Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Melissa’s Journal Week Ending 8/25

I've decided to write my own weekly schedule in my journal as part of the Sunday night routine when I prepare lessons for the kids. It will help me focus on my weekly goals/prayers/projects.

My Weekly Life Summary: 
I’m excited for a full week of homeschooling and finance work – all at home in our safe haven. Its funny how much I think about our home as a haven and cherish it more than I ever use to – it might be because we’re only going to be living here until Christmas

John heads back to work after a fun and productive summer.

I’m leaving for Mississippi on Sunday evening for a business trip, I’m not a huge fan of business trips anymore, but its only for a few days and I’m learning some new software so  I can manage the companies fixed assets.

My camera is back from being repaired so I hope to make up for a lot of lost picture taking opportunities.

Praying for: 
Our house to get started/finished in God’s perfect timing – He knows we have family coming from China and Oregon for Christmas.
Our cell group to become closer and more committed to the Word of God
My job and the juggling act that comes with it
Drew’s reading to improve (thank you Lord for the slow but steady improvement!)
John going back to school and the upcoming school year, for administration and the students

Homeschool  Tips/Lessons: 
Make a yearly schedule, and then break it into Quarters, weeks, and then days. Each Sunday pull out all the work for that week and make the kids lists. It keeps us all on track to have a plan! So far, we are three weeks strong!

Special Projects:
Painting the house, touching up walls, changing out worn locks and replacing the doors on the shed in preparation for moving to our property and a renter taking over our well loved home. I’m not sure if I can let it go – so many memories and dreams were made in this place.

God’s Fingerprints:
The Lord was so gracious to provide us a great renter, its someone we know and he is single and older, so the house will be well cared for. He also wants new carpet (which I’ve been wanting for a long time) so  in lieu of a security deposit we told him he could put in new  carpet upstairs. He will also bring his own appliances so we will have some cash when selling all the current appliances. The best part is he never wants to move, so we won’t have to find another renter in a year. God is great!

A second praise is my attitude and depression issues are gone! Through a neat series of events I attended a class on Young Living essential oils about 3 months ago and have been integrating them into our daily life ever since. We all love them, John’s back pain is so low and the kids asthma is much better and my depression and anxiety were fixed with an essential oil that delivers progesterone from plants. I had no idea I was lacking in hormones, but now that I think about it, it makes sense since I felt great pregnant because I was on progesterone shots! This oil has been a huge answer to my prayers and my husbands prayers!

Dreaming about:
My children making their beds and putting their clothes away?  Instilling good habits into the kids.

Our chicken coop that needs to be made for the baby chicks that will arrive the end of September! I am praying our neighbors do not notice them in our backyard... originally I thought we would be moving in October so we wouldn’t have long to keep them before moving – oops!

Planning out an orchard on the new property and trying to do it cheaply is posing to be a  challenge.

What I'm reading, listening to, and watching: 
I’m (slowly) working through John Piper’s book A Hunger for God, I’ve been meditating on this quote for the week, which has been very true in my life. “We will only maintain our stability and unshakable confidence if we keep our focus on the unchanging God and take rising or receding tide as a work of infinite wisdom for the accomplishment of God’s holy purposes.” Page 100

We are back to read alouds! Drew’s school was very intense last year and I felt like all we did was get him through the check list and read alouds were forgotten. Therefore, this year they are back in our schedule! We are a few chapters into Hatchet and the kids are loving it – thanks Mrs. Kelly for the suggestion.

I’m enjoying TOS annual convention online via gotomeeting, I’m only hearing a few of the speakers since its busy around here in the afternoons, but I’ll get a link to hear all the speakers on Friday.

Working on the “Lord, Bless My Child” prayer journal for Drew this year. My goal is to complete it by December.

Reading in the Psalms and refreshing myself with Daniel before the next Precept class begins.

Goals for this week:
Get up before my kids, have quiet time with the Lord every morning
Get a new phone before my trip since it keeps freezing up on me
Read aloud to the kids 4 afternoons this week
Make/plan dinner for all 5-week days and take the kids to a sit down restaurant and practice manners.

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