Sunday, May 19, 2013

End of the School Year....

Wow the end of the school year has come, I can't believe I have a second grader and a Kindergartener! The last month was super busy with trips and end of the school craziness.

Drew had an amazing year. I can't believe all that he learned and squeezed into his brain. I remember looking at the sentence diagramming and multiplication sheets in his curriculum at thought there was no way - but after a lot of prayer and a few tears, he earned a nice break! I am so proud of Drew, the goal the last month was to "finish well" and he did. His last few grammar, history and math tests were all excellent. He even ended the year with all A's and an 87 in Language Arts which is his hardest subject.Drew is excited to spend the month of May digging for bugs, swimming, building with Lego's and circuits.

Gabe finished his first semester of Kindergarten, we started early since he was very ready. Gabe finished all of book 1 in Explode the Code, Math U See Primer (to lessons 25/30) and all the Bob Books from collection 1-2 and the Sight Word collection. We just have a few more lessons in Math, Bob set 3, Explode the Code book 2 (9 more lessons), 5 more spelling sets and 50 more lessons in TYCTR and he will have finished up his Kinder curriculum. Gabe loves learning and play on Reading Eggs. He is looking forward to playing with his brother and sister and going to VBS.

Abby is finishing up her last two classes of speech and is non stop action. That girl can climb, run and beat her brothers. She is ferocious and has no fear. She loves to color and trying to write her name. She can count to 15 and has finally mastered all her colors - man those took a long time! She can dress herself - albeit in weird combinations, and her favorite color is pink. She loves to tell strangers about her "new" bed from January and about how she loves books and naps. Abby has never met a stranger and between my three chatty, know it all kids, I don't get in much teaching time. Abby's new thing is to have me leave her room light on in bed so she can "read" at night. That girl can look at books for over an hour. She talks to herself and "tells herself" stories like she is reading, its so cute!

The kids and I are going through the book of Luke this school year, now that Drew is home each morning we have started The Big Dig bible study each morning. It is a great study that helps me teach the Word of God to my kids in a fun and Expository way.

 I just returned from visiting my new niece in Oregon - Kara is adorable! Then I headed to Las Vegas for a little trip away with my  sweet friend from 4th grade - Bethany. It was wonderful, yet bitter sweet because my grandfather unexpectedly passed away and I was unable to make the funeral.

John stayed home with the kids and had a "mid life crisis." His table saw of 8 years broke and he "had" to spend an insane amount of money to buy his dream saw. On the plus side, my bed was ready when I returned and its super cool! I can't believe John made our bed, it looks amazing!

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