Thursday, August 29, 2013

Melissa’s Weekly Journal WE 8/31

My Weekly Life Summary: 
This week will be fun, I’m traveling to Mississippi for a few days, and the kids are home with sitters while John works. The boys have Jujitsu Monday-Wednesday evenings this week and Abby has ballet on Thursday. The boys are hoping to get a yellow stripe – not sure what that means or how they obtain it, but they are excited.
 John has his first week with his new students! We are praying he does not get any runners!
Praying for: 
Our house to be started/finished in God’s perfect timing – He knows we have family coming from China and Oregon for Christmas. Update: The final paperwork was signed for the final set of changes and the permits were ordered. Our French doors and covered patio is now in the plans and the pricing was very reasonable!
Abby – she has been very naughty lately because she is bored in the mornings while the boys have school. She constantly interrupts and doesn’t play with what I’ve given her. It seems like wherever I put her she destroys something or makes a huge mess. This makes for very long days! I can’t wait for her to start preschool next week – she will go Monday’s and Wednesday’s.
Finding a new helper that can assist a few hours during the week with schoolwork and also fill in for me when I have a meeting or training class. Praise – we have a Homeschooling senior coming to hang out with us on Thursday next week – praying she is a great fit!
Drew’s reading to improve and for him to like reading.

Homeschool  Stuff: 
Gabe has his first Math test this week and Drew is finishing his last assignment for Fullbright Zoology on Flying Creatures Chapter 1. The first lesson was great and Drew is excited for chapter 2 on birds! Drew was also excited because he got a 100% on his Spelling test – that is the first time! He is thrilled to go out to ice-cream with mommy or daddy this weekend as a reward.

Oily Stories
Progesterone for my depression & hormone issues – still going strong!
Johns left shoulder has been in severe pain for many months and I’ve been able to get it down to a 2 using Clove and Cedarwood. This is a huge praise because we were looking to have surgery to keep the muscle in place. His lower back has been sore, I used Panaway which helped!
Drew’s chlorine allergy from the pool was fixed with R.C.

Special Projects:
I cleaned out my office – dusted and wiped everything down. That hadn’t been done in about 6-12 months. Yippee! There are still tons of boxes in the office for packing, but at least the part where I work is clean and organized.
I’m converting my 2011 blog entries to a book this week, its my long-term goal to get each year done and printed for our family library. I also bought the pdf copy so each of the kids can have all our stories written down and they do not fight over the one copy I am buying for the family.

God’s Fingerprints:
John’s back and shoulder are improving – his back and shoulder pain had been at an 8 three months ago. Now that I’ve been using the oils on him every night, his back pain is at a 2 and shoulder fluctuates from a 2-4. I’m so excited, this is his first time being close to pain free! I can’t think of a time in John’s life where he wasn’t in pain. John has been coming home and taking the kids to Jujitsu and then playing blow guns with them in the evenings and reading them their bible story. Prior to the YL oils he would come home from work and crash in bed because his back and shoulder pain took all his energy.
Our ability to keep the kids at home and teach them; as the world goes back to school, it reminds me how blessed I am to teach around the table. Its hard work and unconventional most of hte time, but it works for us!
Transitions within my job, I acquired a new department to work on. This takes away a good chunk of the job I have done for 10 years, but challenges me in a new area. The area I’ll be taking over is Fixed Assets, its never been managed so I’ll be starting with a mess! I’m thankful the company will pay for my training classes and are still allowing me to work from home.

Dreaming about:
What our life will look like when we move to the country! That will be a huge change from having the Kroger in our front yard.

What I'm reading, listening to, and watching: 
I’m (slowly) working through John Piper’s book A Hunger for God.
I just finished Leonard Sax book “Boys Adrift” which shocked me. In the book he addresses 4 top reason why he believes that boys are not making it in our culture. The most shocking information came out of a Harvard study where it was determined that brain stimulating medication like Ritalin can improve focus in not only children with ADHD but also in children who did not have ADHD. The findings also showed that in boys, being on this medication for a mere 3 months increases a boy’s motivation – especially after puberty. The medication alters the brain center where ambition resides and many boys are couch potatoes because they have no desires due to being medicated.
We are working through Hatchet – we have about 8 more chapters left. The boys love it!
Still working on the “Lord, Bless My Child” prayer journal for Drew this year. My goal is to complete it by December.
Reading in the Psalms and refreshing myself with Daniel before the next Precept class begins.

Goals for this week/updates from last:
Paint front door and trim. (Melissa)
Fix motion lights on either side of the garage. (John)
Get up before my kids, have quiet time with the Lord every morning – last week I made it 4 days out of 7.
Get a new phone before my trip since it keeps freezing up on me – done!
Read aloud to the kids 4 afternoons this week – Yippee, we did!
Make/plan dinner for all 5-week days and take the kids to a sit down restaurant and practice manners.  – we practiced eating out, but I only made dinner 3x, the kids didn’t care but my budget did!

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