Wednesday, November 14, 2012

More Fall in Pictures

More Lego creations!
Gabe finished his little kick's soccer class this Fall

Abby - tired after a play date at Grandma Johnnies
Brothers: on the Fort Worth train touring the Trinity River
Abby learning how to defend herself.... or showing me her new shoes that a friend gave us?

Our milk company went out of business this past September, so I found a new farm in Bridgeport. The kids know more than enough about where our milk comes from, we happened upon milking time one evening and stayed an hour watching the process. The kids now want farms and cows and cute little goats! They need to hurry up, Bridgeport is a long way to drive!
Fun run time - Drew ran like a crazy man, he now gets out energy by running a mile and a half everyday (2x around the block). That kid is crazy fast and has endurance - I'm sure God has great things planned for all that energy!
Fun at Homestead Farms in October with cousins and Nana!
Aren't the "kids" so cute!
Fishing Fun!
More fun at the pumpkin patch with our cell group from church.
Staying up late watching the election results and coloring the "Red" and "Blue"
Three days at Great Wolf Lodge: celebrating Gabe's 5th birthday, John and I both needed a break from working so  this was quite the family treat! Added bonus - I didn't have to plan a party!

Birthday gifts wrapped in targets - guess who wrapped these?

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