Tuesday, August 6, 2013

First Day of School 2013

Vacation is officially over!
(pardon the lack of pictures, my camera is in the repair shop so I didn't get to document most of it)

Monday we started back to school! It was a quiet day since Gabe was still in Oklahoma with my mom. It was special to work with just Drew and Abby. Our first day wasn't too eventful, we've been working through Math and Reading and phonics for most of the summer so we started back with the basics.  Here is what the first day looked like:

Drew stayed up with mommy and daddy to watch "The Hobbit" which is a super big deal in our house. In the morning he slept in so school didn't get started as early as I'd liked.... (what was I thinking? He was up until 11!).
Not sure what he is doing? Maybe a lesson on if sand is digestible?

So we hit the books about 10:00 and worked until noon on Math and Explode the Code and Zoology. We started our day with "The Big Dig" which is our Bible study in the book of Luke. The kids and I are really enjoying the lessons, I'm taking a Precept type review and am still asking them the main points in Luke. We had taken a 6 week break so I was impressed that they at least remembered the Author (Luke)! Drew enjoyed coloring in his Zoology Notebook Journal and we learned about classifying animals - Latin lingo and other great terms like Taxonomy! I am determined to review and review this year so Drew doesn't forget his hard work, so I've got spiral note-cards for each subject and I add review questions as we go. Drew memorized the classification of animals by committing "Kings Play Chess On Fine Glass Sets" to memory. Tomorrow we're grabbing all the stuffed animals in the house and trying to classify them  - pray for me, we have a lot of stuffed animals!

This kid ran so much at the beach, I am glad he comes back because I didn't know where he was most of the time!
I managed a History lesson this morning on the Exodus out of Egypt, which led into a conversation about Joseph and famine and wandering in the wilderness and the theme of Genesis and Exodus. We are finishing up the second part of "The Story of the World" book 1 this year. The kids colored pictures of the 10 plagues and pasted them on a paper, Thursday we're tracking the Israelite journey over the red sea to Canaan on a map! Today Drew had his first 3rd grade Math test - since he had worked ahead this summer. He did well with a 95% - only missed the silly clock problem. We're still working on telling time and the calendar, but this second grade year will be his year to get those!

I'll start Shurley grammar next week as we ease into school - same with Geography and vocabulary.

We started the new spelling curriculem for Drew called A Reason for Spelling, he also is working on books B and C in A Reason for Handwriting. The C book is cursive, so we're working both books, the B book isn't too hard and Drew loves the bible verses. They boys have 30 minutes of silent reading and sight word review. They also worked on their Flashmaster for 10 minutes each today - reviewing Math facts.

Finally, Drew went to the Mint with his Nana and learned all about how money is made. He made it out alive and had a great time!

Friday is our light day - the kids just have Spelling tests, Drew has a classification quiz and then we're headed on a scavenger hunt for field study!

So far, it has not been too bad. Gabe has been a little stinker and isn't quiet ready for school to start, but he is way ahead so I let him slide through today with just a few math problems and a page of phonics.

Well - off to relax a little, its been a great but long day!

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