Friday, May 31, 2013

Digging into Luke

The kids and I have been working on the Big Dig in our Bible class each morning (more like 3x per week to be honest). They love the content and its been great for me to have a plan written up to follow, I just pick it up and go. In true Precept form the kids have memorized the review questions I wrote up.

Who wrote the book of Luke - Luke
What other book did Luke write - Acts of the Apostles - a sequel to Luke
What was Luke's profession - A Physician
Who did Luke write the book for (audience) - the Gentiles
What order is the book written - In Chronological order (important when putting together timelines!) Luke is the only gospel to be in chronological order.
When was the Gospel of Luke written - AD 60 - the temple was destroyed by Rome in AD 70

How do we know what he write is true? Luke searched for eye witnesses and then investigated their stories to make sure they were true.

The study is broken down into 4 simple sections:

The Map – The Map is the overview of each lesson. It will give a brief introduction about what you will be reading.
The Dig – The Dig is the main passage of the Bible you will be reading. There are typically three or four review questions that will help with discussion and review.
The Treasure – The Treasure is the big idea of the passage you have just studied. Simply put, it is what you want your child to remember in one sentence.
The Display – Archaeologists go on a dig, find a treasure, and then put it on display for all to see. This is the basic idea behind the Display. It helps your child live out what he or she has just learned.

 Since Luke is the longest gospel, its broken into two books, we are working our way through book 1 this summer and hope to tackle book 2 in the Fall. It is a great way to study the scriptures with your kids.

I also started "A Reason for Handwriting" with Drew to help improve his handwriting this summer, so he works two lessons on the formation of letters and words and then on day three he writes his memory verse and decorates the paper. He wants to make a book and mail them to everyone he knows!

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