Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Forget Me Not Moments

Today, I had many "forget me not moments" as I'm deeming them on my blog.

I loved walking into Abby's room tonight with her cup of water and hearing her brother  Gabe praying over her - that was precious!

I loved rocking Abby back and forth singing her "Holy, Holy. Holy" but tonight she put her hand over my mouth and exclaimed " I do it!" She sang "Holy Holy Holy over and over again - I guess they are the only words she knows - I love it!

Drew told me I was the best mother in the whole world because I bought him a Da Vinci flying replica for him to create with.

Gabe called his Daddy and jumped up and down on the phone - so proud that he finished the first Explode the Code book! He is so proud of himself for accomplishing this goal.

The Big Dig started today - I finally found a Bible devotional book that I love! We have finished the ABC Bible verses (though Abby will still get a turn now just the  two of us!) and the Big Truths for Little Kids we've done for a year so its getting a little old. While I was reading in Luke 1 tonight, Drew invariably asked what a Virgin was - since she was the  virgin Mary! We studied the book of John two years ago, so I'm excited to spend this year in Luke! 

We had a great day - I had hoped to make it to the park, but instead we stayed home and built the circuit rover, then proceeded to drive it all over the back yard. It really was a glorious day that ended with a trip around the block so the kids could run off some energy.


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