Monday, July 29, 2013

Dear Grandma...

 Dear Grandma,

It was a delight to see you, even if you didn't really remember who I was. I loved how you laughed and enjoyed my kids. It meant so much to me that we could travel to Seattle and spend a few days visiting with you. For a brief moment I saw you, you got up after the above picture was taken and said you needed to help in the kitchen, you had that commanding spark in your eyes like you were ready to take on the world. My sweet Abby was taken with you, she loved for you to read her books. I remember you reading all 9 of us Granddaughters "Bubbles The Whale" when we were all small, we loved that book and sitting on your davenport that rocked in the living room. I was so pleased to see that same davenport in your new little room! Remember when I would spend the nights at your house, you would give Julie and I each one of Grandpa's white t-shirts and let us sleep in your comfy bed! Oh it is so hard to imagine you as growing old, where did all that time go?

 Grandma, I miss you. I miss the woman you were, so busy and organized. You always had blackberries for us to pick or can, cows or horses for us to ride and you gave me a love for numbers that defines my profession. You lived a hard farming life, then a hard life being married to grandpa, yet you always took it in stride and in the end, grandpa was the one who cared for you.
My favorite memory I'll take back to Texas with me is of you smiling and swaying to the 1930-1940's music being played at the care facility. Abby brought on the smiles as she danced and delighted all the older people, but she was dancing for you! I loved watching your face shine and smiles as you sat proudly so glad that she was your girl -  I hope you made some new friends with our visit! The boys loved showing their checkers skills - I taught them checks just a few weeks ago in honor of Grandpa - he always beat me!

I miss you sweet Grandma and the woman you taught me to be - remember having me pick and sell all those fresh cherries outside the market or bringing me ice-cream as I sat outside with your puppies trying to give them away? I sure remember a lot from those days in Happy Camp, it was a special time in my life where I spent a lot of time with you and Grandpa! I loved the beauty of walking down the lane, crossing the cattle guard, hiking up the hills or across the property and down to the creek. What great memories I have, I miss you Grandma, I'm sorry you had to grow older and forget all that is special to me. I just hope for a few moments we brought you joy and laughter.


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