Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My Preschooler (3): Abby

 Sweet and energetic Abby. I am so glad you get to go to Preschool this year! You are in speech and art classes too this year. Your my little one that I need to keep busy, when we're home you get into so much trouble! You tried Ballet last month, it was not quite your thing. Daddy wants to get you into a Martial Arts! Abby you are so full of life and vibrancy, nothing phases you. Your personality is full of flair and fun!

 Your favorite color is pink, you love to play doll house with mommy or brothers and collect small objects in cups! The boys are always building forts and you enjoy being right in the middle, even if that means climbing your brothers 10 food high bunkbed!

 Abby, sweet darling, you love to sing and dance and to pretend to read. Its so much fun having a little girl to wear my shoes and sing like no one is watching. I love that you "miss me"  all the time and are always bestowing hugs and kisses on my leg. You were super excited to leave for preschool this morning, not a tear was shed and you smiled and clapped and jumped the whole drop off process. You were Super Excited!
 If I could pause time I'd stop it right now, I love the ages of you and your brothers! I love the lisp and the smile that shines from ear to ear. I wish I loved life as much as you and I pray you never loose that smile. I know God has big plans for your care free nature and I can't wait to watch you join in on His plans!

Love, Mommy

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