Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My Second Grader: Drew

 Drew, I am so proud of you! You are in second grade and I'm in shock, how can you be so old and mature! These last few week you started reading. I never thought I would write those words. My boy, you march to the beat of your own drum. You are highly intelligent and easily distracted.  I'm fairly sure you get the "easily distracted" part from me! You have so much swimming around in your head that it is hard for me to keep up with you. The term "Absent minded professor" comes to my mind. I love it that traditional school is not your thing. I have learned more about life from you than any other person. Drew, you keep me on my toes, always inventing and creating and designing models. Just today you made a Lego diorama of a wolf head.

You have an impeccable memory. Last week you memorized the classification of animals chart and today I asked you to recite it and you did! I was impressed. I'm so blessed to be your mom.

You started Jui Jitsu last month and really discipline yourself. You also started your second year of art class. You are so creative, art lessons just inspire you to keep creating. Your favorite past time is to draw and paint. You also love Lego creations and Robot kits. What a great mind God blessed you with. I know it will be used to further the Gospel and to preach Christ to the nations!

I'm one blessed mommy to be home with you - listening to your ideas and arguments for a 6 day creation. I love that learning is fun for you as long as you get to hear it or touch it! Your favorite book to read independently is the Adventure Bible and your favorite read aloud is Hatchet.

Drew you are the most compassionate and gentle person I know.

May the Lord bless you with a job that utilizes all that energy to further the Gospel of Jesus.


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