Thursday, December 13, 2012

Inscriptions for Gabe: Gabe turns 5

Gabe turned 5 big ones last week! He was a mere 3 weeks early for his birth - now he is turning 5! My mind can not comprehend....

Gabe is out of the awkwardly hard two and three phase and  is in that blissful stage where he says exactly what is on his mind, there doesn't seems to be a filter. Which is why he informed me the other day that, “I would love to live at Mrs Kelly's house when you die." Seriously, I can't believe he said that, though I think Drew said a very similar thing to me when he was around 5. Lesson - Mrs Kelly is cool and they finally realize how cool of a sitter she is when they are 5, they then realize how boring mom is too. Note to self - learn how to fish and take kids to Crispy Cream more....

Out favorite Gabe phrase is "Noooo problem!" He is so obedient most of the time, always wanting to please and be the center of our joy. Gabe is a lover of life and that just blesses this momma's heart - he makes me smile incessantly and laugh out loud with his surprisingly complex jokes.

He loves playing with Lego's, making up stories and jokes.Gabe can actually crack some funny jokes. For example, last week a man was walking his large boxer past our house, warning to all neighbors, walking your dog by our home is an invitation for my children to talk and talk to you for as long as you will listen. Anyhow, Gabe was loving on the dog and informed his owner that he should be properly named "Step," the man looked a little confused and asked why? Gabe replied in good humor " because he likes to step on me!"

He and Drew love sharing a giant bunk bed and often end up in bed together. Gabe is always out withyin momentsand then Drew stays awake and creates masterpieces. Gabe loves waking up before Drew and playing with "said" masterpieces. That leads to some interesting breakfast conversations ..... if you get my drift!

Welcome to 5 Gabers! We love you so much and can't imagine life without your contagious smile!

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