Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Letter 2012

Christmas 2012             

Blessings from the Williams!
Life around our house is quite busy, the kids are growing too fast, we’ve entered the phase where all my kids think about is eating and I can’t keep enough Applesauce and Yogurt in the house. This past year has been full of laughter, work, family and joy. In just a few months its hard to believe John and I will celebrate our 10 year anniversary – how did the time go by so fast?

John – He continues to teach Grades 6 – 8 Special Education for Fort Worth ISD. He actually just had one of his 10 students test out of his class – I told John is because of his excellent and fun teaching methods! He had a full year keeping up with our three rambunctious kids, supporting mommy as “substitute” teacher and even managed another trip to Vietnam this past summer. John enjoyed serving and teaching at the Special Education conference in Hanoi and then spend some time working with a special education teacher in her classroom – providing support and creative ideas to inspire her kids. He became the boys hero when he brought home a painting from Vietnam; “Starry Night” by Van Gogh – copied of course!  John also spent two weeks in Oregon with just the boys – sliding down sand dunes and camping out at his Dad’s property in Silverton and freaked out our Texas friends the White’s climbing Oneonta in the Gorge! The boys all enjoyed visiting with Grandma Patti before she left to teach in China for two years. We all miss her! John has a great group of guys from our church and enjoys “guys night in the garage” every Thursday night. He has even managed to get some neighbors to attend – who would not love beer and bible study and building things? John placed 2nd in the tactical league he attends every Wednesday night and has enjoyed honing his marksmanship! John 2013 goal is to finish our bed for the master bedroom – it has been one of his lifelong dreams since we met! He started on it about a month ago!
Melissa – Her favorite time of the year has arrived – chilly weather, Starbucks Holiday Drinks and lots of visiting family! She enjoyed her Precept Bible class again this year and spending time with her mom’s group. The highlight was attending her 5th Sally Clarkson conference in Los Colinas Texas. This year she went with her sweet friend Nicole and some friends from church. Much of her year was spent balancing work and home life as her company grew rapidly. She spent all the rest of her time keeping up with the kids schooling. Melissa and the boys did their first fun run in September – to raise money for safe houses in our area in the fight against human trafficking, At the run, Melissa realized that Drew might be a future track star, or at least she found a great outlet for all his energy – 2x around our block is almost one mile. So far, Drew can run a mile in 7 minutes, 45 seconds. The disciple of running and lack of energy is really helping with his spelling!

Active Drew - is almost 8 years old! He had big changes come his way in August, when he started a (UMS) University Model Christian School. He loves the social life of being in school three days per week and learning from other teachers besides mom and dad. He finally experienced a “real” classroom as he calls it – but still wishes he could ride a yellow school bus like everyone else!  Drew enjoys inventing elaborate creations out of Lego’s or Connects and molding dragons out of clay.

He is finally getting into drawing and painting! He is also in love with learning random animal facts off his favorite show “Wild Kratz.”  Drew enjoys going to church, singing worship songs and our babysitter Mrs. Kelly. He also enjoys special one on one time with his Nana who lives around the corner. He told me the other day “Nana is such a great teacher; she really helps me learn my spelling words.”  I do believe spelling words are my nemesis – I am quite glad to pass them off to Nana or the Sunday night sitters at church!  This year has been quite a change having due dates on homework, tests, grammar lessons and a teacher other than mom to say “sshh,” and “focus” When I asked him what he wants to do when he is older; he says an Animal Rescuer and maybe a teacher or an evangelist!

Mighty Gabe – was sad to see Drew head off to school three days a week. Gabe has risen to the occasion and has slowly grown up into quite a helpful little boy. His favorite phrase is “yes mama” and “you bet!”  With brother in school, that has provided mommy some special time with just Gabe and Abby.  Gabe’s favorite things include reading books, singing and making up songs, collecting treasures and swinging off his brother’s bunk bed rope. Gabe loves to make up jokes and see others laugh – typical middle child! He also loves play dates, trips to the park, Science Museum trips, and playing with his little sister. He loves the IPAD for schoolwork and watching PBS kids, though the IPAD recently went on sabbatical at Nana’s house because Mommy got tired of him asking for it every 10 minutes. Now my 84 year old Nana is enjoying this wonderfully simple technology!  
Gabe loves to make up stories and has lots of creativity, though he hates picking up the giant messes from said creativity. Gabe spent his 5th birthday with his family at Great Wolf Lodge – mainly because his mother dreads planning children’s parties. It ended up being the most relaxing and fun few days all year. The kids swam and ran all over the place and mommy and daddy enjoyed those giant water-slides. Gabe cannot wait to be 6, so he might be tall enough for those big slides too!

Joyful Abby - is going to be 3 years old! She lives up to her name “My Fathers Joy.” Abby takes great delight each evening when her daddy walks through that door. She is more durable than her  brothers are; masterfully fighting in daddy’s sword wars and pillow fights. She recently began speech therapy one day a week. Abby is hard to understand since he does not say many blends and leaves off the ending of most words. Her progress has been encouraging though; we are not having nearly as many temper tantrums! My little girl is growing up quickly – she loves to play with dolls and her kitchen set – but only when left to her own play. If her brothers are home, she has to do exactly what they are doing!  Abby’s favorite past time is searching for wipes and throwing them all over the room. She recently found some medicine paste for her bottom and had a great party wiping it all over her floor. Abby marches to her own drum – she smiles, laughs, and is not concerned with much – not even discipline seems to phase her. She is well known for having a giant melt down and then being able to stop instantly and put a smile on her face. That girl makes us all giggle with her antics!

May I bless you this day as I bless my children each night before bed:

“May the Lord Bless you and keep you, may the Lord let his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you. The LORD lift up His countenance on you,
         And give you peace.’
Numbers 6:24-28

Blessings,  John, Melissa. Drew, Gabe & Abby


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