Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Contracts and Reflections

I was standing in the shower tonight and I realized that without any planning, John had been away a few days this week working for various clients. He made almost 1,000 to put towards our trip to Oregon.  This was a huge blessing because we planned the trip to Oregon prior to deciding to build the new house. All our money is set aside for our new home build and the vacation money wasn't really in the budget. John is so handy and resourceful, it shouldn't surprise me that the Lord would drop these jobs in his lap.

As I started to thank the Lord I realized that for the last 4 years John has had a stable job, in fact he just signed his contract for next year and he now has 10 year - which means if lay off's happen he isn't out the door!  What a difference 4 years makes. The first 6 years of our marriage consisted of John working for 10-12.00/hour and the last two of those 6 he was going to school and finishing his degree. We depended a lot on his small jobs to make ends meet.  I just realized how much I've taken his secure job for granted these last few years. There were so many years where  I begged the Lord for John to find that perfect job where he would thrive and be able to provide for us. That is exactly what the Lord did - John loves his job and the satisfaction of working with special needs children. He has a great teachers schedule which even allows him summers off!

I am thankful tonight for the security of John's job and the blessings we're reaping from holding fast to the Lord during the hard times. When we were first married I never thought there would be a day when he could provide for all of us and now we can live on his salary alone if we need to. The Lord is so faithful and I am basking in that joy tonight and remembering the struggles we've overcome in Jesus. 

Thank you Lord for your provision and constant love and devotion to us. We do not deserve all that you are offering and I pray we would use Your resources and talents for Your glory and benefit - not our own. In Jesus Name - Amen


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