Wednesday, July 31, 2013

All Is Quiet...

All is quiet on the Williams front. John is sick and went to bed at 3pm and the kids were all in bed by 8 pm. I managed to wrangle enough energy to clean up the kitchen, do a load of laundry and vacuum! Today has been a wonderfully needed day of catching up and getting quiet and still with the kids. Today enacted a slow "get ready for school" afternoon. I brought out some of their mysterious curriculum and we went through some of their overviews. The boys each did Math fact sheets and some explode the code. I read some of the Apologia science text for next week and we focused on listening and not interrupting.  I had Drew write some sentences, working on proper placement and upper and lower case letters. He also had his first cursive lesson on the letter "a." Then we read this great book about a Giraffe that goes to Paris. I finally figured out how to read a book to all three kids - the rule is mommy asks the questions, no one else can. This worked perfect, they all got turns and were intensely listening so they could answer instead of not listening and thinking of questions to ask.

Its going to be a rough reality for my kids - they spent 3 fun weeks on vacation, going to bed late, eating whatever, going to wonderful places like the Zoo or Papa's property and they watched too much TV! So we're on a TV/Computer fast for a long time!

Drew has Robot camp this week, its been a challenge for him to focus and pay attention. Its a constant struggle for him, especially after a 3 week vacation. It is so hard being the parent of the outside the box child sometimes. Drew is so curious - too curious and does not listen to instructions but is always thinking of questions - yet can't remember the answers after they were given. I do not want to stifle his questions but its getting to the point that they aren't very beneficial if he can't remember the answers to those questions. He is distracted by  his own questions.  So today in our hour of school I forbid him to ask any questions, I asked him all the questions, that way he had to focus. It worked so much better.

I am excited for school to officially begin next week, I am hungry for a routine to be back in our life!

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