Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I feel like a new woman!

I took the week off work, we're not going anywhere spectacular, just staying home being mommy without the distractions of work. It is wonderful!

My house is getting back into order - that always makes me feel better! I balanced my checkbook, paid bills, took the kids to story time, went grocery shopping, cleaned behind the fridge and oven and pulled out the kitchen table and bench. I even painted the window railing that had been covered in food and who knows what else. Abby, Gabe and I baked 3 dozen pumpkin muffins and read some great books from the library. I cried during one of the stories - I always cry when reading children's stories about the Great Depression and the penny auctions.

Tomorrow we're headed to the Zoo - poor Abby has never been to the zoo. I'm too cheap to spend the money and its pricey! Tomorrow is half price Wednesday so I'm hoping the cold will keep everyone away!

It has been so nice to just be home, relax in the evenings instead of work, take the kids places and not come back to 50 emails. I could totally get use to this!

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