Friday, May 31, 2013

City Life to Country Life

John and I have always dreamed of living in the country - out where its quiet and my neighbors aren't blaring their Karaoke machine at 1 am! We want the kids to run around and climb trees, get dirty and explore God's creation. I want to raise chickens! I just hope we don't see too many tarantula's!

So we've been saving and tried to put our house on the market last year - that was a disaster and the Lord made it obvious that He had other plans - better plans that involved patience and waiting on Him.

His other plans are coming to fruition. One year later we're on a different path, instead of selling our home we refinanced and are going to become landlords. Our mortgage is very low,  which will allow us to hopefully make a decent profit on our current home each month. If its a total flop we can always sell now that the market has picked back up - but I think John's handyman skills and my accounting smarts will prove us down a really exciting path in the real-estate market.

This last year we've been saving and in May we put down money on some property. We are moving out to the country late this year and will be living on an acre and a half near Rhome Texas. It was the only plot on 30 acres with trees - it reminded us a little of Oregon. We got in super early and picked this great location on a cul-de-sac. It is a great little piece of land and it came at a really great price!  The house will start being built in the next few weeks, we just finished picking out tile and cabinets and carpet - this to my sweet friend Martha it wasn't very stressful, she planned it all out for us.   We hope to move in November, but they may surprise us and get it finished quicker! I think to the builders surprise, the market picked up faster than expected and they have already sold all but 3 of the original 30 lots. That is a lot of building!
Kitchen floor plan

Our new home will be a two story - all the living and bedrooms will be downstairs. The upstairs will have a bonus room for the kids to play in and then a guest bedroom and bathroom for all the company that comes to visit. We are super excited!

The outside will look similar to this with three dormers on top.

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