Monday, January 14, 2013

Inscriptions for Abby - Your 3!

My dear Abby,

Your 3! How is that humanly possible to already reach the desirable age of 3. I won't lie, I've been looking forward to 3 the  moment you turned 2, there was just something about this 2 year that made me appreciate the glorious age of maturity. You had a fun year, I say you because all the mischief and messes were quite delightful to you. Abby, you loved to throw all the clothes out of your drawer every night and at naptime - when I would go in to let you out (yes we have to lock you in), you would just smile and me and giggle. You love messes!

You love every ounce of life - wet wipes too might I add. You love to pull out that poutie lip and cry those crocodile tears for attention - sadly it often works. Your hair grew so long and it just loves to hang in your face, making you all the sweeter to watch cry. Your personality is explosive - you live on the highest of high's and the lowest of lows = thankfully the lows are far and few between.

I remember your birth, your trauma and your trip out our two story window - yet here you are, 3 and healthy and singing "Happy Birthday" to yourself all day long. We had a brief scare with your hearing this year, but God intervened and created you with perfect hearing after all. You started speech therapy and now chatter all day long about Gabe and Drew and "Daddy being at work!"

Abby, we blessed you with girl toys for Christmas! It was so exciting for me to pick out your first doll house and buy baby dolls and accessories. I love watching you care for your babies, its so sweet and natural for you. I laugh as I see Drew and Gabe whacking them with swords and you running over to protect the babies from brothers wrath. You have the most awful scream - it is horrible! I pray daily for your future spouse and that God would heal you from that blasted scream. Your brothers also hate it and have learned from experience to ignore your tears - so far your outbursts are much less!

I am so blessed to be your mommy, you make me laugh and smile at myself so much. I am reminded when I watch you how much joy there is in life. I'm so glad God blessed me with a child that is a daily reminder to not take myself so seriously! What a smile you have Miss Abby, you light up the room as you run away from life. You keep me on my toes, maybe that is why loosing 10 pounds in 2012 wasn't so hard?

God has plans for you future Abby Mae - plans that will use your dynamic personality for the glory and Majesty of Heaven.


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