Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Homeschooling Recap: Quarter 1, 2013

We're finishing up our first 9 weeks! The kids and I are excited for a nice break from school. Here is a summary of what we worked on this quarter:

Bible - The Big Dig
  • We're working our way through the book of Luke. The boys have learned about the theme of Luke, that is it written to the Gentiles and is written in chronological order. We have made it to chapter 8, covering the chapter about the tree that bears good fruit and the man who build his house on the rock because he read and obeyed the Word of God. There were many other great lesson, but these were the ones the boys resonated with.

Reading and Phonics - Explode the Code 3,7

  • Gabe worked on blending initial sounds on book 3, he has progressed to blending sounds both in the first and ending positions. He added 25 more lessons in Teach your Child to Read and is now up to lesson 65! He is gaining confidence in his reading and really would like for me to start him in a spelling program - crazy boy!
  • Drew finished up ETC book 6 review chapters and is now 2 chapters into book 7. The shift to book 7 has been a challenge for Drew, but I'm amazed at how far he has come. The first lessons covered the "c" that says "s." The second lessons covered the "g" sound that says "j" like in gym. The content in this books shifts to more difficult words and concepts - which Drew has had a hard time with. On the plus side, Drew is starting to remember his phonics rules and has started to identify and use them in his decoding. The paragraph reading is his hardest part because he lacks confidence, but he can read almost all the words. Drew is making great progress this year, he is starting to believe he is a good reader which is translating to him becoming a great reader.
  • We are working our way through Hatchet - only 3 more chapters until the end. The boys are sad because they enjoy it so much, I'm not sure I can top Hatchet with my next book?
Handwriting- A Reason for Handwriting

  • Gabe reviewed the formation of all upper and lower case letters using review sheets from A Reason for Handwriting. Gabe is working on slowing down and not erasing so much.
  • Drew has worked through 14 lessons and is doing very well, he needs to remember to slow down and form correct letters, but he has mastered capital letters and periods! Drew loves to write out his verses on the formal pages and color them. He enjoys giving them to neighbors and family members.
History - Story of the World
  • We picked up where we left off last year, so we're up to lesson 21. The boys started off with the Call of Abram and we've made it to the Medes and Persians. Daniel was captured by Babylon 65 years earlier and just told the king the interpretation of the "writing on the wall." I love how this correlates to what I'm learning about in my Precept class on Daniel!
 Geography - A Child's Geography

  •  Both boys learned about the atmosphere this quarter, they learned about the Troposphere, Stratosphere, Ionosphere and Mesosphere. We made post cards for each of the 3 chapters and sketched the layers in the upper and lower atmosphere. We also learned some Latin words like "stratus" and "thermos" and "Sphere."
Vocabulary - Worldly Wise 3
  • Drew covered three lessons in WW3 and memorized the definitions of 30 words like: "attract" "starve," resident," "marine," and "vessel." 
Spelling - A Reason for Spelling
  • Drew worked through 8 lesson of spelling words, he loved putting words in boxes and putting them in alphabetical order. Drew consistently scored about a 90% on his spelling tests and even got to go to Blue Cherry once for receiving a perfect score!  His overall grade was a 92%
  • This year it was important to me that the boys learn about the Bill of Rights. So we spent a few weeks learning about the forming of our government and the boys memorized the first 3 Bill of Rights and how they were given to us by God not from the government.
Science - Apologia - Flying Creatures of the 5th Day
  • This quarter we studied "What Makes a Bird a Bird," Drew memorized the classification of animals and classified 5 different animals. He learned about Zoology and what feathers are made of and how they maintain their stability.  Both boys made wooden bird houses and did an experiment to see which types of bird seed the birds liked best. We borrowed bird journals from the Library and found the most common birds that frequent our yard.  We also went on nature walks and scavenger hunts - the bird guides were always close at hand!
Mathematics - Saxon
  • Drew learned about counting money, multiplying by 5,10,7 and how to measure.
  • Gabe learned about time and writing his numbers 1-100. He also is learning about even and odd numbers.
  • All three kids are taking Art Lessons at Artful Mayhem and have tapped into their creative side - which comes from Daddy. They painted self portraits, did some impressionist work and last week used shapes to draw and paint ice cream on cones! They also drew a lot of birds because of their science lessons.
Physical Education
  • Rough and Tumble - these boys are busy in Jiujitsu 4x/week for 90 minutes. They are learning how to take down an opponent and also agility. The boys come home tired and are sleeping and eating a lot! This has been great for keeping their attention on school work and is also a great motivator to get their school work completed!

Abby is enjoying Preschool 2x a week - which gives mommy and the boys some uninterrupted time for school and work!

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