Thursday, January 24, 2013

Inscriptions for Drew: Your 8!

My sweet Drew on your 8th Birthday,

How do I begin to tell you how much you mean to me. I smile and delight in who you are. Do you know  that we almost never met? When you  were 23 weeks young I went into premature labor and landed myself 3 months and a week on bed-rest with tons of medications. You are a miracle! So much for my plans for an all natural - home birth. I should have known then that you were going to be my outside the box child.

Yep  - I adore you sweet boy, nothing in life prepared me to be your mother. You came out small and sleepy and spent a year puking on everyone and sleeping 20 hours a day. Then, somehow you just woke up and never looked back. From the time your personality developed I knew you were going to have determination and lots of energy. You loved routines and predictability in my womb, that never stopped. I know that God created you for greatness my son, you are God's boy, never loose your identity in Him.

You made me cry this past weekend, we were at Target and you were looking to spend your gift card on Lego's. A little boy ran bye us, trailing after his hurried mother. The little boy tripped over his feet and all his items fell on the floor. As the mother turned back in irritation, you ran to the little boy and picked him up and handed him the items he had dropped. He stood there in shock that you had come to rescue him. Then you quietly returned to the Lego isle and picked out your Creationary Logo set that turns into an Eagle, Beaver and Scorpion like nothing had happened.How often am I that hurried mother - how often do I get exasperated with your jumping or wiggling or constant motion? You have developed more of my character than anyone else - it is God who I must lean on to parent such a unique and perfectly designed child. I know all that energy will soon be manageable, directed at the plans and purposes of God. Its in this waiting time that I must remember I am an architect daily following the plans of God to train you up in the blueprints of God.

At that moment when you returned back to me at Target, all my fears of you not reading well or being business than most children or not being able to focus  - seemed rather immaterial. Your heart my son is precious in the sight of others and in the sight of God. That is truly what matters - how could I get so caught up in fitting you in a box, failing to see that you blossom in your own time. My world was thrown off kilter when you were born and I'm such a blessed mother to have been given such a treasure. I stand in awe as I see how truly you love this life - you love everything about God's creation, how the beavers make their dam's or how we harvest honey - you pepper me with questions and delight in hearing story after story. 

You heart is pure and soft towards the things of God my son, follow the Lord wherever He leads and you will never be disappointed.



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