Saturday, August 17, 2013

School Happenings and Life

We just completed two weeks of school and we're still on schedule, wow I  can't believe it! In these first two weeks we've worked through a lot of fun material. The highlight for Drew was his paper airplane experiment and the history reading - we're currently reading about The Phoenicians and Assyria. Fun times! Gabe and Drew are plugging along with their schedule and doing quite well - its fun to see them sit on the couch and read silently and then share about what they read.

We're sad to see John head back to work on Monday - sniff sniff! I really enjoyed him home this summer. He is currently running around the house finishing up last minute projects like - molding around the mirrors and a new shed door. I'm painting and touching up things around the house, trying to make it look less lived in! We celebrate 10 years in this home in November - about the time we move into our new house that is being built. I was praising the Lord today when I realized how he directed us to this home, our original plan was to not have kids right away and we were looking at a smaller 1400 sf home, when this 2150 sf home landed in our lap. What a blessing because we would have wanted to move from the smaller house and God knew that ahead of time and blessed us with this bigger home for the same price.

Our new home build is finally getting started - 3 months later than I thought. We made a lot of changes and it all took time and patience. We're excited to watch the house go up and let the kids enjoy country life - I've been drawing yard plans and researching the fruit orchard I want to plant. I foresee a homeschool class in horticulture in our future!

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