Tuesday, June 18, 2013

School Plans - Fall and Summer

Here is what our Fall 2013 plans look like so far. We're working a lot this June on Reading, Writing and Mathematics. Then in July we'll be vacationing in Oregon, so not much seat work will take place, but I'm sure lots of hands on learning will inspire creativity. We plan to show the kids the Oregon Zoo, OMSI, the coast, go blueberry picking, and then head to Seattle to visit more family and friends. My mom is even going to be brave and take the kids to Grants Pass to see my Nana and all my aunts and uncles! Then when we get back we'll pick up more school the beginning of August. I'm hoping to get ahead so we can have a long break around October or November when we hopefully will move into our new home! Then the adventure will begin with raising chickens and finding snakes and scorpions  - yuck! I'm sure enticing them with school work will get even harder!

I hope we can wrap everything up in a 4 day week and then leave Friday's for trips and Mrs. Kelly! We may end up with a little work on Saturday morning. This load is much like last year, I switched up the Science to a more time consuming curriculum, but I just know Drew will love it! I also went for a pre-planned handwriting and spelling curriculum that we have already started. Drew is starting in the "B" level classes which is 2nd grade, so he is right on track. I love A Child's Geography, we did it a few years back for Kinder,  but just an overview and  I didn't make Drew memorize anything except the continents.  I hope to spend some solid time with it this year, hopefully it will all come back to Drew! Gabe is also old enough and I think his memory will remember a lot of the information. The only class I'm a little concerned about is Shurley Grammar, last year I didn't teach it, I just facilitated the homework. I skimmed over the teachers guide and its intense - I hope Drew and I make it through!

    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Math - Saxon 3 (evenings) CORE X X X X X
The Big Dig - Bible CORE X X X X  
Apologia Zoology 1 CORE X   X    
Explode The Code CORE X X X X  
30 Minutes Reading CORE X X X X X
All About Spelling - Phonics   X   X    
Shurley Grammar     X   X  
Worldly Wise - Vocab           X
A Reason for Spelling   X X X X Test
A Reason for Handwriting   X X X X  
The Story of the World   X   X    
A Child's Geography     X   X  
Field Trips           X
Art Class - Afternoon     X      
Audio Drama's   X X X X X

Daily Oral Language

The Dangerous Journey (Reading)

What's In The Bible (Video)

Drive Through History (Video)

Jonathan Park CD's - Science

Saxon Math 3 

Art (1 week)

Robot Camp (1 week)

Vacation Bible School (1 week)

Camp Invention (1 week)

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