welcome in a new child to serve and love deeply on.

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