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Williams Christmas Letter 2013

Christmas 2013               
Blessings from the Williams!
2013 for our family was consistent – not many changes to our immediate family, but Missy did experience the passing of both grandparents this year. The consistency of 2013 was a nice reprieve in anticipation of our country move this coming February. We have been working with a builder since May to build us a country home in Rhome Texas on 1.5 acres. We are excited to experience country life and all that comes with it – like gardens and chickens and hopefully a workshop in the next few years.

I (John) am in my fifth year of working for Fort Worth ISD as 6-8 grade special education teacher. I come home tired, but I also have an immense feeling of significance and accomplishment at the end of each day.  In-between working with Jr. High students and wrangling three littles at home; I am still able to spend some time in the garage making the occasional batch of sawdust to help exercise my creativity. In 2013 I finally finished our custom wood bed that I’d been dreaming of for years. Missy is quite delighted!

Missy is in her 15th year working for WesTower as a Senior Accountant and over the last year, her job has gone through many changes, but she added more brain cells, adapted, tried not to grumble and even managed to learn a new software program. Missy is still enjoying being able to work from home, yet occasionally partaking in a business trip or two to get her out of the house. Although, I will admit when mommy is away, the home never runs quite as smooth. She has the art of homeschooling my boys and walks that line of structure and chaos very well – the boys challenge her type A charts and schedule on a daily basis and she does her best to be flexible! She also chases after our Cutie Pie Abby and keeps her little mind active and hands busy. Missy has the blessing of two helpers who come throughout the week who tutor and assist with the children’s schooling and take the kids out on field trips or swimming or fishing or whatever our stellar babysitter Mrs. Kelly has up her sleeve while Missy works. 

Drew will turn 9 in January and is turning into a responsible and diligent young man. Drew enjoys the flexibility of homeschooling, weekly Art classes, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to focus his overflowing energy. He will take his yellow belt test in the next month and is excited!  In Drew’s free time, he enjoys building with anything he can get his hands on including daddy’s tools or inventing with LEGO’s or making zip lines off his bunk bed – all while listening to audio books.  Please pray we would continue to inspire Drew’s creativity while teaching him to regulate his energy and enthusiasm into productive avenues.

Gabe just turned 6 in November and is already trying to create his own passageway in this world. He does spends a lot of his time playing with his brother and we are blessed that they get along so well; however Gabe is his own person with his own ideas. Gabe loves to draw and read, he also enjoys LEGOS and is often found in quiet places contemplating the size of the universe or if God wears underwear. Gabe is also partaking in Jiu Jitsu and is doing very well. He is always the first to answer any question and loves to please his teachers. Gabe is very sensitive, yet has quite the sense of humor; he always wants to help the kids around him and is a peacemaker, which can be an interesting mix when they are sparring. Please pray that Gabe’s heart always stays tender and that his compassion never diminishes.

Abigail (my little one) will be turning 4 in the next month and as far as she is concerned she is ready to snatch the world with both hands. To say that Abigail has her personality already solidified would be a slight understatement. Abigail is not a follower at all (although she is often running behind her brothers) she is developing her point of view and opinions much faster than the boys ever did. She has also been a little bit more vocal or wordy than the Williams boys. She is hoping to get involved in Jiu Jitsu sometime in the next year. Abby enjoys 2 days of preschool and participated in Art, speech, and Ballet classes this year. Please pray that we are able to hone her fearlessness and wild personality; focusing it on serving the Lord with gladness– I think she will be a world changer one day or a politician!

Kitty (our 14 year old black lab) recently got a new partner in crime Belle (our new eight-month-old Belgian Malinois). It is amazing how much a new puppy is like having a new baby in the house! Belle adores the children, loves to chew on deer antlers and bones and enjoys going to the dog park almost as much as the kids.   

To summarize - the Williams clan is happy, healthy, and truly blessed - we pray the same for you and yours this Christmas Season. As we gather, we pray you reflect on how God sent his Son for us so that we may all experience His grace and forgiveness.  

We pray that … “the God of hope fill(s) you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.
~ Romans 15:13 ~

Just for a good laugh – here is a list of commonly heard phrases around our house:

Stop doing Jiu Jitsu at the dinner table!
Boy, where did your pants go, you just put them on!

Gabe your pants are on backwards and your shirt is inside out and backwards.
 I know, I'm backwards boy!

Abigail you are not supposed to mix plaid with stripes and a pink tutu.
Stop interrupting me!

Where did my drill go, I have four drills I should be able to find one.

Stop practicing the LVNR on your brother.

No roller blades on the stairs, especially at 6am!

Princess dresses are really itchy to sleep in.

Mommy is not your sparring partner.
It will feel better when it quits hurting.
No weapons at the table – that includes LEGO knives!

Where are your shoes?
Where is my pencil?
Give me hugs!
You so sweet (Abby)!
“Oh, you the best Momma”

You can have that when you have a license, a degree and have worked 10 years!

The Williams

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