Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My Kinder/1st Grader: Gabe

Gabe, I can't believe you are 5 1/2 and ready to sit and learn new and explore more independently. What a mature little boy you have become. Your favorite color is green, you love quiet and reading books and getting up early. Your my morning kid, always smiling and ready for the day. Often when I sneak downstairs your waiting on the couch for me with a smile.

Gabe, you take to learning with ease, since were in my womb you were the more relaxed and easy child. You love to follow your brother and you even let him boss you around. Your a great encourager and playmate to your older and younger siblings.

You have a flair for art and creation. You also have a great sense of humor.

This year you will be starting 1st grade. Your Kinder year is almost finished and I can't believe how diligently you work on your school work and how quick you remember facts. You are so much like your daddy! I find it hard to keep you challenged and learning, things just come easy for you. On the other hand you are only 5 and I want you to enjoy childhood and all the adventures that come with it. I'm excited to see the great adventures God has planned for your life!

This week you started the next year of art class with Mrs Sara! You were so excited to see her and were shocked by her red hair! You also started Jui Jitsu the end of August. Daddy had been wanting to get you and Drew enrolled, it seems to consume our evenings, but you LOVE it. I'm sure you'll be taking down Drew in no time!

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