Friday, March 8, 2013

Abby and Speech Lessons

Abby has been in speech class for almost 3 months - I think we've learned more about how to correct her than her teachers have taught, she is now talking non stop. There are many days when I wonder why we wanted her to talk - now I have three talkers and Abby is the most demanding. Then I remember the days of 8+ temper tantrums and thank the Lord she can now communicate - all those thoughts just needed to come out. As you can tell from the video, she loves to be bossy and talk our ears off! I love this girl of mine! Her personality is exploding and she is already getting into "school" things like her brothers. Finally a kid who begs me to teacher her by sitting and touching and playing at the table. She will have a grand time this coming Fall when she finally gets her turn to start Preschool.

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